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Watch who you tell about guns and CC

This is a discussion on Watch who you tell about guns and CC within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I guess cc means to me is they will find out if if a threat jumps out and I'm retired so I don't worry about ...

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Thread: Watch who you tell about guns and CC

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    I guess cc means to me is they will find out if if a threat jumps out and I'm retired so I don't worry about a boss. If I am questioned about it I refer them to the laws and info in what it means to have that responsiblity.

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    I'm not sure ... why people feel a need to tell other people.... it's a need to know basis only, and to me no-one needs to know.
    Many of my friends have asked, and I just ask them a question back "why do you ask " ..... their comment is normally, "well, we figure you would be " .... due to what I used to do. But, I still don't confirm it one way or the other with them.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
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    As someone said earlier, I too used to talk about how I carried when I first started carrying at 21. Now in my mid 30s I feel its no bodys business, Mabey just the people I know that shoot too. I really wouldnt care but some people are so anti and not only that I like it to be a surprise and also dont want my house to be a target

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    Here I can carry open or concealed. I really don't need the headache that goes with open carry (leave it alone), and so I hide it.

    My gun is no different than my watch, keys, or wallet. Something to be grabbed in the morning.

    Those that know me wouldn't be surprised or concerned. Those that don't know me aren't likely to find out I carry a gun. It's just like drinking a few beers after work, or not drinking a few beers after work. Up to you either way, and either way you will find folks that have a problem with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dben002 View Post
    Mums the word except to fellow CC's. Would you play poker and tell the other's you just drew 3 cards and got a full house?
    As a general rule, this is usually OK---But I do not tell others who also CC unless I know they are discreet--and that takes me a while to determine.
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    I'm the only person in my immediate group of range buddies with my CHP. I don't even talk to them about when I'm carrying. If they ask, I'll tell them. Only because I know they are like minded when it comes to firearms. It's generally the same with family. A few know I have my permit, but don't know when I carry. The only exception is my father, whom has become more like a best friend as we have gotten older. The other family members don't need to know when, or how, I am carrying.
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    I only am on this forum for the
    "One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation."
    --Thomas B. Reed, American Attorney

    Second Amendment -- Established December 15, 1791 and slowly eroded ever since What happened to "..... shall not be infringed."

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    Lesson learned. Now, if you want it to stop, tell him the next time he tells someone about your guns and CC, you are going to accidentally hit reply to all spam mail with his driver's license number, address and social security number.
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    Some of my friends are touchy about me carrying a gun so I have gotten to where I just don't talk about it to many people. I can't change their opinion and they will NOT change mine. I don't really see it as anyone else's business as long as your obeying the law and the requests of whoever's property you are on (friend's house, work, going into a business, etc.).

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    Some people wanna take 'em away, why don't you go bust them boys that's sellin' crack.
    Guns, whether Remingtons 'er Glocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBeau View Post
    Wow, I kept reading the responses waiting for someone to tell you to have a serious talk with your friend but didn't see one yet, (I didn't read all the responses though). I'll say it then, It's time to have a serious talk with your friend. Tell him the point of concealed carry is a tactical advantage. If he tells some guy that is starting trouble that your carrying it could esculate the situation, or the jerk could call 911 and say that you threatened him with a gun. He might know where you work and he could report you to your employer and they might do a surprise spot check to see if your carrying.

    All in all there is nothing to gain from your friend runninig his mouth about your EDC. Have a talk with him and make sure he's aware it's not acceptable.
    I couldn't agree more with this! This is my belief in all aspects of my life. If I have a problem with someone who is a friend or family member, I speak directly to them about it. Too much time is wasted on skirting around issues these days. If he is truly a good friend, then he will understand your point of view and respect it.

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    Watch who you tell about guns and CC

    For me it depends...I don't discuss it with total strangers or wear T-shirts that advertise it, but I have talked to several people about the whole subject. There's a woman I get along well with out at the kids' football field and she's the only female I know into guns. Sometimes she'll come over to talk guns, especially if there's something new and exciting out. Last season she and I were talking, about the XDs I think it was, and one of the dads from my team, several feet away, was obviously listening in. After she walked back to her son's team, he walked over and started talking to me about how he's tried to get his wife to learn to handle a gun and learn to shoot. He and I had a pleasant conversation regarding women and guns and yes, even my carry license. I told him about ladies day at the range and offered for his wife to come with me anytime if she wanted to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksblazer View Post
    As times have changed, I realize that it's in my best interest to keep quite about letting others that I know about guns and CC.

    Not sure if you feel this way? But I do.

    Around here in the Puget Sound area there are plenty of people that are anti gun. Especially towards handguns and concealed carry. Most of them I feel are under educated about the subject, but I'm tired of trying to educate them as their minds are already made up. And they get PO'd since I have a different view and they can't convience me that guns are only for "killing"

    My best friend knows I CC and seems to like to boast about it to everyone he runs into. Example when out scocializing if the topic of guns gets brought up. He starts running his mouth about what I carry and my collection of guns. Same if someone starts acting like a jerk around me. I feel like telling him to STFU about it!! And if I want someone to know, I'll tell them myself

    I also never mention to co-workers either now. I got a job with a company a few years ago (no longer work there) through a friend. He mentioned to one of the other guys that I had a gun collection. A few months later one of the guys gets PO'd and decides to be a jerk and starts questioning me in front of everyone in the break room about my collection. Wether I carry to work and let him know before I shoot up the place.

    I could post a few more experiences, but I think you get the idea.

    While I enjoy about talking about guns. I feel it's in my best interest to only discuss it on forums like this with like minded people. I won't bring up the subject to others and if it gets brough up. I'll be keeping tight liped about it. Even though I'd like to help others, I now feel that it's best to keep quiet about the subject.
    I would be pulling your buddy to the side and having a little chit chat. I feel the same way as you do. I do not want the subject of my CC or my EDC to be brought up in groups of people, let alone unidentified people. There are roughly 4 people who have seen my EDC and my IWB holster. Yes a lot of my friends know that I have my CC permit in efforts of educating them and in hopes that if they cross this path they have some sort of direction to take. Outside of my click of close friends I would not be advertizing if I have any sort of weapon on me.
    Now as far as talking about guns, in the area I live in SW PA there are a lot of gun friendly folks around here, so the topic of guns get brought up. I tend to tip toe in this area not revealing more than they need to know, normally if I am in a conversation w/ a friendly about guns they are telling me about their collection as I am with them. They do not need to know where my weapons are stored, how much ammunition I have on hand, or EVERY weapon I own.
    Sort of a dick move of your ex co-worker and if anyone should of been looked at from IR I would've nominated him!


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    My wife has a carry license. She doesn't talk about it with her friends.

    Yesterday, she was at lunch with several of her fellow volunteers at the warbird museum (Ladies of the museum group) and mentioned that she was 'going shooting' with me at the police range after lunch. Many of the women then mentioned that they carry all the time and the discussion turned to carry guns and methods of carry. Quite a lively discussion according to my wife.

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    My approach is not to "brag" or tell about carrying, whether I am armed or not. Florida is a very gun friendly state. There are around a million permits issued. However, lets get real here. The population is about 14 mil. That means somewhere about 7% of the people are gun friendly, and possibly a good percentage of the 13mil are not gun friendly and/or just plain against guns.

    So, to coin a phrase and modify it, "It pays NOT to advertise". Concealed means concealed.

    At one place I was at, one of the executives wanted to carry and knowing me well, he asked advice. I gave it.
    However, I would not do this for any one who walked up to me.
    Note: I did not carry on company property. My job was more important than standing on my second amendment rights. Most of the company higher-ups moved here from NYC and were liberals.....

    As for printing. I wear a hawaiian or bulky shirt. I have a "few extra pounds" and usually carry IWB at 3:00.
    I have a cellphone on my belt just ahead of the gun, so if someone makes a fuss, I will reach under my shirt, and produce the cell phone in its leather case and say "You mean this?", and walk away. (Of course if its a LEO and he's produced his creds, I will answer truthfully.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordofwyr View Post
    The best reason NOT to advertise that you are concealed carrying is that the biggest anti-gun friend you have, the one who hates guns and lives in lala land of lollipops and warm fuzzies will out you at the worst possible time, as in:

    You walk together or as a group into a convenience store. There is a robbery in progress with an unknown number of armed criminals. That anti-gun friend will undoubtedly be the one that suddenly looks at you and shouts, "Do something! You have a gun!!!"

    Yeah.... good luck on stealth and getting the drop on someone now. They will out you to the bad guys and now their already drawn weapons will be trained on you!
    I remember reading about an actual case where the couple was in a bank when crooks burst in announcing a robbery. The wife said to her husband, apparently too loudly, "Don't pull your gun". They shot him on the spot.

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