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Magazines while CCW

This is a discussion on Magazines while CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Like others, I carry one spare not for the extra rounds, but for mag failure. Most of us who have fired a few hundreds of ...

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Thread: Magazines while CCW

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    Like others, I carry one spare not for the extra rounds, but for mag failure. Most of us who have fired a few hundreds of thousands of rounds in our lives have in fact experienced a mag failure, be it at the range or wherever. It really is not that uncommon.
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    I carry an extra mag about 50% of the time. When I don't I feel uncomfortable so don't ask me why I don't carry on each time. I have no answer for that. My only excuse is that I already have 15 rounds in the gun but then I consider a mag failure & start to feel uneasy.

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    I always carry an extra magazine, just like I always have a spare tire in my car. Because you just never know when you'll need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelagius View Post
    So what is your take for carrying addional magazines while CCW? Why or why not?
    Thge liklihood that you will need extra rounds is pretty slim; BUT, most malfunctions in a semi-auto will either require dropping or changing a magazine in the process of correcting the malf.
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    To each his own, I always carry one spare mag if I do not have another firearm handy. As I have posted before, I started out the door one day and did a press-check and the base plate shot off the mag that was in the pistol. It was a colt made 1911 mag that had not seen all the abuse that my comp mags do, no sign of any type of a problem. And there I was with a cut finger and looking at 8 rounds and a spring on the floor. Always carry a spare magazine if you can.

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    Two extra mags on me. Old habits are hard to die.
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    I carry one spare magazine, but it's an old issue of Penthouse from the early 90's. I figure if the gun jams I can drop the centerfold and distract them with nudie pics while I run away.

    Seriously though, I don't see an issue with carrying a spare mag or speed loader. It really isn't that much extra weight or space.

    Heck...I could carry my LCR as backup with a spare mag for the M&P and a speed loader for the LCR if I felt like I might need it...not that I anticipate feeling the need anytime soon, but I've had all of these items on me around the house all day just to see how bulky that setup would be and it wasn't bad and still concealable with nice Guayabera shirt on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Spare magazine is always with me. Not for additional rounds, but because the weakest link in most semi-auto pistols is the magazine. If a failure occurs, drop the mag, insert spare and hopefully be back into the fight.
    This sums up my thinking. It is the weakest link on the firearm so it is best to carry a spare magazine or two.

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    I carry two extras i my shoulder rig, not just for the possible mag failure but to balance the weight of my firearm. When carrying on my belt I occasionally have a spare.
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    My EDC is a XD40, no spare mag, but a BUG in my pocket.
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    I carry 2 extra mags. I like MORE!!!

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    I don't carry mags but I do carry 2 speedloaders for my revolver
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    Two spares in a belt pouch.

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    I carry an extra mag because it makes sense. Out of rounds, jam or outright mag failure. Don`t want to look down a BG`s barrel and have to say "Holy Crap !"
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    I always carry spare ammo. When carrying a semi-auto I carry at least spare 2 magazines. When I carry a revolver I carry 4 Bianchi Speed Strips. When you are in a fight for your life there is no average fight. I want all the advantage I can get.

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