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Drawing from a vehicle, ie: seated position?

This is a discussion on Drawing from a vehicle, ie: seated position? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My GHB sits right next to me in the passenger seat. My M&P,in a remora, fIts perfectly in the side pocket closest to me. Very ...

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Thread: Drawing from a vehicle, ie: seated position?

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    Drawing from a vehicle, ie: seated position?

    My GHB sits right next to me in the passenger seat. My M&P,in a remora, fIts perfectly in the side pocket closest to me. Very fast draw if need be.

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    Fortunately I live in Alaska, where I can carry a firearm pretty much however I please. I agree with the situational awareness, and what I can do with my vehicle. As an avid motorsports enthusiast of two and four wheels, working with a vehicle is as natural as breathing, but the advice was still very good to hear. Being new to carrying has changed a lot of how I perceive situations, and requires I change how I might react to things. It's also changed some of the things I have to consider, like carrying and drawing from a car.

    I think in any situation my best bet would be trying to get away using the vehicle to my advantage, and of course ideally I wouldn't have let the BG get inside that operating zone in the first place. However there are always going to be moments where my mind wanders and/or I just have a lapse of attention and that could be all it takes. In that situation, were I to rely on my firearm, I'd be completely unable to reach it if necessary.

    So it sounds like in addition to maintaining that ever-important situational awareness and doing what's necessary to keep the firearm as a last resort I should consider:

    -Practice getting the seat belt off quickly (though I'm pretty used to this, it won't hurt to drill it for the purpose of defensive needs instead of just getting out of the vehicle quickly).
    -Some form of in-vehicle holster (under the steering column, on the seat front, side door pocket)
    -Alternate form of on-person holster (appendix, shoulder, or even just a more readily accessible pocket)
    or just a good location within quick and easy reach in the vehicle.

    The Audi has nice little storage drawers under the seat, but I find it only has room to fit my PPS 9mm, or my Sig .22, and in both cases they sit in such a way that getting a grip on them to draw is virtually impossible to do quickly. I drilled on it for a bit but the fastest I could do was still about 10 seconds - and seconds count in this game.

    Thanks for all the feedback and advice :)

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    Just another advantage to being left-handed, (besides being in my right mind). The seat belt doesn't get in my way and doesn't slow down the draw (8-9 O'clock position). I wear my shirt untucked year round, so all I do is kinda tuck it behind the grip while seated in the car/truck. I just flip it back over the gun as I get out.
    VA is good about carry options since OC doesn't even require any permit, only CC, so you can put it wherever you want.
    For you right-handers, I think a cross-draw holster of some type would be the best option.
    As to vehicle position, I've always left enough room in front of me when stopped to be able to get away. Another thing to think about is how you park. I make it a habit to always back into a parking spot, or if it's 2 deep, I always pull through so I'm facing out. Much easier to get away if needed.
    My .02

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