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This is a discussion on good shooting gone bad within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Even if the police officer you are talking to is completely pro-gun, and honestly believes you did the right thing, his supervisors might not be. ...

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Thread: good shooting gone bad

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    Even if the police officer you are talking to is completely pro-gun, and honestly believes you did the right thing, his supervisors might not be.

    Same with the DA.

    So, IMHO, the smart thing to do is:

    1. Say something brief and generic, like "I thought he was going to kill me. I defended myself".
    2. Tell them you will be happy to make a full statement after you talk to your attorney.
    3. Remain silent, other than to repeat the above, or provide your identification information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post

    In this specific case there were no other witneses as he was in the middle of nowhere.
    Had this been in a back alley somewhere or some such Collateral style then yeah the possibility is there for concealed out of sight quiet observers.
    You don't know that. There were no witnesses but there could have been. Someone might have been coming up behind him on the trail. Also someone heard the shots. They might have walked over and spotted him walking away. If the guy was walking the dogs, civilization (people) wasn't that far. If there were people camped in a hearing distance, people weren't that far.

    I spend most of my vacation in really remote areas. I end up going to places where I will never expect seeing another human being but every so often I run into someone. So..... follow ther rule that: assumption is the mother of all >&%@ups

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    The facts have been found that there was no one behind him on the trail and that the folks who heard the shots were miles away.
    They weren't close to civilization either as he had no cell service and claims he hiked some 40 minutes to a highway for help.
    A gun shot can be heard over land for miles.

    Again in this specific instance there were no hidden witnesses and such.
    Definitely though the possibility is there for folks in less remote areas or situations.

    - Janq
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    Did I miss this in the post.

    Did they give him his miranda rights?

    Like some of you said--Don`t talk till your lawyer is there.

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    His first problem was not keeping his mouth shut. His second was he fired a warning shot at the dogs. If you are that scared for your life and safety you would not fire a warning. I would have let the dogs closed on me and only fired if the dog was within so many feet or was going to maul me. then if he attacked, you would have had a more valid claim to self defense. Oh yeah did I say STFU.


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    10mm with hollow points would be a damn fine choice for that area - cougars seem to think people are quite tasty. I would not be hiking there without some sort of protection, and a rifle is not really practical when hiking like that.
    The initial shot that caused the dogs to quit their attack should have been a damned good clue that the gentleman was going to defend himself. To run at him at that point making death threats = suicide!

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    See self defense insurance thread. All the more reason to have it.

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    I think this story for me reafirms how much trouble you are in for if you shoot and kill someone out of self defense. This might be the worst case scenario, a crazy or drugged person coming after you. They don't care that you have a weapon and it puts you between a rock and a hard place. Do you turn your back and run? Do you shoot what appears to be an unarmed person? If I am 1 on1 with another person and they are unarmed I am not going to shoot if at all possible. He was a hiker and probably in good shape. Could he have outrun this guy? Its easy to second guess. I would have not fired any warning shots at the dogs. I do not fear being over powered by a common mixed breed dog when I have a 10 mm in my hand. You might get bitten that's true. Most of the time it's a warning. This unstable person may have believed the hiker was shooting at Him! I don't think his life was in any danger at the time he fired a warning shot at the dogs. Stating, "I feared for my life" is not a shield thats going to protect you unless there is evidence to support your claim. I wonder if a strategic retreat or altering his route was possible. If this deceased man had a weapon of any kind, the shooting would have been ruled self defense most likely.
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