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Ask family/friends if you can carry in their homes

This is a discussion on Ask family/friends if you can carry in their homes within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by retsupt99 Do I ask? No! No law (in FL) requires that I ask, why bring up the subject? I don't do a ...

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Thread: Ask family/friends if you can carry in their homes

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Do I ask? No!
    No law (in FL) requires that I ask, why bring up the subject?
    I don't do a lot of visiting...
    Besides, I don't visit where that would be a problem anyway.
    Pretty much my answer. The ones that need to know, already do, so it's a non issue.

    The ones that might be frightened or otherwise put off by it simply won't know.
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    No. As I've said here and other forums, what I have underneath my clothing is my business. I consider things on by person to be in my personal space. I swear, some people get a permit and a handgun and think they have to go around broadcasting it for all to hear, probably looking for reassurance about their decision to carry.

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    Always carry, never tell +1. If for some reason somebody was to find out I carried at there house and they told me I couldn't then me and my firearm would leave and never come back. Good thing I don't hang out with them kind of people anyway.

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    Respectfully, I would suggest that what's under most people's clothing is generally not potentially fatal to anyone within shouting distance.

    All due respect, but... "I swear, some people get a permit and a gun, and think that their rights trump everyone else's."

    It's my belief that.. your rights extend only up to, and until, you infringe upon the rights of others.
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    Re: Ask family/friends if you can carry in their homes

    Quote Originally Posted by Frado View Post
    Asking Family and Friends to carry would be like asking the manager of a mall if were ok to carry.

    I carry where ever the law permits me to and I don't tell a soul...
    The law doesn't require you to ask the mall manager but it does in a friends home. In SC not asking and carrying anyway would not be 'where ever the law permits'

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    Things gun forums have taught me:
    -Some people shoot guns others "run" them.
    -I don't dislike Glocks but often dislike Glock owners.
    -Open carry is to a handgun as bluetooth is to a cell phone!
    -Simple math can deliver posts per day... some gun forum members need to get out more!!!

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    Uh no.

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    I carry concealed. If I am asked to remove the gun, I will comply. I don't advertise that I'm carrying and the law doesn't forbid carrying in a dwelling here. I have been to friends' homes where they OC in the house. If we discuss guns, I don't volunteer that I have one on my person.

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    No I don't ask it is usually out in plain view any way.
    Now at my place there are a few I might throw out if they showed up unarmed...
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    Nope - don't ask, don't tell.

    I don't feel the need to share with them that I carry at all, and if we're all lucky I'll never have to reveal that fact.
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

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    They don't ask me if I carry, I don't ask if I can

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowwalker View Post
    They don't ask me if I carry, I don't ask if I can
    And if they do ask, I say "no".
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    Okay, I'll play the Devil's Advocate here since everyone seems ready to invade someone else's private property while armed..

    It's my house, my private property, my rules apply, your "rights" don't, so there's no "public property" issue to debate. You plan on bringing a loaded gun into my house, you'd best be asking me first. A little common courtesy goes a long ways. Ask and you shall receive.

    That's how the other side is going to view it.
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    Re: Ask family/friends if you can carry in their homes

    If I were to go to a non-carrying or anti's home, and I considered them a friend, I would ask. If the answer was no, I would invite them out (unless it was a dinner get together).

    I used to smoke...I would ask my host if they would mind if I lit up, if they did, I would excuse myself, and go outside...

    While I agree that what's under my clothing is nobody's business, I would have enough respect for people I consider friends, to ask.

    My remaining "friends" (as opposed to acquaintances) with them might change, however.
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    I suppose

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    I'm with Rollo on this.

    Let's turn the tables. My wife and I host several parties during the year. Sometimes a lot of people (co-workers, spouses, friends) show up. Perhaps some of you do the same.

    Would you be unnerved if you had 50 guests in your house, many of whom you may not know directly, and you found out each guest was carrying and none of them told you?

    I would, and that's why I usually will not carry to another person's house unless I know that person is fine with me carrying.

    If you would not be unnerved, that's fine. I'm just saying I would be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GetSmith View Post
    Always carry, Never tell.

    If you do your job and conceal correctly what they dont know won't hurt them. If they found out and had a problem with it I would no longer visit thier property. Thats just me. I wont compromise on some things. CC is just a part of who I am and I expect friends/family to respect my right to it.
    Actually it could hurt them. What happens when you have a negligent discharge and someone gets hurt? It has happened many times in various stores across the country, sometimes people are injured, and the business loses customers and business for the next few days as people hesitate to go there. Not to mention the intangible benefits like their reputation. What about their rights?

    Or if you have a psychotic episode and do something terrible while at their home? How many times have we read about someone who was normal going crazy and doing something bad and they had a permit? Can you safely say that nothing will happen to you?

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