What arrangements do you make before bedtime?

This is a discussion on What arrangements do you make before bedtime? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We have three inside big dogs, labs are loud! We have two of them and an Irish Wolf Hound with a hair pin trigger. We ...

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Thread: What arrangements do you make before bedtime?

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    We have three inside big dogs, labs are loud! We have two of them and an Irish Wolf Hound with a hair pin trigger. We also have an outside dog. He sounds the first alert and it is easily picked up by the other three. Sometimes this means rallying the defenses to ward of the attack of the opposems, but we get by. Since we live in a rural area, the out buildings are checked when we do chores at sundown. We have been married ten years so we don\'t shower together very often. ;) I have my 92FS in my headborad along with my Surefire C2. There is a 16 gauge bolt action shotgun on my side of the bed and an AK-47 is three steps away hidden in a love-seat (pun intended). There are no children at home if you don\'t count me :). We have a land line in the bedroom and I keep my cell close by. Our master bath presents a real hazzard for anyone trying to reach us.

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    Lock doors. Turn on porch light. Lock bedroom door. Knife and OC spray on bedside table hidden behind a picture frame. Spare mag in bedside table drawer. Glock (round chambered) in holster between mattress and box spring on my side of the bed. :)

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    Check all the doors and windows are shut and locked. Then starting in the main bedroom I look under the bed and in the closet, then procede to the next bedroom and the one after that, then the bathroom and kitchen, then downstairs in the basement as well. After the house is clear of monsters I got to the main bedroom and lock the door knob and latch and put my flashlights on the nightstand and go to sleep.

    I still can\'t get a good nights sleep without hearing a creek, pop, or snap that makes me go through the whole ritual again. Oh well.


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    I generally check the house for locked doors and windows, turn off some lights, turn on others. I close my bedroom door at night and lock it, putting something about a foot out from the door to make some noise if it\'s opened. Also place all weapons out of sight but nearby so I can reach them if needed in the night.

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    What dogs are we talking here. I have two Pure Breed Akita\'s (Galileo & Mona Lisa) As a tag team I have watched them bring down a white tail deer when we lived back in NY. We had 2 acres of land fenced in and they absolutely loved it. As far as SOP for turning in for the evening. Reload mags that I use for night-time duties (? to be asked in new topic). Load up two .45\'s and slug-gun (live in a gated tract home community .223 would go way to far way to fast, woudl not want to hit a GG/IB). Dogs sleep in our room and I check that all doors are secured. Put whitening stuff on my fangs and cop some ZZzz\'s


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    Let the dog (120 pound Newfoundland) out. After she comes back in and settles down next to wife\'s side of the bed, I lock the doors, set the alarm, put Sig P245 into nightstand and wait for cat to jump on my chest for sleep before I close my eyes.

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    Not much. I lock my paper thin front door and shove a 2x2 into the track of my sliding glass door. My microvault is right there ready to go with my 686 inside, ready to go. My Surefire C3 is right there too. As a backup system there\'s also a 24\" WA-1 and an Inova X5 handy. As a backup to the backup there\'s a Spyderco Perrin Bowie in a secret drawer in my dresser.

    I\'ve practiced blindfolded and I can retreive the gun and the light blindfolded in mere seconds.

    If I\'m in the bathroom, there\'s the shotgun and the SKS.

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