If they ony knew...

If they ony knew...

This is a discussion on If they ony knew... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ...how many firearms (ARs) and accessories (PMAGs and ammo) have been purchased as a direct result of the screaming for gun control and threats of ...

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Thread: If they ony knew...

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    If they ony knew...

    ...how many firearms (ARs) and accessories (PMAGs and ammo) have been purchased as a direct result of the screaming for gun control and threats of another AR/high cap mag ban...me thinks no one on that side of the fence is thinking clearly, I mean what did they expect would happen...I'd like to see the hard numbers.
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    Yup... We'll never know the hard numbers, but panic buying is everywhere and for good reason. The NRA press conference friday should spur alot more.
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    "The NRA press conference friday should spur alot more"

    Who knows...it might actually alay fears a bit.
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    I expect prices on guns, ammo & accessories will increase dramatically if they haven't already. The fact that our President is in lock step with the UN in putting a worldwide gun ban in place & after the mass shootings state governments trying to "do something" about gun ownership will cause a rush on firearms.

    I feel fortunate that I put my order in on a new gun a week & a half ago & paid in full on the spot.

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    Fear everywhere as evidenced by the incredible upsurge in gun purchases.

    Makes one wonder; what do they (REALLY) fear? Crime or the Government itself?
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