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Friends that are way out of ??

This is a discussion on Friends that are way out of ?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by INccwchris IF thats his opinion I would cut ties with him. Just me, I'm to the point now where I am so ...

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Thread: Friends that are way out of ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    IF thats his opinion I would cut ties with him. Just me, I'm to the point now where I am so fed up with the way things are going I don't wanna be around anyone too stupid to realize it.
    If you're going to be a LEO, you're going to be around a lot of those folks.
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    ...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Luke 22:36
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreyGhost View Post
    I recently got into a rather heated discussion with a friend on this subject. I let her rant and rave for a while. Then I calmly asked her if she thought I was one of those nut job gun owners that needed to turn his guns in. Well, she didn't know I had guns or carried. Pretty much stopped her in her tracks. Cause she knows me, but she didn't know that. All of a sudden faced with a responsible, level headed gun owner she lost her steam. She had to admit that I wasn't the problem. So I said there are millions of us out there. You don't hear about us because we aren't making the news.

    She still doesn't like guns. But at least understands most of us are law abiding, responsible people with good intentions. It's a start!
    And it is as much her right to dislike firearms as it is our right to like them. But it is not the right of those who dislike firearms to tell us we can't like them, own them, carry them, or shoot them simply because they 'feel' we can't be trusted to do so responsibly. No one is born with a risk free guarantee that they will live unscathed to a ripe old age.

    And Jesus said, "If you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one." (Luke 22:36)

    I am a peaceful man. But I am not a pacifist.

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    We are approaching times where opinions won't matter.
    Actions will.
    There will be those that give up freedom for temporary "safety".
    If you are not a member of the NRA, you had better become one now while we still have a constitution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burns View Post
    None of my friends or my wife are anti-gun. Family on the other hand is a different story. Despite the facts and statistics I've laid in front of some of them, they refuse to admit that they see it. I've found there is no point in arguing, or having a conversation that will inevitably lead to arguing. If I get asked why I am a gun owner by someone I know is anti-gun, I simply reply "to protect my wife and myself", and leave it at that.
    Thats why ppl who don't like guns don't know I have them or carry them. Sometimes you can agree on alot of things but guns...

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    My friends do not seem to have a problem with it, and if they were against it I still would be friends with them but I would tell them this is my choice for protecting me and my family, just like they choose to drink alcohol and I do not

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    Quote Originally Posted by minimalbrat View Post
    I think many use the word friend very loosely. As my children were growing up I would explain to them over and over in different situations what a friend isn't. They needed to understand just because you know someone, you talk to them and even hang out from time to time that does not make them a friend. My husband and I for years hung out at the corner tavern on Fridays after work. We chatted about current events with people, laughed together and played euchre. This did not make all those people my friends. What it made them was friendly acquaintances. A friend is someone who likes you, cares about you and wants you to be safe and happy. Anyone who wants to take my gun making me unable to protect myself is NOT a friend.
    In my classification system, I have many acquittances, several buddies, and a few friends.

    A buddy is someone who will come bail you out of jail; a friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damned that was fun"! a little old Marine Corps humour
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    The anti-gun argument is always based on emotions, the pro-gun argument is always based on logic. The two really are not compatible in a debatable forum. Typically if you can swing the discussion to these points and remind them that it is natural for a female to use emotion when making decisions whereas it is typical for a male to use logic. Then the root of the issue is who makes decisions around here? Maybe Susan B. Antony didn't do us any favors after all? Or maybe we just let the feminization of our male population get out of hand?

    As you may guess, guys rarely bring this question up around me more than once.
    LEARN something today so you can TEACH something tomorrow.
    Dominus Vobiscum <))>(
    Where is the wisdom that we have lost in knowledge?" T.S. Elliot

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    I hate to brag, folks. Then again, we got a sayin' here in Texas that "them as can brag without lyin' got a right to brag."

    I live in Texas. We have more guns per capita, and more concealed-carry permit holders per capita, than any state in the Union. I've heard a rumor there are three or four people in Texas who are anti-gun, but I don't personally know any of them. Even the liberal Obama-supporters in Texas own guns.

    God bless Texas.
    "A man without a horse ain't but half a man.
    A man without a gun ain't no man a'tall."

    ~ Old Texas saying
    ~ Circa 1870

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady View Post
    If you're going to be a LEO, you're going to be around a lot of those folks.
    yes, in a professional capacity. That doesn't mean he/she has to do so when not working.
    You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Tell him if he has an interest in preserving any semblance of a friendship, you'll have to agree to disagree on the issue. If that doesn't work, engage in conversation with him on that subject at your peril. I've had to be that frank that with a few acquaintances and ended up putting one fully at arms length because he wouldn't let the subject go.

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    Well looks like this one is done not by my doing

    I trired over this last week before christmas to get in touch he wont answer my calls .

    Oh well really have had time to think bout it .

    Really better off not being round him

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    I like threads like this. Reminds me why I'm not friends with idiots.
    "The only people I like besides my wife and children are Marines."
    - Lt. Col. Oliver North

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    Like I've said on other forums, you just have to develop a signature way to end that conversation. When they try to pull that anti-gun stuff on me this is exactly what I look like: . I kind of look at them with a zombie like stare while smoking a cigarette and say, "Wwweeeeelllllllllllllllllll (while stretching/grunting real loud)...I better be hittn' the ol' dusty trail, have yourself a good day there sir and God bless (I say this line real slow and drawn out to be sarcastic, like I'm some dummy who can't understand things at their highly intellectual level of thinking)" then I tip my hat just to be a jerk and leave.

    If I don't have a smoke, I'll chew on some hay while saying it just to look the part....what....I live in Kansas....chewing on hay is socially acceptable around here.
    I don't always carry two concealed S&W 500's.........JUST KIDDING!

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    I counter with, "Let's start locking up all the crazy people." There are a lot fewer crazy people than there are guns and it's the crazy people doing most of the killing.

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    I have a buddy like that. We've know each other since 4th grade (early '70's). He became liberal as he got older, I became conservative as I grew older. We just learned not to talk about certain subjects that we'll never agree on, and have fun talking about the things we do agree on.
    I will rarely post, but will read (and hopefully learn) a lot

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