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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says time to talk gun laws

This is a discussion on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says time to talk gun laws within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MrBuckwheat Stay on your reps, write them letters, emails, phone messages. This works. I must have sent thousands of emails to representatives ...

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Thread: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says time to talk gun laws

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBuckwheat View Post
    Stay on your reps, write them letters, emails, phone messages.
    This works. I must have sent thousands of emails to representatives here in FL a couple of years back, and all pro 2nd amendment laws were passed. The NRA ILA makes it easy. They'll send you an email with a link to all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwhartman View Post
    I trust he will focus on drunk drivers as well!
    Make that DRUGGED drivers now that pot is legal.

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    More reason why I wanted tom tancreto to win..
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    Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says time to talk gun laws

    Quote Originally Posted by Dadsnugun View Post
    Now that we're one of the "Pothead" states, it's the perfect time to bring up gun control. I used to love my state so much, I was so proud to call myself a "Coloradoan"...those days are long gone and if the current trend continues, soon I'll be "long gone" as well. There are a few places left where the nanny-ism hasn't taken complete hold.
    Move on over to Vermont! No permit system. Carry openly or concealed, your choice with no hassle!

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    The "checks and balances" system of our state government are gone, Dem control the house senate and governor... it makes me ill thinking what 2013 will bring in Colorado. Nancy Polosi and Obama have a wet spot in their panties for this state now... (NRAILA has a sobering article on the gun control guinea pig Colorado)

    NRA-ILA | Colorado: National Gun Ban Advocates Seek to Make Colorado Their Top Priority for the 2013 Session

    But it was nice to see the Colorado Supreme Court acknowledge the law regarding CCW on college campus.
    However, Claire Levy House district 13 (Boulder County surprise surprise) wants to make it so the Regents of CU and other colleges can bypass state law and make the final decision regarding CCW on campus. (She has no idea what it's like to walk several blocks to a car in downtown Denver following a night class at the Auraria campus without a gun.) Its discrimination against a portion of the population who choose to carry a firearm for self defense. There's a CU physics professor who openly states he would adjourn class if he were to find out any one of his students were in possession of a firearm Concealed or not. Once again Bigot, He may as well state he will adjourn class if there's a non Christian in the classroom same principle... I've personally seen the results of GSW's up close and personal and the barbaric treatments done in an attempt to resuscitate, its brutal, but seeing what I see on a near daily basis only strengthens resolve, desire and will to carry for my protection and that of my family and girlfriend. I would love it where the day comes that carrying a firearm was only exercising my 2A rights and not a security measure, but that's wishful thinking. I would be hard pressed to say that there's people in this form who would negligently and out of malice willfully take the life of another person for a thrill or because they "made me mad." A CCW firearm is to get you out of a dangerous situation, not to go hunting for social problems contrary to what the "left" thinks we do... It shouldn't be up to the government to decide whether or not one can lawfully possess a firearm on campus, it's government over regulation and that's sadly the world we live in. Bloomberg outlawed sodas over a certain amount, another NE state outlawed plastic water bottles, really? Is this what Americans' want? Have we become that stupid and apathetic we need a bunch of overpaid, zealous, arrogant children making the decisions that affect our lives?
    Call Claire Levey, Hickenpooper and other members of the 2013 Colorado Legislative Delegation and politely let them know they're wrong. This also goes for legislation against "assault rifles", "high capacity mags" Online ammo sales and other items in their sights... If a crook can't get a gun they'll find other means to inflict undue harm on innocent hard working Americans' and Coloradians' like you and me.
    On an international side note... British doctors want regulation on kitchen knives... gun confiscation passed there now what? How are the Brits going to cut their crumpets to complement the tea?
    "British doctors are calling for a ban on kitchen knives to prevent stabbing incidents."
    "A West Middlesex University Hospital group contends that violent crime is increasing in Great Britain and kitchen knives are used in approximately half of all stabbings. The team claims that many of the knife attacks are impulsive acts and that a kitchen knife is too convenient of a weapon."
    British Doctors Calling For Knife Ban To Prevent Impulsive Stabbings screw the queen God Save AMERICA!
    Ask the experts, Gun control works... Mao, Hitler, Stalin...

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    It will be tough now that Colorado has Democrats in control of the House and Senate, however, don't let that be a deterrent. Be vocal, but be respectful, it's hard, but the residents of Colorado need to be burning up the email, snail mail and phone lines with calls to their representatives. We did it in Kansas to get concealed carry finally passed and we're doing it now to head off any sort of move to institute more rigorous gun control measures in the state. In fact, the open carry movement is making substantial headway in several of the larger municipalities due to lawsuits being brought and a vocal grassroots campaign.
    Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But, I repeat myself. ...Mark Twain: Manuscript note, c.1882.
    NRA Life Member & JPFO Member.
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    Colorado elected a governor called Hickenlooper? Is the rest of the nation supposed to just nod and pretend not to laugh every time this guy's name is used? Anyway, it sounds like the mayor of Denver and the Governor are going to seriously erode the gun rights of the citizens of Colorado.

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    Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says time to talk gun laws
    It is time to talk gun laws. Folks, we all know this is coming and yes, it is time to talk about the laws. One thing that has to be made abundantly clear at the onset of the discussion is the founding principles of people having inherent rights and the govt is restricted from taking preemptive action to restrict those who have done no wrong. If you haven't already, by all means read this thread and the article linked in it: Interesting read The second thing that needs to be made clear is that the old answers of AWB and magazine limits are not the answer and it is time stop talking about them as options.

    Instead, we need to take the talk in a different direction. What can we do to identify individuals who are likely to pose problems and what can we do to help these individuals while still recognizing that until such time as they have committed a crime that they have the same legal rights as anyone else? Also, what can we do to encourage responsible ownership and storage of weapons? In many ways the situation is akin to that of drunk driving. Several decades ago, if someone was drunk and involved in a traffic incident, the fact that they were drunk was almost secondary. DUI laws do play a part in the process, but I am also not aware of any DUI law that places restrictions on those who behave responsibly. So does public awareness, society pressure, and a myriad of other factors. Violence, including gun violence is no different. So yes, lets have the talk about gun laws including how silly bans won't solve the problem and then move on to better ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorBob View Post
    As an Emergency Physician and as a Psychologist (separate degrees), on one hand, I find it pretty hard to argue against keeping firearms, explosives, and maybe cars out of the hands of crazy people or criminals who might harm others with them. OTOH, I find it pretty hard to define where to draw the line with crazy people.
    I think it's about time to decide whether it makes more sense to restrict the rights of law abiding, normally functioning people, or people with diagnosed mental problems. Figure out where the line should be drawn with respect to them and leave the rest of us alone.
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