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Will they ever take our guns?

This is a discussion on Will they ever take our guns? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No because they cannot trace the transfers of most of them, but they can tax the doo-doo out of all new ones and ammo for ...

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Thread: Will they ever take our guns?

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    No because they cannot trace the transfers of most of them, but they can tax the doo-doo out of all new ones and ammo for them after they get the Assault Weapons Ban in place. Now is the time to get what you want for the rest of your life. It will get way more expensive shortly and some prices are already spiking and supplies running short or already out. A Smyrna Ga Gun Seller said they had almost run out of their supply of 2500 AR-15 Style guns and would be out of stock tonight. Ammo is going like hotcakes on the internet. Now is almost way past to get what you will need in the next several years.
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    I think they'd love to confiscate, but I don't think they have the cojones to try it. One would think that the panic buying that is going on would send a message to the politicians what the American public thinks about that issue. It's one thing to vocalize a contrary opinion. It's quite another to go max a credit card on some ARs, which I think sends a much more serious message.

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    As far as taking guns, maybe, but not likely. If they are in your home, I don't see how they well ever find the political will in say the next 20 years to take them. But it can get to the point that you will have difficulty transporting certain firearms (like anything over ten rounds). It might not even matter if it is loaded. Then as far as CC, who knows.

    Like the guy who was in Chicago or DC, who was just moving, and because he had a firearm, he was arrested. It was legal to own. He told LE he was transporting in writing. None of that mattered. Even though it was not loaded, in a container, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgoodmeyer View Post
    That is absolutely not true. Many people have killed others with their gov't issued firearms, including family members. It had gotten bad enough that Switzerland was beginning to rethink their "arm everyone" policy. Don't know where they stand on it, today, though...
    There was a vote on it a while back. It was rejected, but unfortunately not by a very large margin.

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    They may end up taking my guns, but I'll either be dead or out of ammo when it happens!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carverelli View Post
    They may end up taking my guns, but I'll either be dead or out of ammo when it happens!!
    "They" WILL end up taking your guns if they want them and specifically come for you. Are you as well stocked, prepared and barricaded as those were in Waco? Probably not even close, but "they" got their guns, one way or another...

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    They will not take your guns. It will not happen. The public is upset, as well they should be, but many still do not trust the government. They can not even solve the DEBT, DRUB ABUSE, ETC. The most frightening words in the English language are; "I'm from the government and I'm here to help".

    I have educated at least a dozen people in the past week. Many think an AR is like a machine gun. If you calmly explain the difference to them and that criminals don't obey laws, you can win some over. The ANTIS (no one should own a gun group) will never understand or listen.
    Gun Control: The theory that a woman found raped and dead in an alley, strangled with her own pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker took two to the chest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
    No because they cannot trace the transfers of most of them, but they can tax the doo-doo out of all new ones and ammo for them after they get the Assault Weapons Ban in place.
    We were all told we could keep out health insurance too. Now, (as predicted) employers are dropping insurance because its cheaper to pay the fine. This is what happens when gov. gets involved. Tax behavior you want to suppress. This Commander in Chief gets that better than anyone. Don't fight the legal battle of confiscating guns. Just tax them until people voluntarily turn them in, sell them, or stop buying them.
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    I'm thinking that within 90 days there will be another shooting that will have the antis crying for a complete ban and turn in. Get caught with an ar or ak and go to prison. Maybe a few swat teams sent to a few residences to make examples and stress the point. Your neighbors will become informants.

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    Will they ever take our guns?
    Quote Originally Posted by Lot_of_others
    They will not take your guns. It will not happen.
    As far as taking guns, maybe, but not likely.
    I don't see confiscation of currently owned guns, ...
    It will be a long, long time if it ever happens.
    I really can't see LE coming door to door to take our guns,
    No, they ain't gonna take your guns.
    Will they try? Maybe but will be unsuccessful.
    I dont think they really can, even considering any Obama Multi-national attemps. I don't believe the constitution allows it.
    They will never confiscate all guns.
    I don't think they will take the guns..
    They'll never confiscate our guns.
    The answer is NO.
    I think that would start a whole new civil war ...
    Take the ones we own? No i do t think so.
    Me, personally, I don't think they will take our guns,
    I agree with most opinions that there won't be an outright confiscation.
    Sorry, but this has already happened. And I dont mean they guy in Britain, it happened in the US.

    Would police officers or military personnel go door-to-door and simply ask citizens to hand over their guns? Or would they search homes instead? Would they need a warrant for that? Would they use force to enter homes believed to house handguns if citizens resisted?
    During Hurricane Katrina...
    - Police officers and military personnel went door to door and asked citizens to hand over their guns. Sometimes they didn't ask.
    - They also searched homes, entering without permission.
    - They should have had warrants, but did not. That did not stop them at all.
    - They used force.
    - There is no indication (that I can find) that any citizens resisted (some objected, but no resistance).

    This all happened because the mayor of New Orleans declared that all firearms would be confiscated - an Executive Order.
    - The LEOs and National Guard did not even give out receipts so people could get their firearms back afterward.
    - Some leveled their M16s at the citizens as they were confiscating the citizens' firearms.
    - Some antique and/or heirloom firearms were destroyed by the officers right on the spot.
    - There is a famous video of an officer slamming a feeble grandmother into a wall to take the small revolver she was holding in her palm.
    - The only people I have heard of that objected to this illegal confiscation were a unit of Utah National Guard troops. When they stated that they heard that confiscations were happening and that they would have none of that, their commander said that they would be given other duties. I commend them for standing up for right. Unfortunately, other officers did not have the same moral fortitude.

    Sure the courts said afterward that all of this was (sort of) illegal and that all of the firearms had to be returned to their owners. But that hasn't happened - very few had proof of ownership and went to the bother of going through the trouble to get their firearms back. And who went to jail for 'stealing' other peoples' property? No one - not even anyone in trouble or demoted that I've heard of.

    The point is, they had the opportunity during Katrina, and they took it, and got away with it. They will go as far as they can with the current situation - I'm guessing at least an Assault Weapons and Large Magazine Ban as far as they can take it. If they could take what we already own, they will. Whatever they think they can get away with, they will try.

    Quote Originally Posted by Piratesailor View Post
    Btw, the short answer is - YES
    That post, I agree with.
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    It should also be pointed out that while members of the Utah National Guard refused such orders to confiscate weapons, officers of the California Highway Patrol were among those who were more than happy to take on the assignment.
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    Make no mistake "they" are hell bent on banning all Weapons(guns) in America and from the concessions we allowed to happen so far and now this new ban push they are happily on their way......... We are in a full blown "firefight" folks........

    This message was sent from my "Ma Bell" rotary phone...
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    I had to get rid of my Street SweeperShotgun because the 94 ban classified it as a destructive device. In my state we can't own such a firearm unless we are a Class 3 Dealer.
    So yes they can.

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    What occurred in the UK

    This was written by the owner of Horseshoe Leather a long known member of the community.
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    Not a madder of will they but when and how.
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