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Odd CCW reaction

This is a discussion on Odd CCW reaction within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was looking through my Mom's glovebox the other day when I was back in KY and she had a .38 in the glovebox....

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Thread: Odd CCW reaction

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    I was looking through my Mom's glovebox the other day when I was back in KY and she had a .38 in the glovebox.

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    Get one of these to secure your gun,they are cheap insurance,I have a large size so I can put any size gun in it
    In Car Gun Lockers
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    I haven't been on for a while, but I want to say thank you for all the great responses.

    Quote Originally Posted by mkh View Post
    Why is a guy called 45ACP4ever carrying a .38?
    Alright, this did make me laugh. Good one. I actually carry 9mm and .38 the most, but am looking at a .45ACP carry gun since I refuse to carry the 1911 I inherited from my grandpa that sparked the screen name.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeFontenot View Post
    That seems silly to me. Do you REALLY think one beer makes you unsafe to carry a gun? Do you think driving a car safely is easier?
    It's all about the laws. The beer doesn't make me unsafe to drive or carry, but the law says I cannot carry in a bar and that is the one place I obey since I don't care to be carrying if a drunk decides to pick a fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by JungleJim View Post
    Nothing to add on the family issue but I would never leave my firearm in the first place someone would look if they broke into my car. It's either on my hip, in a hidden lockbox in my car or home.
    I have actually been wanting to get a lockbox of some sort for my car, but the problem I have is that there is honestly no room under my seats (adjustment mechanisms under the front two and rear seat has no open spots underneath) and nowhere else I can really put a safe than in the trunk, which is sort of dicey since the spare tire is under the floor there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sixgun View Post
    Always carry never tell. I dont even tell my wife when im carrying.
    Quote Originally Posted by OTB View Post
    Doesn't she see you putting your rig on when you're getting dressed?
    I never tell my wife when I'm carrying, either. I don't put the gun on in front of her. After that, it's concealed.
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” - Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topsider View Post
    I never tell my wife when I'm carrying, either. I don't put the gun on in front of her. After that, it's concealed.
    WOW!! My wife reminders me or asks if I'm armed. She brings her's occasionally.
    Gun Control: The theory that a woman found raped and dead in an alley, strangled with her own pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker took two to the chest.

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    It took a little while for my girlfriend to come around but now she realizes its for my protection as well as hers and no problem at all now.
    "As a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I believe tougher enforcement of our nation's existing gun laws must be done before any more laws are enacted and put on the books."
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    Quote Originally Posted by 45ACP4ever View Post
    I had an interesting issue last night. I drove for the family when we went out to dinner last night. I left my .38 locked in my glove box since I knew I'd have a beer or two. I ended up drinking only one, but that was enough for me not to want to carry a firearm. My sister was looking through my storage areas in my car (no big deal since I have nothing to hide) and she was trying to open the glove box. Being locked that obviously wasn't going to happen, so I told her to knock it off. She asked why and I told her flat out because there is a .38 in there.

    The reaction from her and my dad was ridiculous. You would have thought I had a kilo of cocaine in their by all their blustering and shocked expressions. This from two people that have shot with me, know I own guns and know I carry. I was floored. I just said in a stern voice "It's legal, I have the card, you know that." That was enough to shut them down, but I still cannot believe there was such an outlandish reaction to something they know about.

    They'd probably pass out if they knew that in the past I've carried a XD, reload, LCR, reload and two knives around them.
    Could have just asked her if you could go through her nightstand drawers and discuss her sex toys, too. Dad might have gotten a laugh at least.

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    Might have been easier when she asked "why" to just say "to make it harder for anyone breaking into my car to get my address off the registration".

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    Sure they weren't just upset that it wasn't a Colt?:)

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    There are some pro gun people or people who say that they are pro gun, nut the minute they see you take your rig off or your gun prints they want to flip out like they habeas never seen one before. My Dad, mom and mother in law all do it.

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    I used a spring jaw muskrat trap to teach my sister about pilfering in my stuff . She had a very short learning curve .
    My wife and I never discuss CCW . We are both aware that both are always armed . That makes us very polite people .
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