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DAO sp101

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Thread: DAO sp101

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    DAO sp101

    I'm in the market for a concealed carry self defense weapon. I'm a huge fan of revolvers and right now I am really wanting the sp101 that comes in the 2.25 inch barrel with the flattened hammer. I want one chambered in .357 but plan to carry .38s. My concern is how much velocity and stopping power I may be giving up by getting such a short barrel. I understand for a concealed carry revolver there isn't much room for a longer barrel. I love the look of this sp101 and also think it would be super fun even to plink with, I have no problem shooting DA full time. Yet I do not want to waste my time if I'm giving up a substantial amount of velocity and stopping power with this set up. I have no interest in carrying .357 in this package. I have a 6 inch GP100 I enjoy shooting and carrying when I go hiking and camping. I enjoy shooting magnum rounds out of him. I want a smaller revolver to shoot .38s with and thought I might as well get a good one for concealed carry while I'm at it. I have read that certain .380 rounds pack more stopping power than .38s in a snub nose do and that's what concerns me.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, I just wanted to clarify my position. So basically, is it sacrificing too much velocity and stopping power in a 2.25 inch snub nose? I don't know any bad guy that wants to get shot by any snub nose, but I have a problem if I'm giving up too much velocity and stopping power.

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    My 6.5 inch Blachawk chronographs a 38 spl. 125 gr. cast bullet at 1095 fps and SP101 2.25 inch dose 950 fps a loss of 145 fps. A 357 Magnum 158 gr. cast gets 1335 fps from Blackhawk and 1088 fps from SP101 a loss of 247 fps. My 4 inch GP100 only got 108 fps more with 38 spl. 125 gr. and 161 fps more with the 357 mag. 158 gr. rounds than the SP101. You get more loss velocity from a 357 than you will from a 38 spl. plus the muzzle blast from the 357 is a lot louder. When carrying the Sp101 or LCR-357 i load them with 38+P Hornady Critical Defense mostly because of 357 muzzle blast and the recoil of LCR is really bad, the SP recoil is not that bad. With quality 38+P ammo you should have all the stopping power you need for self defense situations as long as you learn to shoot it accurately.
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    I carry a 2 1/4" DAO SP101 on a regular basis. I carry magnum ammunition in mine, after all, that is the cartridge it is designed for and I don't see any reason to step down in performance to .38 Special. I chronographed these two .357 defense loads from Federal out of my SP101. Here is what I got:

    357B 125 grain SJHP, Ave. 1292 fps, ME 464 ft-lbs

    Hydrashok 158 grain JHP, Ave. 1130 fps, ME 448 ft-lbs

    The Speer Gold Dot .38 Special (+P) 135 grain averaged 856 fps and ME 219 ft-lbs out of my S&W Airweight.

    I carry the Hydrashok 158 grain in my SP101, I like the heavier bullets, and the shoot more to the point of aim with the SP101s fixed sights. The SP101 is pretty small, but not light. .357 Magnum ammunition isn't that bad out of it, and in a defensive situation, I want all the oomph I can get. YMMV.

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    According to reputable sources, the .357mag, 125gr. Cartridge is the best to carry for SD for "stopping power". Another states that the .38spl+P 135gr/115gr (Speer GD/CorBon DPX) can actually equal the .357mag at close distances. The Ruger SP101, with shorter barrels, and the Ruger KLCR .357mag are excellent firearms to use either cartridge (I own and carry the KLCR-love it for many reasons, the above being just one) for SD. Just IMHO.
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