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Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars?

This is a discussion on Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wal-mart sells things I need at a resonable price. The other option is mail order or drive for hours to get what I need. So ...

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Thread: Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars?

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    Wal-mart sells things I need at a resonable price. The other option is mail order or drive for hours to get what I need.
    So Wal-mart gets the nod for now.

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    I went to the Kalispell Wal-Mart today, intending to buy some .45 ACP ammo. The ammo cases were pretty much devoid of all handgun ammunition. No .45 ACP at all.

    They had literally tons of rifle ammunition, tho. (General big game hunting season starts in Montana in about 2 weeks).

    I asked the lone salesclerk about the lack of pistol ammo, she said "it's on order". Funny, that's what they told me a month ago.

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    Still the cheapest place to get dry goods and such. If I could afford to be discriminating ,I would. I still buy guns at a local shop though, instead.
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    Goodness, this made me do some thinking.

    I use to take a very simplistic approach to the issue of businesses that don't allow CCW on their premises or are anti-gun. I have found the practicality of this simplistic approch may not be feasible.

    For example, if we didn't do business with anybody that was anti-gun or anti-CCW on their property, do we do business with Ford, GM, Toyota, hospitals, banks, etc.?

    The Tennessee Firearms Association has a list of banned properties in Tennessee. The list is so long, there's no way you could remember them all. If you expand this to national chains outside TN, the list gets even longer.

    We could get to a point that there's so few acceptable businesses that don't support us gun guys, and do support, especially gun control, but also other objectionable efforts, that we simply couldn't function. We might not be able to buy a car, etc.

    I don't like it; I don't do business with K-Mart period because of their actions when 9-11 occurred. But I can still buy ammo at my Walmarts and shotguns and rifles for that matter. If we now stop doing business with Walmart and the gun business becomes even less profitable to them, what do you think will happen? OTOH, what if we all made a conscious effort to buy ammo from Walmarts that sell it, and they make a favorable profit from ammo sales, what do you think they'd do?

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    Walmart is undergoing some changes and I believe I read that Sam Waltons daughter or grand daughter is trying to change the company from a good capitalist venture to another Twentieth Century Motor Company.

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    I haven't been to Walmart in a long time, nor do I intend to go in the future. I buy my guns and ammo from gun and sporting stores. Gander Mountain sells cheap ammo too. My money is not going to be used to advance the socialist left cause.

    Oh, and I know that some liberals are gun enthusiasts too. Congratulations. The rest of your party's platform is neo-communism and I'll do what I can to defeat it.

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    I shoot .40 Glocks. I'm not willing to reload with the possibility of KBs with that round in Glocks. So, I buy about 1000 rounds ($200) of WWB .40 from Wal Mart each month. If I were to go to the shop about a block away, my ammo bill would be about $325 each month. Sorry, I'm not willing to pay that much more for the same stuff.

    Wal Mart has said they are taking the guns out of stores where there aren't sold too often. For that reason, my next gun purchase will be a long gun at Wal Mart, even though I am not really a long gun shooter at this point in my life. But, they have Mini 14's in the rack, and I'm willing to own one, so I will.

    If we support the businesses that are in the process of making a decision about guns, we have a better chance of them making the right decision. By being quick to turn our backs on companies, we are making it easier for them to join the anti's.
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    I like Wally World. We are retired and travel fulltime in our RV. I cannot count the number of Wally Worlds we have shopped at from coast to coast. I carry, and have so for years and years. If I'm not naked......I'm armed. Never had a problem with Wally World. [I do have problems with NY State, and their Communist Government] but not with Wally World.

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    Online from Walmart

    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Four View Post
    Wal Mart has said they are taking the guns out of stores where there aren't sold too often.
    I might believe that except that lately I've noticed that the selection of longarms from Walmart ONLINE has markedly decreased IMHO. Anyone else notice this?

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    Honestly I have a love/hate attitude about WalMart. There's things I like about them, there's things I don't like about them. It seems the later column is getting longer than the former. For now I will continue to shop there when I need ammo and such, but it appears in the near future I may avoid them. Here, there are way too many other stores that have the same item for almost as cheap as WalMart. When prices are close, I will get it somewhere else....
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    I used to shop at Wal Mart for just about everything, and now I shop at Wal Mart for two items: ammo and oil. And if they didn't have those two items for such low prices I would never enter the store. Why? Customer service. Or in their case, lack of customer service. I hate rewarding poor customer service with my business. Be it a store, restaurant, or service provider, I avoid them like the plague if they cannot provide me with basic customer service.

    I have worked a lot of retail jobs, and we were always drilled to acknowledge the customer and help them out in any way possible. No task was more important than meeting the needs of the customer. The typical Wal Mart employee in my area will walk right by you without an acknowledgement or even eye contact and is not freindly at all. Ask a question? How dare you! They are typically very short and curt and almost put off by the fact that you have interrupted them from whatever mundane task they have been assigned by their manager to ask where a product is located. Gone are the days of the "greeters", the kindly older man or lady handing out stickers to kids, getting you a cart, etc. No, now it is usually a disgruntal cashier assigned to the task, leaning against the wall, not even looking in your direction when you walk in, let alone greeting you.

    I predict in the very near future I will stop shopping at Wal Mart for oil because returning the old stuff is too much of a pain in the a$$ (another rant). So it will be down to ammo. And if they continue on their downward spiral, I will put my convictions ahead of my wallet and buy my ammo somewhere else, even if it means buying less or less frequent trips to the range.

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    A small addition -

    Wal-Mart Targets Huntsville For Gun Ban

    Morning News

    Need to buy a new gun in Huntsville? Stop by the Bumper to Bumper Huntsville Auto Parts Store and ask to see the merchandise at Dixie Outdoors in a room behind the counter of the auto part store. As of Sept. 1, the Wal-Mart store in Huntsville is one of several Wal-Mart Stores that have stopped selling guns.
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