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How do I CCW in my car? Any sort of "mountable holster" for the dash or something?

This is a discussion on How do I CCW in my car? Any sort of "mountable holster" for the dash or something? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry IWB and I prefer to leave it there when driving. If approached from a BG, the act of tacking off my seatbelt will ...

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Thread: How do I CCW in my car? Any sort of "mountable holster" for the dash or something?

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    I carry IWB and I prefer to leave it there when driving. If approached from a BG, the act of tacking off my seatbelt will yeild a nice surprise, so long as I am afforded that much time. If not, I probably didnt have enough time for any holster anywhere.
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    I was thinking about the same thing myself. I was thinking abut the Fobus mount (since I have a roto-holster already).

    The thing that bothers me though is that while driving I doubt I would be able to actually use the gun very well. I am more concerned about when I stop for gas, run in the store, or maybe have a flat tire or something and exit the vehicle to check it out. Should I suddenly need the gun it would be in the vehicle.

    I know this didn't answer the question but I wanted to suggest that if you do mount your gun in the vehicle that should have a plan for when you exit the vehicle. (I use a crossdraw or shoulder holster while driving long distances.)

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    If you do use a holster mounted in the vehicle, there shouldn't be a problem with still wearing you usual holster in the usual place, so when you must get out, you can simply transfer it to it's "rightful" place.

    I have serious doubts about a "car mount" holster being legal under Florida law, on the person is OK (with a permit,) or in a holster, in the glove box is fine, (even without a permit!)

    I'm lucky, I guess. I am perfectly comfortable with my G23 on my strong side at 3:30 or so. Double mag carrier on the weak side, as well. And getting to it in a hurry is no real problem, either. Much faster than getting it out of the glove box, anyway.

    Before I looked at the legal angle, I was thinking about some sort of under-the-dash mounted holster.

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    Yeah, good point madmike. I didn't even consider the legal ramifications of a semi-perminant mount for something like this.
    Though in AZ its more than likely to be legal. Especially for the "3 Step Rule" in cars. I think maybe using my old Uncle Mikes holster and some 3M tape would be a good mount against my center console.... Hmmm....
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    Forget the "3 step rule" altogether. Whoever told you that didnt actually know the laws, and used that instead. Forget you ever heard of that rule. Believing that jive will land you somewhere you dont want to be if you're stopped. (If you dont hold a permit) Study your local handgun laws and know them.
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    I don't have this particular model Andrew's leather

    Quote Originally Posted by ELCruisr View Post
    Andrews Leather makes a "Carjacker Crossdraw" model that you can attach to either belt or seatbelt. Got one and love it.
    But I can vouch for the quality of their products. I have one of their Monarch Rig shoulder holsters and it is top quality. You might consider a shoulder holster to answer your problem.

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    Here is what I did:

    How I mounted my XD Gear holster in my car

    It works quite well for me!

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    Here in the State of Stupidity -- I mean Ohio -- well, I was right the first time.
    Ohio's Concealed Carry law requires a loaded handgun in the vehicle to be:
    1) In a holster
    2) In PLAIN VIEW
    3) Holster must be attached to the license holder's person.
    4) Alternately it must be in a LOCKED CONTAINER, with said container in plain view.
    It gets better.
    I asked Ohio's Attorney General's Office for a list of holsters that meet that requirement.
    They said they have no such list.
    They don't even have a definition of "holster."
    When I told them I was an old retired Law Dawg and wanted to avoid difficulties if stopped by an ambitious young officer, I was told, and this is a quote:
    "Deine Papieren bitte?" or "ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ !"
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