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Experience is valuable..so help me with yours....

This is a discussion on Experience is valuable..so help me with yours.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by dben002 OK...you all make a lot of good points...I think I agree with the "no need for multiple ammo choices"...so as I ...

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Thread: Experience is valuable..so help me with yours....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dben002 View Post
    OK...you all make a lot of good points...I think I agree with the "no need for multiple ammo choices"...so as I just got back from the LGS and looking at the Glock 40mm and the Glock 9mm the 26 is just my size...the 40mm just to large...so I think I see a new Glock 26 in my stocking in a few days........OH CRAP.......more holsters.......
    40mm or 40 caliber? I was gonna say, WalMart does sell 40mm ammo, but you will only find it in the Nerf section.

    I would probably side with sticking to the 9mm as well. And with good defensive rounds that you can get in the .40 or 9mm, I would also forget the stopping power debate and go with whatever you feel more comfortable shooting. Both will stop a threat very well.
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    Go with the 40 S&W you can fine it easy.

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    There's nothing wrong with having multiple calibers - I never got the logic of trying to consolidate. If I had 15 9mm guns - I'd want the same amount of ammo on hand for them as I would if I had 15 guns of different calibers.

    10mm can be a bulky gun that fires .40 S&W equivalent, or it can be very powerful - I don't buy into the "energy" line of thinking, but my .45 ACP +P ammo makes a little under 500 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. My 10mm ammo makes 750 ft lbs. It's a potentially powerful round. Most loads you find in stores will be low powered stuff, closer in power to .40 S&W or .45 ACP stuff.

    The .40 S&W is probably a better choice. Ammo is available, and the 10mm stuff is sort of a niche product. I'm considering using mine for self defense since it has more capacity than my .45, but haven't decided yet. In the meantime, it's woods/hiking/outdoors protection.


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    I would go with the .40 or stick with the glocks as mentioned by others. XD or MnP series guns are comparable if you are like me and your hand doesn't like the Glock grip. Either 9mm or .40 cal are good rounds. I have a .40 cal XD that I would not heistate to use for SD. Both are proven rounds.

    10mm has a lot of potential, and everything I have heard is "a handloaders dream" That said, I have only seen it once in a store and other than online have never seen it. I will be getting one, but it is not what I would consider an ideal "package" due merely to cost of ammo and availability, lest you roll your own.

    Good luck and have fun shopping!

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    I love my .40!!!
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    .40 is about the only thing you can find at Walmart these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dben002 View Post

    Looking at Glock 27 or Glock 29.....

    Problem is I don't know much about 40mm or 10mm ammo...availability price effective stopping power....
    Just my opinion, but I wouldn't want anything in an autoloader except the 10mm 1911 I've got. Amazing ballistics. You can get full-power Underwood ammo (directly from Underwood's webpage) for about 60 cents a round.

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    If you want a 40+ caliber with decent ammo availability forget the 40 or the 10mm check out the 45ACP. The 45ACP can be found almost anywhere the 9mm can be found. I also believe the 45 is less snappy than the 40.

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    I'm thinking of getting another handgun to cover another common caliber if SHTF. Thinking of 9mm. Have .45, 38/357. First duty weapon was a 40, recoil definitely more snappy than 45.
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