Video: Mas Ayoob On Revolver Stress Reloading

Video: Mas Ayoob On Revolver Stress Reloading

This is a discussion on Video: Mas Ayoob On Revolver Stress Reloading within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many people here carry revolvers as a primary means of self defense? How do you perform a reload on your revolver? Do you do ...

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Thread: Video: Mas Ayoob On Revolver Stress Reloading

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    Video: Mas Ayoob On Revolver Stress Reloading

    How many people here carry revolvers as a primary means of self defense? How do you perform a reload on your revolver? Do you do it the same way each and every time? Can you do it well from a concealment position? How often do you fumble your reload during realistic practice, or do you even practice your reloads?

    I found this video online of Ayoob demonstrating and teaching his Stressfire Technique of Revolver Reloading.

    If you've never seen Ayoob teach, here's a good opportunity to see what you get for your money. He doesn't say his way is the only way. But once you see him walk through his method, you know it's a damn good method. And more importantly, you know the reasons why.

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    You have to respect how analytical Mas is.

    Great post - thanks!
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    Instead of bringing the butt to the belly, it should be to the sternum to help to keep the eyes on the threat. Damn, I just told Mas how to gun fight. He's probably showing off his abs.
    Seriously , the difference to me is that Mas is teaching cops how to fight when they have backup engaging a threat with superior numbers and speed is critical and enabled by comrades whose guns are blazing.
    At TDI, Ed Lovette teaches armed citizens how I learned. The scenario is a single armed citizen vs a lone criminal assailant. Reload swiftly but surely while observing the threat for changes. I'd like on the distinction between Mas' cops and us citizens.
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    Great video. I do disagree with Mas slightly, but not enough to say he's wrong. I just found that personally I work much better if my reloads are on the left side. I do things pretty much exactly how he demonstrates for a right hander through ejection. After that I do it like he teaches for a left hander. I suppose that's a benefit in being able to use both hands to do most things... I don't really feel as if I lose anything by reloading with my "off" hand.

    Of course I'm not in the business of carrying a six gun so range plinking is just about the only time I use any of this stuff. If I knew of any competition for revolvers where you had to reload with speed loaders rather than moon clips I'd love to run a wheel gun from time to time though.
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    If that is a link, it did not work for me, but have seen Mas' Stressfire reload, which may have been the same footage. Mas does indeed analyze things deepy, and I adopted his Stressfire method of shooting revolvers, but I do not use the Stressfire revolver reload. The FBI/PPC method I learned back in 1983-1984, at the Xxxxxxn police academy, still works well enough for me, with some modifications to make it more street-relevant. With K-frames and smaller, and particularly smaller-framed revolvers such as the SP101, I favor Michael deBethencourt's right-hand reload, which can be found on Youtube and at . Last I knew, Mas was still commenting favorably on Michael deBethencourt's reload. One thing I like about it, is that it seems particularly suited to a partial reload, or when using Speed Strips.

    Even when shooting lefty, I like the deBethencourt right-hand reload. It starts by bringing the hands together, and I just transfer the weapon at that point in time, and conclude the reload with the weapon being in the right hand, if there is a big hurry. We all do practice to be
    functionally ambidextrous, do we not? :)

    To be clear, either reload method works for me with any size revolver, but the technique I learned from Michael deBethencourt is optimal, in my hands, with the smaller weapons.
    Therefore, should I default, under stress, to that which I learned twenty years earlier, no harm is done.

    I want to add an "amen" to those saying that the revolver should be reloaded at chest level, rather than belt level, in order to have the weapon and one's opponent(s) within the field of
    view. In the old days, we trained to reload at belt level, without looking at the weapon, but human nature being what it is, good folks tended to look at the weapon while reloading, which almost certainly caused good men to be killed because they lost sight of opponents. Current training takes the realistic approach, and teaches weapon manipulations within one's work space.
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