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Do You Carry at Home?

This is a discussion on Do You Carry at Home? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; of course. I'd be a fool not to have a weapon on me or close while at home. Being prepared for the worst case scenario ...

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Thread: Do You Carry at Home?

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    of course. I'd be a fool not to have a weapon on me or close while at home. Being prepared for the worst case scenario is
    not paranoia, but being a responsible gun owner.

    orlando home invasion - Yahoo! Video Search
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    Big Ray, country folks have enjoyed immediate gun access since wayyyy before permits were ever imagined. My Great Grandparents' home had Model 94 30-30 Winchesters behind both the front & rear entrance doors. You didn't want a rabid fox to bite your prize coon hound. There were also Colt revolvers stashed in various drawers throughout the house. And it's funny, not one kid EVER DARED to so much as touch one without clear adult authorization. Of course, no one ever cut their leg off with a chainsaw either. After all, playing with tools can hurt ya'!
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    I do for a couple reasons.

    First is to always be prepared. Second is to become accustomed to having my firearm on my person. I don't want to be always messing with it once I get my CCW permit.

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    I do carry at home. My reasons for carrying are the same at home as anywhere else. I've read the word "paranoid" a time or two in this thread. That's okay with me. I would rather be called "paranoid" than "victim". To each his own.
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    Nice to know im not the only one who carries in the house lol, thought I was a litte abnormal..

    I just started listening to my old scanner from 1985 again after many years of it collecting dust and Im shocked of the things that do not make the papers, so far in the past 3days I've heard many "See the women at **** steet for burglary discovered" last night a women had an incident of somone in her basement and she was armed waiting for the police. Today robbery almost happend however I heard police say victim he has concealed carry and subjects fled.. on and on...

    Yeah I holster my gun on my side and it doenst bother me at all. Home invasions are oon the rise as well. Its always when you least expect it!

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    yes the wife and I both carry at the house and around the property, the wife thinks all snake must die and works real hard about seeing to it, but then again the meth heads are everywhere with there little shake and bake BS, the new thing is to follow the cow paths to back of the field and do there thing we have a 1/4 mile driveway and about 15 mile out of town, can figure at least a good 30 min before the blue lights can get here at best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    Big Ray, country folks have enjoyed immediate gun access since wayyyy before permits were ever imagined.
    ghost tracker, you're exactly right. And I probably should have mentioned that not only did I grow up in the county, and I still live in a very rural area.

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    Funny, I was just thinking bout how many people also carry in thier home. I wa doing dishes and thought "am I the only person that thinks home is the most important place to carry?". Not only to protect my family and our belongings but also so that if like me you have yougins around they see it and get comfotable with you having it on your person.
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    Good point RC, my kids don't even think twice about it now - it's like putting on my socks, it's just there.

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    I always have my M&P with me wherever I am in the house. I don't always wear it but I do carry it under my arm (holstered in a Sticky Holster) and that includes trips to the bathroom. Someone kicking in my door isn't going to wait while I finish in the bathroom and then go get it, so it is with me always. My wife has hers within arm's reach about 70% of the time. She doesn't do the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. But I wish she would. The chances are that we'll never, ever have an incident but I'd hate to see it happen when she, or I, am not prepared.
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    I do. I live on a farm and you never know who (or what) might show up to rob (or eat) you : )
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    If I'm not wearing it, I'm within arms reach of something.


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    I don't but my dogs do

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    Do You Carry at Home?

    Quote Originally Posted by G26Raven View Post
    Goes on first thing in the morning and does not come off until I am ready to retire for the evening. And, I live in a "nice" neighborhood, too.
    Ditto, and I cooked turkey dinner armed as well. "Carry Always, Never Tell"

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