Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars?

Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars?

This is a discussion on Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Several times this year a question has been raised about whether Walmart is going to quit selling guns and ammo. Up till now no one ...

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Thread: Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars?

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    Does Walmart Deserve Gunowners Dollars?

    Several times this year a question has been raised about whether Walmart is going to quit selling guns and ammo. Up till now no one has had a definite answer, so being a reference librarian I decided to do some research. What I found is not encouraging.

    While searching through the Walmart corporate site I came across an article dated April 14, 2006 that said Walmart was removing firearms and ammo from approximately 1,000 of their stores. No mention was made of not stocking them in new stores, but we know from earlier posts that there are new stores opening which have no firearms. While doing this research I ran into some stories that tend to make me believe that Walmart is moving toward an anti-gun position. It appears from some of the information I found that Walmart has a political agenda that is headed 180 degrees away from gunowners. After reading the material I wonder if Walmart deserves the dollars of citizens who are gunowners. What say you?

    There is an article dated May 24, 2006 telling about Walmart giving $25,000 to an organization called Service for Peace. I did some checking on it and found the following statement on its website:


    More than 3,500 Peace Day events took place in 200 countries for the UN International Day of Peace on September 21st 2006. The Day brought together more than 2,000 organizations, mobilizing what UNESCO has called The GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE!

    Service For Peace was honored to be part of this celebration!
    I'm all for peace, but with almost 60 years of experience with the UN and organizations affiliated with it has taught me that anything but peace is the objective of the UN.

    I also ran across an article dated September 25,2006 entitled Wal-Mart grows 'green' strategies and stating
    The company is mapping whole product lines to find out where the environment is hurt along the way and how to stop that.
    The article referenced a USA Today article of the same date. The USA Today article indicates who Walmart is in bed with in this endeavor. Names like the World Wildlife Fund, Transfair USA, the Marine Stewardship Council, Environmental Defense, and Al Gore. In speaking of Gore the article said:

    On Climate Change Day in mid-July, it hosted former vice president Al Gore at its corporate headquarters here. "We know that Wal-Mart is not necessarily an easy place to come to," CEO Scott admits. Yet after Gore showed his global-warming film, An Inconvenient Truth, he got a standing ovation from a crowded Wal-Mart auditorium.
    Some of the organizations mentioned in the article are familiar like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Of themselves WWF says that they support a
    Project to halt global warming by promoting international ratification of the Kyoto climate treaty.
    Environment Defense has as a national adviser that great scientist, Barbra Streisand. It to is an organization that promotes the idea that climate change is a result of human activity (read USA).

    Transfair USA is an organization that promotes fair trade - fair to everyone but the US. One of its major functions is environmental change to reverse the problems that humans have caused.

    The Marine Stewardship Council says of itself:
    Though operating independently since 1999, the MSC was first established by Unilever, the world's largest buyer of seafood, and WWF, the international conservation organisation, in 1997. It is this exciting and unique green-business partnership that has been praised by world leaders.
    The chairman of the MSC board is a former Clinton appointee and like all the board members is or has been affiliated with WWF.

    If you dig deep enough you will find each of these organizations is tied to other more radical environmental groups which in turn are tied to anti-gun groups.

    I also found the following statement on the Walmart website.
    Statement on Wal-Mart's partnership with National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
    Last Updated: Thursday, August 31, 2006
    At Wal-Mart, we believe every individual is valued. As a business, our commitment is to welcome and to serve all customers with respect and without discrimination. Attracting customers from all segments of an increasingly diverse customer base is critical to our success. Wal-Mart will always work to connect better with the customers we serve and our loyal workforce.
    In checking this out I found out that not only has Walmart become a corporate sponsor of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, but it is a corporate sponsor of LGBT Diversity Week October 9–13 at Boise State University in Idaho. Included on the program is a discussion on how to defeat the Marriage Amendment that is on the November ballot in Idaho.

    It appears to me that Walmart had determined to undermine everything that we as gunowners stand for. Most gunowners are consecrative, but Walmart's corporate policies are moving farther and farther to the left and leaving us behind. It appears that the people running Walmart believe that they can have any political agenda they want to and we as citizens will just grin and bear it. Personally, I have decided that Walmart doesn't sell anything at its Walmart stores nor at Sam's Club stores that I can't get along without or find somewhere else.

    For those who want to know, I am not attempting to organize a boycott of Walmart. I have made a decision for myself and you have to make yours. I am asking a question and hope to generate some discussion. I don't believe that it is my place to organize boycotts or any other kind of action. I do believe that it is my place to provide information that can help others make informed decisions. 'Nuff said.
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    dr_cmg said:
    Personally, I have decided that Walmart doesn't sell anything at its Walmart stores nor at Sam's Club stores that I can't get along without or find somewhere else.
    I'm unclear about this closing statement. While I understand it means that you could do all your shopping elsewhere, does it in fact mean that you have come to the point of personally boycotting Wal Mart?

    As for me, I could care less about nearly all of Wal Mart's "positions"...when it affects me, as would a distinct policy regarding firearms, I would then take note.

    They generally are PC to a fault, which is the basis of all of their "peace, love and happy trees" movement. Look around, it's a retailing phenomena.

    When it comes to their product line, I've yet to witness anything that would tell me they are going "anti" on us in a big way. And, as I look at the population that shops there, I see enough money coming through the door and headed to the sporting goods corner of the store that I'd be shocked if we got sold out.

    And, if it's merely a decision of "selling what sells best", that's business, pure and simple.

    In short, in spite of the evidence presented in support of boycotting Wal Mart, I'm not on that bandwagon.
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    Wal-Mart in Mississippi stopped selling handguns years ago. Right around Hurricane Katrina (August, 2005) they stopped selling rifles/shotguns in South Mississippi. I thought it may be a knee jerk reaction after the storm (strained LE in ravaged counties) but finally saw in print that they were ceasing firearm sales in over 1000 stores. Locally on the Coast, you can still buy ammo but very limited selection.

    No big deal for me. I'd rather buy from somebody that knows what they're talking about than some pimply faced kid that was working in housewares last week.

    Many brand names are reaching out to diverse lifestyles now. Another thing I could care less about. If you want to s*** a ****, that's your business. Just keep it away from me and my family.

    Just like every other business in this country, large or small, they're just trying to make a nickel. Keep your prices competetive, inventory current and service your customers.

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    WalMart sells items I need for the price I can afford. I make minimum wage at a part time job for myself, my wife, and my son (due Wed). Put my shoes on and see if you'll spend +$4 for the same item at ShopKo. That is all the options here: WalMart or ShopKo/Pamida.

    I have insurance with State Farm, a company known to donate to anti-gun organizations. They have the cheapest rates for the most coverage. I've shopped around, trust me. I pay less than $100 for full coverage on my '00 Blazer, std NF on my '92 Buick, and std NF for my motorcycle. I have yet to find someone that comes with even $50 of that figure.

    I have a credit card account with MBNA/Bank of America. They are also contributers to anti-gun organizations. I have 4.9%APR fixed on my credit card from them. I will be canceling it as soon as it is paid off because they raised my rates to a figure that I am not willing to pay, not because of their views on 2A issues.

    It is difficult if not nearly impossible to avoid each and every company that supports, donates to, or shares opinions of those organizations that attempt to undermine the USCon. Trust me, WalMart isn't going the way of Kmart anytime soon because of their 2A stances. Besides, WalMart policy is to allow concealed carry and the one up by me allows open carry too.
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    Well, what Wal-Mart needs to do is stop treating the help like serfs, and keep selling .40 WWB/100 qty for less than 18 bucks a box somehow...

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    hmm i think it's too early to decide. I know of one Wal-Mart supercenter that no longer sells guns and ammo, for what reason I haven't a clue. Now a city away where I live the Wal-Mart Supercenter sells G and A. Unless they start putting signs up that says no guns/weapons I'll still shop there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LTPhoon View Post
    keep selling .40 WWB/100 qty for less than 18 bucks a box somehow...
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    Man, I feel like I just read a novel. An interesting novel though. So I'll write another one. :-)

    I am an environmental studies major in college. I have to be extremely careful about supporting Env. organizations, because many are in fact socialistic and some are downright tyrannical. Many actually advocate turning control of the WORLD's natural resources over to the UN for "equitable distribution". I am as pro-environment as they come, but I know that many of these groups are nothing more than fascist groups hiding behind the feel good policies of helping the environment. Scary stuff.

    At any rate, regarding Wal-Mart directly, first you have to understand that WalMart is a huge target of the left. Many of the liberal anti-global economy types would like to see WalMart shut down for various reasons. This may be why WalMart is aligning itself with these types of groups. Keep the political heat off? PR and nothing more? I don't know.

    That being said, I personally don't go there nearly as much as I used to and have contemplated an overall boycott. I am on the Board of Directors of a couple of hunting and conservation groups and Wal-Mart has repeatedly refused to help us in any way. They would not even donate raffle items or other small stuff for our youth events. IMO, they are antis, at least here locally.

    As far as the gun sales issue, we have a new MEGA WalMart that just opened, and guess what, no guns. At first I was a little POed, but then I realized that it puts more money in the pockets of our local gun shops, and I like that. Our local gun shops have supported us in every event we have ever had. They donate ammo, get raffle guns for us at cost etc. Local gun shops have been our BIGGEST supporters. I know where I'll be spending my money.
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    First George - thx for your research - as only you could do

    Time will tell I guess but it seems to be partly state oriented. meaning, the branches I have seen here in PA still appear to have long arms and ammo. Handguns went, way back of course.

    My son's work involves many new superstore site developments and it will be interesting to see how those go when opened.

    The one in Altoona PA is not all that old but does have the 'usual'' gun and ammo stuff.

    If they were to cease entirely - it would be enough for me to cease using them (and Sam's and Target) and inform them why.
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    is a place I only go if I want to get robbed in the parking lot...or if I want to hang out with a lot of 'large' people...
    Is there a minimum size restriction to get into the store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    is a place I only go if I want to get robbed in the parking lot...or if I want to hang out with a lot of 'large' people...
    Is there a minimum size restriction to get into the store?

    Hmmm. Good ammo prices though - box of 100 9mm FMJ Winchester for around $13! Has kept me from having to learn how to reload although that's coming up on my list of gun projects.

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    I don't buy from anti-gun businesses. I am not a member of AARP based on their anti-gun policies (as reported in American Rifleman several years ago). I do know that Wal Mart is a BIG target for BATF in California, and had a few people selling firearms here who were totally untrained. They sold firearms, and let the folks take them home immediately. I believe part of the "settlement" was that Wal Mart would not sell firearms in California for a period of time. This is all from an admittedly faulty older memory, but I have not written Wally World off yet...
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    I'd imagine it's more of a cost effectiveness thing than anything else. I think we've all seen Walmart grow and grow. Always into markets where they could turn the most profit. No point carrying an item that doesn't have a viable market.

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    The Wal-mart here in my town has, by far, the best prices on ammo. And they sell LOTS of rifles and shotguns and all kinds of gun-related stuff.

    As long as they keep doing that, I'll keep buying what I need there..
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    I am here in Louisville Kentucky. The Wallyworlds here have been pulling their guns for about 3 months. We only have one store left with long guns. I was there yesterday and they have marked the rest of their stock for closeout prices.

    I asked if they were going to continue selling ammo and the answer was yes, but this came from an employee.

    I hate Walmart with a passion, but I do like the cheap ammo prices. I need to save all I can.
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