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Carrying at the to do it?

This is a discussion on Carrying at the to do it? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; carrying at the gym would be to difficult for me, squats dead-lift various bending and twisting motions. and running would be more difficult with it ...

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Thread: Carrying at the to do it?

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    carrying at the gym would be to difficult for me, squats dead-lift various bending and twisting motions. and running would be more difficult with it flapping around. i figure i add more years to my life by training unarmed then i would by compromising my training while carrying armed. but that is me.

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    Carrying at the to do it?

    I don't. I figure I will create fear in BG's hearts with my physical presence ;)

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    I've tried various options but none worked on leg days. Now I just leave it in a lockbox in my vehicle and carry a small pepper spray (just like I do at work).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Fanny pack, depending on the size of the "fanny." Words of wisdom.

    I would rather get shot than wear a fanny pack!!!!!!!!!

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    I've been working out for almost a year while carrying my Glock 30 in a belly band I bought from To provide some additional support, I wear a belt over the belly band. The whole rig is under my sweat pants and I wear a black t-shirt untucked over the sweat pants. I work out on the treadmill, elliptical, and rowing machine. I also use free weights and weight machines and the gun never moves. At home I wipe the gun down.

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    Re: Carrying at the to do it?

    I carry an XD40 Subcompact and spare 12 rnd mag in a smartcarry at the gym. I have never had any issues with any weight or cardio workout, and if anyone sees anything, it just looks like good advertising :D

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    That compression underwear looks pretty cool. It would require shifting the firearm if you were doing exercises/machines that required you lay on your back tho.

    I like the idea of giving your mind a rest for an hr as you exercise tho.

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    I ran into this problem when I first started concealing. Best solution I found was the belly band. Had the wife fix the holster stitching to fit my LCP w/ crimson trace perfectly. I wore it low around my waist with the LCP on my strong side and my pant's waist band over it, along with untucked t-shirt. This works well for me. Light cardio is ok but I would not run full speed with it.

    Not having it with me is not an option. Since when I was debating on if I should be carrying at the gym, I saw a news report of some guy going into an aerobics class and just starts shooting. Decision was made for me.

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    I'd not carry it, I'd have it in a bag. There must be complete concentration if you're working out, and you cannot (cannot!) adapt your posture due to a pound or two of steel strapped (subtly) to your side. imo.

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    For the last fifteen years one of my teams has handled all the claims for a large nationwide health club chain, and we have several adjusters who are dedicated to theft claims only. Do not ever ever put anything you do not want stolen in a locker at a gym/club. No locker is safe and your personal lock can be cut off in a second. A good portion of gym thefts are committed by the staff. If it is not attached to your body it will end up stolen.
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    I just have to throw this out there. Folks say always carry and they carry in their homes because 100 percent of home invasions happen in the home. Well, all gym shootings and assaults happen in the gym You have more control of your enviroment in your house than you do a gym.....

    My gym is in my home, takes up an entire room. I don't carry in the home but have it close by.
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    Do be cautious of leaving valuables in your vehicle (including tool box). Thieves watch for (and target) folks in parking lots who stow their valuables.

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