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Any stories of awkward CC moments?

This is a discussion on Any stories of awkward CC moments? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by multistage Was watching the Avengers with my 8 year old boy. Samuel Jackson opens up with his M&P. My kid hollers "HEY ...

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Thread: Any stories of awkward CC moments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by multistage View Post
    Was watching the Avengers with my 8 year old boy. Samuel Jackson opens up with his M&P. My kid hollers "HEY DAD! THAT'S THE SAME GUN YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    Cringe and clench.

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    Re: Any stories of awkward CC moments?

    Only thing I've experienced is the need to be careful when hugs are exchanged. I learned to keep my right arm over the IWB holster so arm gets touched instead of the gun.

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    As I re-read this thread, I was reminded of something that maybe falls more into the category of "how do you react when you encounter another CCW." I was in a Target and was walking toward the check out as another (rather large and intimidating looking) gentleman was heading for the same line at the same time. We had that slightly awkward moment as to who should get in line first. Always trying to practice SA I noticed he was printing heavily. He saw me notice his holstered gun under his shirt. I looked at his gun (which had to be a .45 or .357 based on the size) and then looked at him. He realized I saw his firearm and looked at me to see my reaction (this being Massachusetts). I shrugged and smiled, he smiled back and I let him go first. I don't think he saw my S&W 9mm. :)
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    I was once at a wedding where some gal on the dance floor dropped her 25 auto, as it hit the floor it fired. no one on the dance floor even noticed. she looked around for just a second, picked it up and continued dancing.

    One that happened to me
    One night my wife woke me up saying that there was someone trying to steal the neighbors jeep. So I jump out of bed wearing just sweat pants, grab my 9mm and run out the door. I slide the gun into the waist band at the small of my back and I see the guy just getting ready to break the window. So I yell "Hey What Are You Doing?" He dropped what he had in his hands and started my way. at about 40 feet away from me I decide to pull the gun. But when I pull the hammer catches on the draw string of the sweat pants and I drop the gun down the back of my leg! So Im trying to fish the gun out as he passes within 5' of me. As he passes me he breaks into a run and its just then that I realize that there is a waiting car in the driveway just behind me. I hadn't seen the get away car, But they must have seen the full sized gun sliding down my pant leg! That's when I bought my first paddle holster! DR

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    I'll tell you a true story, but I have to change the names to protect the guilty....Dan a local business person purchases two weapons for home use and use inside his business in case of robbery or worse...Dan's business demands he have large coolers with sliding glass doors on them to store his product line. Dan has a buddy (Jack) who also is a gun owner and CCL holder. Jack stops by to see Dan's new guns one Sat afternoon after Dan closed...These are Dan's first firearms and boy is he proud of them..both were fairly new models by a manufacturer that Jack was not familiar with nor had he seen these handguns other than in pictures...

    Well, Dan is beaming ear to ear and showing off the smaller of the two weapons and how it fits his hands perfectly and how balanced it is and how he can draw and aim rather quickly.....As he is demonstrating this to Jack...Dan draws, aims, and kills one of his big coolers with the sliding glass doors.....Got the sliding glass door center mass, fatal hit, door did not survive.

    All I can tell you is Dan acted like nothing big happened but I got to tell you, it scared the chit out of me...........

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    Any stories of awkward CC moments?

    Yup!!! Went to sturgis rally couple years back. Was in deadwood SD at one of the casinos. Had to relieve myself and when I sat down my kimber ultra fell out of holster and went clank!!! Errr one got real quiet in the crapper
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    A while back, a kid in the cart behind me at wal-mart pointed to my back and started yelling "Gun, gun, GUN!!" He must have seen some printing because after I left in a hurry, red faced, I must have checked myself for an hour and couldn't figure out how he would have noticed so well!

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    No awkward CC moments for me so far.

    That being said, somebody/somewhere is going to make one of those "motivational" posters based on this recap, and I predict that it will go viral:

    Quote Originally Posted by F350 View Post
    2}I was sitting at my favorite ***** bar at the main stage (for you tea teetotalers, legal in Indiana and I had 1 beer to 3 O'Doul's) and was about to leave when some buddies came in, so I slipped my custom 1911 (buff finished stainless frame, royal blue slide) in the inside pocket of my suit coat and hung it over the back of my chair. A few minutes later a biker (Harley drive chain belt, large knife hanging from it, leather fingerless gloves with pyrimid studs on the knuckles, leather vest, harley bandana on his head etc.) came in at sat at the bar about 10 feet away and commenced to staring at me like he wanted to take me out back and kick my @,

    Well when I got ready to leave I grabbed my suit coat by the collar and headed around the stage to leave, only the coat had slid heavy side down so I actually had it by the shoulder opposite the gun, and as I rounded the stage I hear this "THUD-sliiiide" as the gun fell out and slid right between the bikers boots. I just picked it up, dusted it off and put it back in the holster, looked the biker in the eye and said "Sorry, I hate when that happens". He just sat there, mug frozen half way to his mouth while his head moved to follow every move I made.

    The dancer on stage was one of my favorites and she was doubled over laughing and pointing, the bar tender (I found out the next night) had been watching the biker for trouble, figured what happened and was laughing, everyone in the bar was looking at me and as I went out the door the doorman/bouncer said "Better be careful, that thing lands on your toe it's gonna hurt".
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    Was using a back brace as a DIY belly band, counting on the pressure rather than a pouch or pocket to hold the firearm in place. That 'clunk' in the bathroom was pretty loud...

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    I once caught myself BEFORE getting out of my truck at the gas station, wearing a shirt that was too short for full coverage. I had another shirt in the back and pulled it on over, but it was also too short. So I decided to go back home lol
    I felt stupid, but it wasn't really that bad since I realized the "wardrobe malfunction" er, poor choice of shirt, before I got out. I had been kinda half OC-ing on my own backwoods property and stopped for a drink before getting to the house.
    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    I rue the day anything like this happens to me. I'm still new to having my permit though....I'm in the 'double check/triple check that I'm not printing' stage before I go anywhere. But, in Nebraska, printing is not illegal. At least I don't have to worry about any legal ramifications if I do.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Yes. We were in a crowd on Freemont Street, Las Vegas (very safe place to be these days), lots of security and friendly civilians.... Listening to an excellent cover band... Wife comes up to me and puts her arm around me, and in that act, pulls up my very long tropical shirt.......I had a large frame pistol in an IBW at the 5 position.

    She looks at me, I understand what just happend, she give me that 'OOPS look' and I very calmly just slowly pull my shirt down over my weapon.

    I waited about 10 seconds before slowly scanning around and behind me to see who had noticed......

    Got an eye contact nod and grin from from one guy who was to my back right. No one else noticed.

    Thank god some tourist from CA or IL wasn't standing there, 'would have been a DHS takedown' from the Anti screamin..... until I produced my permit.

    Note: I was totally leagal in Vegas and regardless, it is an OC carry state also, so even with exposure, there was no crime.

    I was just amazed how clueless everyone there was.......... I always look and scan for the other guy.......
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    I was CCing to a large Thanksgiving dinner a few years back with lots of family members (cousin in laws and such that I don't know too well). Like a fool I wore a heavy sweater over my owb holster and pistol. After about an hour of SWEATING to death I finally decided to OC.

    I took off my sweater and nobody said anything....other than my dad who is a 2a proponent.....BUT, my dad also fancies himself a funny guy so he starts chirping about it at dinner.

    My dad say's "So Tim, do you think that the barbarian horde is going to come through the door at any moment and ruin our dinner?"

    Everyone got quiet like a record just scratched and I knew a lot was riding on my answer. I calmly said "Nope, but I'm ready if they do.".

    A cousin in law laughed and said, "Well you never know what to expect at a Timmy's last name dinner party. Now please pass me some food (or words to that effect)." And the party resumed.

    I was cheesed at the old man for running his mouth but I was pleased about the reaction. My gun toting cousin had already indoctrinated his in laws and the rest of the night went smooth.

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    About 4 years ago, I was in walmart carrying SOB with my P3AT(before I bought my .40). I had a lasp in judgement for about two seconds, and bent over at the waist to pick something from the bottom shelf, just as I heard a kid behind me say, "Mommy, he has a gun". I shot up, pulled down my shirt and quickly went upon my business. That was the last time that ever happened.
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    A few days after I got my CCL I was sitting in a restaurant enjoying a leisurely meal. I got up, paid the tab & as I was walking out I noticed a no firearms allowed sign. I remember someone standing outside having a smoke & evidently blocking the sign which I admit I never really looked for one. I imagine it could have been embarrassing if someone working there noticed my gun.

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