Alright, which of you is responsible.....

Alright, which of you is responsible.....

This is a discussion on Alright, which of you is responsible..... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Since the election, it has been difficult to find 9mm ammo at my local Walmart. Went in about 9-10 days ago and they had at ...

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Thread: Alright, which of you is responsible.....

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    Wink Alright, which of you is responsible.....

    Since the election, it has been difficult to find 9mm ammo at my local Walmart. Went in about 9-10 days ago and they had at least 50 boxes of WWB 115 gr jhp 100 round value packs after weeks with none. I bought three boxes and thought "finally we are back to normal". Simple me. Went in today to get several more as I had shot most of the last batch and they were sold out again.

    I left at least 47 boxes for the rest of you. But you didn't leave any for me. The guilty hoarder should fess up, perhaps get professional help. This just crazy.
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    I picked one up today since they were out of the 100 round Federal again. Seems like with 9mm at Walmart you just have to get lucky and time your visit right.

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    Rule #1. Buy a lot!

    I did back in 2007...prices were much more reasonable then, I followed Rule #1.

    I don't think that it's going to be getting cheaper any time, follow Rule #1.
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    Alright, which of you is responsible.....

    The Walmart I work at seems to go up and down, we got 5 boxes of the UMC mega packs of 250 in last week, I bought 2 and went back for a 3rd and they were gone. Today I picked up 2 boxes of 50 rounds of federal. Just gotta stock up when you see it, advantage of working there is I always check and see what's available

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    Guilty! Oh, can you also share some from your stash?
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    Wasn't me. I buy in bulk and most of the time it isn't from Wally World.
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    I used to make a habit of buying a box of something every payday - easier on the budget that way. Wasn't much fun when I moved though! LOL
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    I may have bought a couple WWB value packs of 9mm. Not sure about the other 40-something of them though.


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    Well it can not be me....... I only go around to every WalMart in the area once a week and buyout each store...
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    Not me, WW doesn't carry ammo here
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    I usually get mine at dicks sporting goods. I usually get the Winchester white box NATO. They just started carrying blazer 350 round boxes for 99 dollars, I'm probably going to have to get a box or two for Christmas.

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    My WIFE handles the ammo budget. And anyone who's lucky enough to have a wife who itemizes ammo into the household budget is...lucky enough.
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    I was pretty glad to find that my walmart had a lot of JHP cheap enough to use for shooting practice. It was 50 rounds of federal hi shok for $14. I never buy ammo at walmart but couldnt pass that up

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    Unfortunately, I picked up several boxes a few times of 100 count WWB. The price was good, but after figuring the number of duds out of each box, not such a bargain. On the upside, I do get lots of practice clearing rounds that don't fire, even after a 2nd strike.
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    Wasn't me, I've been concentrating on #1 buckshot. They didn't have it here very often but lately every time I go there they have some... and so now, so do I!
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