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Odd CCW reaction

This is a discussion on Odd CCW reaction within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Lish Some people are OK with others carrying when it's an abstract thing that they don't see, or when it's in theory...but ...

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Thread: Odd CCW reaction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lish View Post
    Some people are OK with others carrying when it's an abstract thing that they don't see, or when it's in theory...but not so much when they realize THERE'S A GUN IN YOUR GLOVEBOX!!

    I would have done the same as you when asked why it was locked...especially with folks that have gone to the range with you. I wouldn't sweat it.
    This pretty much sums it up. Many people are OK with the idea of carrying, as long as they are not brought "face to face" with the concrete reality of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45ACP4ever View Post
    I left my .38 locked in my glove box since I knew I'd have a beer or two. I ended up drinking only one, but that was enough for me not to want to carry a firearm.
    That seems silly to me. Do you REALLY think one beer makes you unsafe to carry a gun? Do you think driving a car safely is easier?
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    They've obviously got some "anti" issues with all of it. As they know, perhaps it's time to have a basic sit-down with each of them, to help them appreciate the simplicity of why you carry, why you avoid it while drinking ... ie, why you're absolutely responsible enough to partake of this most-basic of rights of citizens. Perhaps they'll get it; perhaps they won't. But if they're folks who shoot with you on occasion, perhaps they're not completely averse to the concept and simply need a bit of assistance in removing the logic/rationality block in their minds.
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    Should have just told sis that it's your car, your glove box and it's none of her business what's in there. She wouldn't like you snooping through her purse I bet. Or maybe you should have told her that if she MUST know, you had some condoms and a sex toy in there.
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    Do yourself a favor, if you haven't already, and google "On Sheep and Sheepdogs", and read Col. Dave Grossman's excellent piece on the subject. Sheepdogs are feared by wolves, and make the sheep nervous, but it "is what it is". I carry and have carried everywhere, and every day for over 30 years. Most of that was as a Federal law enforcement officer, and I never considered myself off duty. It's what Sheepdogs do. I'm retired now, and still don't leave home without it. If I'm ever asked, I just say "Everyone is safer when I'm around". Be safe brother.
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    You should have said "Just kidding; I have a kilo of coke in there!"
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    No member of may family except my wife would dare dig around in my and my wifes anything with out getting set straight. Family can be some of the worse about stepping out of bounds and being busy bodies. Some times stay'n on good terms can be hard even when things go well over the years. As far as the revolver in the glove box. It does sound like they do have some issues with firearms or you with firearms.

    OR that was one big beer and it did effect you and maybe they had a few too. ha

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    Nothing to add on the family issue but I would never leave my firearm in the first place someone would look if they broke into my car. It's either on my hip, in a hidden lockbox in my car or home.
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    My wife and I are looking into a gunvault or other similar safe that can be placed under a seat and cable locked to the seat frame. Should work fine against most car thiefs.
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    Reminds me of a situation with my wife. She knew all about me getting my CCW and was all for it. Thought it was a great idea, yada yada.
    Then one night I just put on my OWB holster and came down the stairs with my XDm. She started freaking out. Is that thing loaded? Why the bleep are you carrying that?
    I reminded her that I was getting my CCW and she said, "I know, but I didn't think you would actually carry a GUN" /facepalm.

    After several weeks of "discussion" she's climbed off the ledge, but it just shows the level of fear that has been drilled into so many people about guns.

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    Never had a situation like OP, but I was riding with a buddy once, he asked me to get something out of his glove box, his 9mm was in there. He apologized as if I would have an issue with it. I found it odd especially since we took our CCW class together ???

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    Replace the .38 with a mousetrap. Problem solved.
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    The media has force-fed this anti gun thing to death on people willing to listen to the anti gun retoric ad nauseaum. People who listen are slowly conditioned to respond the way your family responded. My position has always been - never tell - to anyone, family or not. No one needs to know but you, that way you never have to explain or defend your right to carry. My wife and I went out one saturday night and headed back to the parking garage when we both noticed a couple critters moving parallel to us. My wife said "do you have your gun?" I said "yep" and gave her the keys to the car and told her to get in first and in the glove box was a small revolver - get it out and just hold on to it. I pulled my PPS and held it by my side making my way to the drivers' side of our car. I think these two critters sensed we weren't regular sheeple and kept going. They never said anything and neither did I but they were definately looking for an easy mark.
    BTW, my wife hates guns but that night she said "Well at least we didn't get robbed". Later, when our adrenlin returned to normal she said "that was kinda cool". i did notify the local P.D. and gave them the area we were in and maybe they can pick them up before they find an unarmed sheeple.
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    I had an incident recently. Well not really an incident but an uncomfortable moment. Our housekeeper came over a couple of hours earlier than usual as I was to leave on a trip. I carry several guns due to my work. My HK45 (a large and intimidating gun) I usually carry in my purse during the day and on my nightstand at night. Because I was still getting up and around it was still in it's night spot when the maid started to clean the bedroom. Oops.

    I just said "sorry," and quickly removed it. I felt she was a little weirded out so I explained that I have a permit and carry for my job, that pays for her job.

    Fortunately she doesn't clean the drawer inside the table by the front door, or behind my jacket in the closet where the Mossberg is. ;) :)

    That makes 4 people who know I carry a gun. My SO (who also carries) my Mother, a good friend who saw it once, and now the maid. Sigh...

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    Good... now she might listen and won't mess with your stuff.
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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