Getting used to carrying

Getting used to carrying

This is a discussion on Getting used to carrying within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So while I'm waiting on the final pieces of paperwork to make their rounds I carried @ my house last night. Holster was comfy but ...

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Thread: Getting used to carrying

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    Getting used to carrying

    So while I'm waiting on the final pieces of paperwork to make their rounds I carried @ my house last night. Holster was comfy but I was so aware of it that I ended up checking on it every so often to see how it sits/feels and so on. Talk about an odd feeling!

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    it is an odd feelin. i have been carryin for a couple of months and i still tend to wanna look at it on my hip or feel that it is in the right place. i even find myself leanin over to my wife (in public places) and askin if i am printing. she has gotten use to it and jst looks, smerls and says nope. it is pretty hard to get use to.
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    Time will pass and you will stop "checking on it" and asking your wife if it is printing. Eventually it will be just like putting on a piece of clothing. It's been over 40 years for me and it is just part of the daily accessories I carry along with Cell Phone, Wallet, Cash, Pen/Pencil, etc.
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    I started carrying a little while ago and it is still off for me. Still trying to find the right holster too.

    Last night I was at a Nissan dealer really late. Got into a car to see how it felt and when I stood up, I felt my IWB holster pop off my belt and start to fall (outside of my pants). Thankfully, there were not many people around, but I still had to grab the whole rig and re-seat it. Anyone near me would have been able to tell I was fiddling with something. Scared the sheep out of me.

    Find a good holster/pant combo and you should be good to go.

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    As almost everyone discovers - the rig/belt combo is everything in the end.

    There is also inevitably too that ''adjustment'' period during which folks have to get used to the bulk and weight, wherever it is placed and practice dressing around it. It does not usually take too long IMO - 2 to 4 weeks maybe.

    In later times, the set-up should be almost unnoticed but note I say ''almost''. One thing not desirable is what I might call ''carry complacency''. We need to still be ever aware of what we have with us - and the need when choosing to be concealed, to stay concealed.

    For what it's worth - my best habit developed since I have been carrying, near 5 years - is use of my right elbow. It not only holds the cover garment from a wind gust but is the means of checking the gun is still there - and not left on the bathroom floor! (Yep - have done that!).

    The difference over time is maybe the change from overly self-conscious - to a simple maintained awareness that everything is where it should be
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    I guess I'm lucky, I've never had an issue with needing to check it all the time. Of course, I also had the IWB try to jump off of my hip. I was in a Wal Mart parking lot and I felt it slipping. I put my hand near where the gun should be, and had the odd feeling of feeling it move. Luckily, it fell into my hand so it wasn't an issue. I'll just be glad when my SSII shows up so I can get rid of the Don Humme 715 that I am using now. Not a fan of a gun that can run away from home.
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