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another thought on not carrying chambered-young children

This is a discussion on another thought on not carrying chambered-young children within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yes whether or not you have one in the chamber it is your decision. I take it your children are small as you say they ...

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Thread: another thought on not carrying chambered-young children

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    Yes whether or not you have one in the chamber it is your decision. I take it your children are small as you say they are unable to rack the slide. I have not always been a gun guy but my father taught me of his guns and what they were ment for. I can remember when he would carry me on his shoulders when he would go back to his hunting spot. I would suggest introducing your children to guns and let them know what they are for. Children are curious, help take that away and you have just made it that much safer for them. Good luck and continue with what you preferr.

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    Hopefully you won't experience any criticism for your decisions on this board. Different opinions, hopefully stated constructively, should be of assistance. Your reasons for not carrying chambered are yours, and you are ultimately responsible for those babies. You do what you think is right, and don't worry about what others think.

    I've helped raise five children, three girls and two boys, all grown now, and I now have six grandchildren from age 9 - to 3 weeks, two of which are grandsons that are in my life full time. For all of my children and grandchildren's entire lives I've carried a gun or two daily (30 + years law enforcement). Of course I carried chambered, and placed it on a high shelf in the top of the MBR closet when it came out of the holster. Later in life the little push button gun safes came out, and I used one of them next to my bed.

    All of my children were introduced to firearms at a young age, allowed to handle them, allowed them to watch the cleaning process, and even went out to shoot them with their father if they had an interest. They were all taught to never touch any gun they encountered, but to immediately tell a grown up should that ever happen.

    While I was pretty sure my kids "got it", I would still never leave a loaded/chambered gun where they could encounter it. I also always worried about one of their friends being in my home, and them finding one, and maybe they didn't have the same upbringing/training. Like someone already said, you can't take it back, and I couldn't live with myself should an accident occur that I could have prevented.

    Another thing I always did, and continue to do, is press check my weapon before holstering. it's just a habit that i got into a long time ago, and I can't holster my weapon without checking again, sometimes for the third or fourth time that day, if I've taken the gun off that many times, that I have a round chambered. Anybody else do this too, or am I just weird? :)

    Whichever mode you carry in, I'd recommend that you always carry that way. Don't do it one way this week, change your mind and do it the other way next week. You'll eventually get mixed up, thinking you have a round chambered, and you'll hear "click" when you pull the trigger. Not good.

    Be safe.
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    Re: another thought on not carrying chambered-young children

    Don't tell me how to carry my gun and I wont tell you how to carry yours.

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    O.k. I'll ask the devil's advocate question:
    When carrying a revolver, do you leave the next to be fired cylinder empty? As you survey people, it seems there is a perception of a safety difference between a 10# DA semi auto trigger and a 10# revolver trigger.

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    So... .. I think as with others, my first question is .... why on earth would you be doing something that would allow your kids to get their hands on your gun, especially if it's loaded.... and all guns are.
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    the unlikely event that I pass out

    If you have kids and no place to lock it up then you unload it and keep ammo and gun in seperate locations. That is how I did it with my kids.
    Look at Center-of-Mass Safes too: In Car Gun Lockers
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    I appreciate where you're coming from, and I simultaneously welcome you to our forum while admonishing you to be prepared for a wide range of responses to your initial question.

    I started carrying when my boys were 5 and 7, and both demonstrated their ability to rack the slide on my 1911 - that was an eye-opener which led to a small wall-mounted safe in the bedroom closet. Do not assume for even a moment that a determined toddler can not find a way to load and fire any firearm you may own!

    In the score of responses to your initial post you've by now seen ample suggestions to either keep your gun on your person or to lock it up. That really is the best advice until you have developed the highest level of trust and confidence in all your children. And within those boundaries, I see no reason for carrying a gun that is not ready to be brought into action. Have you invested in professional training? If not, then that should be high on your "to do" list. A few days spent with people carrying loaded firearms under close supervision is highly educational.
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    Now I've heard it all for reasons to carry an empty gun...passing out amongst children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreggyG View Post
    I agree about gun storage, it is either in my safe locked up or on my person, but I'm referring to the unlikely event that I pass out, and the kids find my gun, and pull it out, and squeeze the trigger. maybe i'm over thinking the scenario but it's just that you can't take it back.
    How often do you pass out? I guess it could happen, but I'm 44 and have never just suddenly passed out. Actually, I've never passed out at all. My wife claims that I pass out in my chair while watching football...but given my size and I carry IWB at 4 oclock position, my wife and both kids combined couldn't move me to get to it.
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    Hey, you're already a step ahead. You have a gun. When you get more comfortable and have more training I'm sure you'll eventually change some of your thoughts and misgivings on a variety of topics.

    Maybe one idea would be to look into some type of finger print or keycoded lock box that provides quick access. Now I am not a fan of the key code as when you need it 30 seconds ago, you may fumble the numbers. However, pressing your hand to a finger print reader to pop the lock is pretty quick and secure.
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