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Advice needed from experienced cc's

This is a discussion on Advice needed from experienced cc's within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Florida: IWB Desantis sof-tuck @ 2-3 O'clock Untucked company supplied tee at work Orion Leather Company belt & Black Levis jeans, I have a fellow ...

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Thread: Advice needed from experienced cc's

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    Sarasota FL
    Desantis sof-tuck @ 2-3 O'clock
    Untucked company supplied tee at work
    Orion Leather Company belt & Black Levis jeans,
    I have a fellow employee that knew I renewed my CWP, and he asked me
    if I planned to carry at work. < Its totally acceptable to the owner, he carries himself>
    I just smiled.... I had it on already..

    Remember, even if you "print a bit" people won't notice.
    They just think its a smart-phone or something similar.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    Same old IWB even in thirty weather. People are too oblivious to notice printing and I don't really care if they do. If I MUST remain undetected, I switch from XDSC to p3at.
    Exactly the same here. I carry my CM40 in a Kholster hybrid w/ combat cut EDC, but if the need to be 100% stealth, I will throw my P3AT in my pocket. If it prints, it looks like a small block. 99% of people are oblivious to the world around them anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    At some point in your cc, you will grow tired of carrying a big gun, and come to the realization a j frame in the pocket will work.
    While a J frame works for a lot of people, it didn't so much for me. It's just too big, even in the thinnest of thin kydex pocket holsters, for my weekday attire... and I realized I had to dry fire the hell out of it to even come close to being half as proficient as something a little bigger. I settled on a Kahr 380 for pocket, which I shoot better by the way, and a 19 IWB in a Comp-Tac 2O'clock or C-Tac for when I take off the tie. We are all built differently and have different lifestyles but when you say shorts and T-shirt, there's not much out there that I can't conceal. Some are better than others.

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    AIWB carry of a Sig P238 in a Remora is my most common combination. Sometimes a full sized XD-40 or a 1911, also in Remora's.
    Untucked T-shirts or polo's keep them pretty well covered yet easily accessible.
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    I carry the sprinfield service model 9mm. 4: barrel with full size grip. I use the crossbreed supertuk with shorts and T-Shirt in the summer. Shirt is always tucked in. No problems.

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    I conceal my Glock 21SF under a t-shirt - wearing a wife-beater underneath makes it more comfortable for me. I hate hot weather. A size L would fit me just right, but I buy XL to help with concealment and it doesn't look bad.

    Where do you have your gun positioned? and what holster are you using?

    Pocket carry is the easy and obvious solution. I have a 442, but I prefer to carry a full size gun whenever possible.


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    442 , LC9, .380, .32. all in black hawk holsters all in right front pocket . They all are in a rotation . Being in jeans , slacks or shorts.

    Note the LC9 is bout the max I would want to carry in pocket .

    Dont get much hotter than this

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Loose untucked shirts with some sort of pattern breaks up any gun outline quite well.
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    Your holster will make or break your ability to conceal. For me, I use the Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro. I can conceal anything from a 1911 or 4" K-Frame on down. You have to dress appropriately. If i absolutely cannot belt carry I pocket am LCP.
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    I carry outside waist band. I use Kirkpatrick holsters and a couple of custom holsters made local. I usually carry full size a 1911 or a 4 inch compact. I wear a cover shirt as mentioned with an under shirt. Besides finding a comforable holster get a belt made for carrying a gun.
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    Currently using a Remora holster carrying a CW45 or PF9, and can wear a simple untucked t-shirt. A Supertuck with a PT 111 or SP101 also works, or a Fist belt slide with the PT 111, 24/7 Pro, or even XD service 45 will work with a button up cotton shirt which doesn't fit too tightly.

    You basically just have to learn to dress around the gun like others have suggested. As long as you have a good belt and holster it is very doable.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Ruger P89 , iwb, sob, 1 1/2" hand made stiff leather belt, 365. Loose shirt or light jacket. No problems.
    We have different gifts, each according to the grace God has given to each of us.

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    I tote around a 4" 1911 in a Sparks VMII (either a Wilderness 5 stitch or Sparks 1.5" shark belt) in our version of hot weather, normally wearing an oversized untucked dark t-shirt or polo shirt. People don't notice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NETim View Post
    I tote around a 4" 1911 in a Sparks VMII (either a Wilderness 5 stitch or Sparks 1.5" shark belt) in our version of hot weather, normally wearing an oversized untucked dark t-shirt or polo shirt. People don't notice.
    This could have been my post except for the Sparks belt. I also have an LC9 that I carry sometimes, and after trying several holsters, I settled on a Garrity Incognito I had made for the LC9. I also have several of these holsters for other guns.
    They carry comfortably and very securely, and under a T or polo, they conceal just fine for me.

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    Glockman beat me to it, but upon his advice I started carrying my j frame and it is the simplest most versatile of my carry guns. I carry it often in gym shorts in a nylon Blackhawk iwb holster. I don't usually wear less than that.

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" ~ Mark Twain

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