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This is a discussion on Carry overkill within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; IMHO, being packed to the hilt with what u feel to justify urself as safe shouldn't make people or yourself paronoid, just don't be paronoid ...

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Thread: Carry overkill

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    CC, Over kill is an understatement

    IMHO, being packed to the hilt with what u feel to justify urself as safe shouldn't make people or yourself paronoid, just don't be paronoid for not pulling the trigger to get yourself out of the situation or anyone else from such as well. It's one thing to say such though in words but to act is truely heroic. I'd certainly like to think myself as a life safer IF I was packing and soon will with my .40 in HOPES that one day IF I had to safe a life from a bad situation I could perform such duties as I do now in the Military that I still serve. I'm not like many Army and Marine Corp or a few others that have had true combat experience being in the Navy sailing the high seas but I've had my brush of sticky situations to where at least my knife got me out of them. Kind of hard to carry a gun while over seas you know when you're in a foreign port. You should always train like you hope not to get into a fight. Plus get some close combat hand skills as well, as a gun can easily get taken away from you also when u under estamate your perp.

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    Living in a rural area about 15 miles due north of our southern border near the cross roads of two major highways that run East/ West between Douglas and Nogales, and North/South between the border and Tucson
    A Ford 3/4 pickup truck found abandon within 200 yards of my house packed so full of marijuana that the tires were flat,
    A drug stash house found within 1/4 miles of my house,
    A stopped tractor trailer hauling over 2000 lbs of marijuana within 700 yards of my house,
    Another stash house located about 1/2 mile from my house was raided by the SO who found over 2400 lbs of marijuana.
    Undocumented travelers traversing the 600 yard wide Mesquite brush area between my non county maintained road and the highway, when they try to skirt around the border check station,
    Having a neighbor who had some undocumented travelers trying to steal a horse from the pasture by his house
    Finding discarded back packs and suitcases in the mesquite within 50 yards of my house doesn't necessarily make me paranoid.

    But it does make me careful and I am armed during my waking hours.

    My five acres is fenced with a 6 ft field fence, I also have a 91 lb GSD and a 50 lb Pit bull mixed that don't like strangers .

    I found a friend of mine that had committed sucide with a self inflicted GSW and it took the SO over an hour to respond, This was during the day.

    The normal response time for the SO is around 45 minutes. I have called them twice both time around 2:AM regarding several cars stopped on the non county maintained road within 25 yards, of my house with thier motors running and the sound of loud voice arguing and they didn't respond at all.
    It must have been a busy night for them somewhere else in the county.

    I know several of the SO deputies, I respect them and don't have a problem with the SO.
    Cochise County is a LARGE county and they have a large area to cover.

    FWIW I do sleep well at night, at least until the dogs awaken me.

    Being armed doesn't seem unusual in this part of the country. Shopping at WAL Mart, eating at IHOP, Wendy's ETC you will encounter people that are either carrying concealed, partly concealed or Open carrying. It doesn't even cause someone to raise an eyebrow unless they are tourists.
    It is better that I have flashbacks about them, then them having flashbacks about me

    USMC RET 1961-1971

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