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Max Load for safety there a way to know

This is a discussion on Max Load for safety there a way to know within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Load it till the gun comes apart, back the load down a grain and your good ;)...

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Thread: Max Load for safety there a way to know

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    Load it till the gun comes apart, back the load down a grain and your good ;)
    “Qui Desiderat Pacem Praeparet Bellum” – “Pray For Peace, Prepare For War”

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    With a modern gun in working order, and manufactured ammo,I wouldn't be too concerned about +p and +p+, I would if reloading though
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    Another way to calculate it is:

    Normal ammo is P.

    So +P ammo is actually 2P. It's twice as powerful.

    +P+ you might think is 3P - but that's where you'd be wrong. It's actually Psquared

    Since P is different for every person - your gun explodes.


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    While we are all taking a P (Sorry, could not resist).....
    I hand load for my revolver, however, strictly for economy. I do not handload for defense ammo, because the factory has run tests with the gun-ammo combo. Yes, I have +P in the 642 for defense.

    Some of the airweight revolvers state not to use ammo below 125 grains in 38 special.

    The key is pressure. A 38 is about 25K PSI. A 9 is about 50K psi. Heavier bullets are accelerated slower. Very light are accelerated very fast. Faster means higher pressure. A +P is about 10% higher and a +P+ is 20%
    The big problem with +p and above is there are a few older guns and those which are not well made and imported into this country before the Saturday night special ban was introduced. They are still floatig aroung. These guns are the bare minimum for stadard ammo. Overpressure and you have a hand grenade (and no hand)
    Think about this: compare the 38 special casing to a 9MM casing. If you loaded a 38 to 9MM pressure, that bullet speed would go from about 1000 FPS to about 1600 FPS. A 60% increase in power. However, many of tehe 38 revolver would blow up. The 357 does not work at higher pressure, just a longer case means more powder.

    Loading manuals will state the max powder for a given bullet weight, but they also advise to work up to it slowly and carefully.

    Different bullet weights generally are used for different reasons. Lighter bullets are driven faster, but loose energy faster. This, penetration my be a problem is the traget *animal* has a very thick fur or the BG is wearing a leather jacket with a lot of garments under it.
    A heavier bullet retains its power longer, and will penitrate better in the above situation, however, heavy hollow points do not expand as the lighter, faster ones do.

    Take this from a retired engineer (me). The factory defense loads are very good, and attempting to drive them harder will not get the BG stopped any faster. WHERE you place that bullet is much more important than how much power it has.

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