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Which States Do You Have Licenses From?

This is a discussion on Which States Do You Have Licenses From? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I only have a license in Georgia which 23 or so other states recognize. That is good enough for me....

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Thread: Which States Do You Have Licenses From?

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    I only have a license in Georgia which 23 or so other states recognize. That is good enough for me.

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    Missouri, United States

    Which States Do You Have Licenses From?

    I was going to add a photo to my post but I waited too long.

    MISSOURI CCW permit is good in a lot of good places.

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    SC and a non-resident PA license so that I can carry in GA.

    The non-resident only barely keeps me out of jail, though. I've yet to have a GA cop fully comprehend how the reciprocation works.
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    Home state of Michigan.....Covers all these states

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    Which States Do You Have Licenses From?

    My home state of Wisconsin, non residents in Utah, Florida and Arizona. Covers all the states I would go to.

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    S. W. Virginia
    My home state of VA and non-reisdence permits in FL, PA & NH. To renew in PA now, you must go there & NH went up from $25 to $100.
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    Ohio and PA

    I received my CCW in my home state of Ohio two weeks ago and applied for my PA Lawrence county license today. For PA it took me a while to find two non-family references in the county where I applied, but the process cost me $20 and about 5 minutes of my time.

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    My FL license covers me anywhere I want to go.
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    I like the comment of the one guy (don't remember his name) who's in the Govt, and was testifying about CC licenses, etc.... and the processes in different states..... before the Senate or Congress. One Congressman being sarcastic asked him, "what do you really know about it.... what makes you so knowledgeable about this subject" ..... and he responded with ...... " i have applied for a CC license in every state that has CC licenses and have a CC license from every state that allows a non-resident license". I think he gets the reward for having it well covered.

    They asked, why .... did you apply to states that did NOT have non-resident licenses. He replied, I wanted to know their entire process , what had to be done, how well it worked, etc.
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    Florida License only anywhere I need to go
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    Which States Do You Have Licenses From?

    Utah and Arizona but I just found out recently that Arizona is no longer recognized by Nevada.
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    Re: Which States Do You Have Licenses From?

    Just my home state of Virginia, which covers almost all of the other states.

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    I have UT and AZ. I live in AZ and also work in UT. I also work in NV, but never got a NV permit because it's a bit expensive, about $350 each for myself and my partner ($100 course, $100 permit, $75 gas, $20 range fee, $30 ammo, lunch, dinner).

    Now, because we didn't get our NV permits we won't be able to protect ourselves in NV for at least 4 months.

    My point is you never know when the laws are going to change overnight - like NV did - with no warning and no grace period. So I'm going to start collecting them like baseball cards.

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    I have a TX resident and a FL nonresident. The FL gives me OR reciprocity and I travel to FL once or twice a year on vacation so I figured for the 7 years and minimal effort (my CHL100 for qualified me) it was worth it. I don't typically carry the FL permit, if I were to lose my TX CHL plastic somehow, I would at least have the FL plastic to use until my replacement arrived. If in FL and needing to show a permit, I would show the FL one and explain to the officer my situation of holding a TX one as well.

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    My home state of Wisconsin and a Utah permit.

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