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Tuckable is a Good Option - Even with drawbacks.

This is a discussion on Tuckable is a Good Option - Even with drawbacks. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I find the CTAC uncomfortable, but the tuckable feature works pretty good. I got made last time I did it only because my buddy was ...

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Thread: Tuckable is a Good Option - Even with drawbacks.

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    I find the CTAC uncomfortable, but the tuckable feature works pretty good. I got made last time I did it only because my buddy was sitting, I was standing with my hip about a foot away from his face, he knows I carry and he saw the clips and put 2 and 2 together. Its a good option if you don't want to shell out the cash for a good ankle holster or if something like a smartcarry isn't for you.
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    I would not trade my desantis tuck this, tuckable holster for anything at this point. It has the tuckable feature, and adjustable cant. I need to be presentable with a tucked shirt in my profession most of the time, and in Texas there is no way that I am going to wear a jacket or overshirt or whatever for at least 10 months of the year.

    With the tuckable feature, and the extra mag feature on the holster it has everything I need. With the single J clip, I am sure if someone knows what they are looking for they might notice but so far, noone has that I know of. This hoster works for everything from shorts and a t-shirt to a suit coat and tie even if I need to remove the coat, and everything in between.

    Yes it is a bit slower to draw if your using the tucked feature, but better to be a bit slower and be able to draw something than not to have anything to draw at all. My guess is that if you see something that puts you on alert your going to prepare yourself in the first place, and untucking is just a little extra step.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    i wear the galco tuckable (Ultra Deep Cover) with a glock 27 at least two days a week. i have found that i like the left hand model better than the right hand model. the reason is when in the g-ride the butt of the gun is forward and i can get the seat belt on with out any problems. also the butt of thre gun is not digging into me when i am in the g-ride.

    can i get to the gun fast?? yes and no, but it does not matter, i have a gun with me.

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    I carry in a tuckable holster some ( 5-7 days a month) and my shirt is tucked in. I will agree that it takes more time to get your weapon out, but with practice it can be done reasonably quick. If I don't have to use a tuckable due to the situation then it is IWB or better yet OWB, all in strong side carry position. I rarely use an ankle holster, but sometimes do, and venture to say I can draw quicker out of a tuckable than most could from an ankle holster. Again as many have said, it is all in what your used to and practice with. IMO it is having a gun, being able to accurately use it, and being able to get to it safely and reasonably fast that most people need to be proficient at. Speed of draw (we are talking about what 1-2 maybe 3 seconds between carry methods) does not usually make as great a impact as we might think. Please don't throw rocks at me, I know it can make a difference and I know very well the example of a man with a knife and the distance he can cover in x amount of time. I'm just saying in most encounters you have time to get your gun as long as it is on you when you need it. Read trough the different cases where a CCDW person has used thier gun to stop/prevent or spoil a crime, they have thier gun out and on the perp before the perp knows it and are not terribly rushed to do it. There are really no face to face gunfights/draws. All I am saying is that one should always carry (where legal), always practice (shooting), always practice gun presentation and not get so wrapped up in one method of carry being a second faster than another. Hey, to each his own, so carry the way(s) you like, as long as you carry.

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    I use the tuck feature once in a while with my holster. I like the option and can draw nearly as fast as having a shirttail hanging loose. Also, windy days don't expose your gun (if ya tuck).
    I don't see the tuckable feature as that much hiderance, it is quicker than an ankle rig draw or a smartcarry type draw.
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    I carry almost everyday with the tuckable holster. I have one for my Kahr Arms P9, one for my springfield 1911 A1, and one for my 92FS. I love them all. They are the best holsters available if you ask me.

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