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Application questions (past stupidity on my part)

This is a discussion on Application questions (past stupidity on my part) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have your friend who's the police officer run a check on you......

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Thread: Application questions (past stupidity on my part)

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    Have your friend who's the police officer run a check on you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgusty View Post
    You should probably be fine. I work at a gun shop and at least here in MN infractions stop affecting your ability to buy a firearm after 10 years if I remember correctly.
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    Ok, an update after some searching.
    I called the court where I went back in 1991. They have no record of me at all. They said that in Michigan juvenile records are destroyed after a certain amount of time if you never have trouble with the law again...which is my case.
    The confusing part is I was directed to search the Michigan State Police records. I found the original information and it was a felony breaking and entering but the end result was juvenile adjudication. By my understanding this means adjudication does not go on my record and is not considered a conviction; it’s a different type of probation that consists of community hours, a couple improvement classes towards the charge which is what happened to me.
    Can I still get a CHL?

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    Felony B&E, but adjudicated as a minor and the record has been supposedly wiped. It'll come down to whether your state prohibits anyone with a prior felony getting a CHL, and whether they consider that ostensibly wiped prior situation as having existed.

    Unfortunately, you're not likely to get the answer unless you speak with a competent attorney well-versed on the subject, or the state bureaucrats charged with investigating priors. That, or you can just await the disposition of the application, to see what occurs. Then you'll know.
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    Not sure how it works in Texas, but in Nebraska, if you are denied the permit, you are refunded the cost of permit minus a small processing fee. My thinking here is, with your Government background check, I'm certain you are fine. However, if denied, and there is a refund of the application fee in Texas, it's much cheaper than hiring a lawyer.
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    When I was young I used to ride with some "bad people". I never got caught for anything serious, but was in some kind of minor trouble often, usually "did not appear" on a traffic citation and a few felony charges without conviction. I didn't even remember most of it. Here in California the form asks "have you ever been convicted of a crime?". My local Sheriff defined that for me as ANY contact with the legal system ncluding traffic citations. Part of the approval process involves running a DOJ "live-scan", so wanting to be accurate I paid for a voluntary "live-scan" before filling out the application, and wound up writing "See attached three pages" on the form. Everything was there on the Department of justice's report, including stuff that does not show on a local background check. The Sheriff personally interviewed me and said "the past does not seem to be an issue now, you are approved" and we had a nice conversation about other things like my work and his upcoming retirement. I was better off checking the record to be accurate than to be accused of hiding something i honestly did not remember. Your mileage may vary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eze View Post
    I have wanted to carry for some time and just took my class yesterday. Legal questions/possible hurdles for applying are as follows......

    1. When I was 16 in 1990, I did something stupid (B&E) and got caught but I am unsure if I was technically arrested. I was a minor.
    2. I do not remember what technically what the judgement was but I got about 250 hours of community service after admitting my wrongdoing.
    3. I was also DUI in 1996 but the judge reduced the charge to reckless driving.
    4. These two incidents took place back in Michigan. Does that matter since I am now in Texas?
    5. I passed a FBI background check to work in government buildings (FBI and Secret Service) as an Architect.

    I, of course, will be completely honest and open on my application. I have a friend in law enforcement and he has always encouraged me to get the CHL knowing about these two incidents.

    Do I need to find or dig up any past information for the application?

    Any thoughts to whether I will be denied?

    Thank you.
    Very uncertain since you were a minor and those were a while ago. You could go to a local gun store and ask them to run your info through NICS to see. The store may ask for a token fee, probably in the $10-15 range. Money well spent to find out for certain, though.

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