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I'll be honest. Recent events have me changing my carry habits...

This is a discussion on I'll be honest. Recent events have me changing my carry habits... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Camjr I've been around here for a long time. I go through stretches where I post frequently and infrequently. Through it all, ...

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Thread: I'll be honest. Recent events have me changing my carry habits...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camjr View Post
    I've been around here for a long time. I go through stretches where I post frequently and infrequently. Through it all, I've always carried. For much of the time, I've simply dropped my 642 in a holster and dropped it in my pocket, loaded with Speer Gold Dot 135gr +p. Sometimes I had a speed strip reload, other times I didn't. I was armed, and I'm good with that little snubbie because I've spent a lot of time and treasure becoming proficient with it.

    In the last couple of weeks, that's changed. I've sensed a change in the general mood. I don't know if it's the tragic school shooting, the general economy, post election malaise, Mayan Apocalyptic prophecy nutcases, a couple months removed from Aurora, or something else, but I've got a new sense of unease I haven't felt for some time. Maybe I've just been paying attention more. Who knows... Anyway, I've gone back to my full size XD-40 (12+1) with 180gr Win PDX1 in my Minotaur IWB, along with a mag pouch weakside with another 12 rd mag of the same. 25 rds of 180gr .40 rather than 5 (sometimes 10) rounds of .38+p in an easier platform to shoot well. Much of the time, my beloved snubbie is in my weakside pocket. I'm prevented by HR policy from carrying at work (and abide by their choice), but I do now secure my snubbie in my car now that Texas law changed last year preventing employers from banning CHL holders from storing their firearm in their car. I hadn't been doing that, but am usually at work very early and running errands on the way home. Prior to recent weeks, I didn't bother. I've always remained in Condition Yellow-that hasn't changed. I am making sure that my wife and kids do the same, and am frequently talking through my process in parking lots, restaurants, and stores over the holidays, pointing out the clueless and those that I'm paying attention to.

    Anyone else going through a similar mindset examination???
    The summer of the flash mob, I took my snubbys out of my carry rotation in favor of semi-autos. I will on rare occassion carry a snubby now, but it is no longer the norm.
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    I'm not allowed to carry yet, (still waiting after 87 days) but I have been working on being more SA everywhere I go and it does take some concentration on my part. Still find myself getting lax and not paying attention, to many years as a sheeple I guess.

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    I carry the same as the OP, an XD-40, but currently do not carry any spare mags. Recently, I have begun to think that this needs to change. I will be adding a spare mag and a flashlight, as part of my EDC.

    Statistics aren't that important to me, but there are plenty of examples were people really *needed* a spare mag or a backup gun. Massad Ayoob, who was researched and studied a ton of shootings over the years, recommends a spare mag and a backup gun.
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    I agree...things do seem a little uneasy lately. Same as some here, I have moved toward carrying as often as possible. Bought a lock box for my truck in the event that I inadvertently visit a place that's posted. I always drive by the front door to check first to avoid having to go back to my truck to disarm. My wife has become increasingly supportive as well.
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    Still carry all day, every day. My EDC rotation is M&P40C or SIS Ultra. My Sig P238 has been relegated to constantly in my truck w/ easy access. The only time I carry a BUG is when I'm on my bike in an off-hand shoulder rig because I train shooting either hand.
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    Re: I'll be honest. Recent events have me changing my carry habits...

    Even with the nut jobs things continue to get safer on average. That said, the risk of copycat behavior is probably slightly elevated. I continue to carry my 1911 with gold dots and a spare mag. I may swap the 7-round spare for an 8, been meaning to do that, but it's not a huge priority.
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    No changes for me either. I carry a Glock 23

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    Have not made any changes from my Glock 22 every day all day, IWB at 4:00. So comfortable I tend to forget it is even there.
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    Nah. I carry what I always did. Glock 19 or 31, or one of my SIGs. Always carried a couple spares.


    I finally found a 938 SAS! New pocket gun in a week. Not a bad backup.

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    carry 13 rds of 180gr .40 critical defense in my sig p 250 subcompact with another 13 in extra mag weakside. always scanning the areas and staying alert. rather be a survivor than a victim

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    Nope. I just continue to carry my Glock and 14 rounds of 357 LOVE, and an extra mag or two of course.
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    No real change in carry gun or amount of ammo on my person but I now carry another gun with spare magazine in my truck. Am also taking a serious look at a shotgun for the house.
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    Not to hijack but I was thinking about this recently, especially with the reported cases of body armor in the Colorado and Connecticut shootings. The standard LCR that goes with me everywhere has taken the back seat to the .45 1911 especially on trips to town or crowds. Maybe just paranoid but I feel much better with 230 gr against a wacko in body armor and the accuracy of the 1911 for head or pelvic shots if needed. Have others made a similar change?
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    I still carry the same. My Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro (13+1) and an extra mag of 13. Always loaded with JHP ammo.
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    Nope, still carry my glock 19. I will start carrying my kahr CW9 my lady friend bought me for Christmas whenever it comes into my FFL, I guess it's still in the mail. The only reason I'm carrying my kahr is because my my university allows concealed carry, but if I get made I may be asked to turn it into security or leave, but I really don't see that happening as long as I keep it hidden. Man I love West Virginia

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