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This is correct. It does, however, state in section 14-51.2 (a) (1) that the protections apply to temporary residences, including tents.

I interpreted your your previous post statement about transport of firearms vs carrying (which I thought was an excellent point by the way) as meaning that he would be able to transport to and from the cabin. Consequently, coupled with the above doctrine, I am wondering if the property lessor has legal grounds to ban the possession of legal firearms to a renter, which I think is an entirely different matter than prohibiting target shooting on the property.
Yes, it does address temporary residences and would allow the use of deadly force to protect yourself while there but no where does it relinquish or negate the rights of the owner of those premises to forbid firearms there. You can still use deadly force, just not a firearm.

As to my earlier post the main purpose there was to make sure that people didn't try to use the statutes such as 14-269 that pertain to concealed carry when one is not carrying concealed but merely transporting a firearm such as in a locked case.

The biggest point is that the OP needs to contact the owners and clarify what their intent is. I believe they will find that they only want to ensure that there is no target shooting around the property and the owner will have no problems with a firearm that is intended for personal protection only.