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Maybe if you're SF, TACPs, or the like, but the last four deployments I was on (all Air bases in Iraq) everyone had a rifle but it was in the armory and you only drew it if you needed it to go somewhere else or for an exercise. In the former case you would usually get one mag and the latter you would get no ammunition at all. Only our SNCOs and Os were armed at all times (with pistols) and they had their magazines zip-tied into their mag pouches so they couldn't easily remove them. Most of them saw running around with an M9 as a hassle and would rather have been without.

I guess what I'm saying with is that for a variety of reasons military practices, Israeli or otherwise, are probably not the best choice for a civillian carrier to adopt.
Yes I was at Balad a few times. Our command required us to take a weapon if we left our compound, regardless of rank. We got them to reconsider because we didn't want dust getting in our rifles with an empty magwell and none of us had M9s. My detachment all had Glock 19s and would spend 20 minutes explaining why the safety was/wasn't on to any Air Force Chief who saw it, because somebody had to go to the Subway, etc. Regardless, if you took the AF qualification course for the 9mm handgun, you were trained safety on/slide locked back/insert mag/slide forward/safety off/holster. The silly stuff that happens on big bases downrange is just that. We tried to get into one of the big chow halls there once. We didn't have a reflective belt and were denied entry by an AF SNCO. Guess people are hard to see in the chow hall!