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This is a discussion on Carry overkill within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by 1911_Kimber Not your place to do was not necessary, it was not nice and kind.. Three strikes you are out.. This ...

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Thread: Carry overkill

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911_Kimber View Post
    Not your place to do was not necessary, it was not nice and kind.. Three strikes you are out.. This makes you a bully
    What did I miss? Since when can we not offer a correction, and if it is not our place, who's place is it? I doubt that many active or ex military, other than a REMF, would call a magazine a clip or a clip a magazine.
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    I thought it was interchangeable like rounds and bullets But those who walk on water think it isn't

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    Carry overkill

    Welcome to the forum. Some people are LEO or ex military. I am neither. While having multiple weapons on you may seem paranoid, how would you feel if your primary malfunctioned. I am not saying have a thousand backups but at least have a plan.

    I live in a small town but that does not mean that we are immune to the violence that came come through. We live close to the southern border in Texas. If I have to face one guy or a group I would rather be prepared.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum
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    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    I carry a gun whenever I legally can - haven't done the BUG thing yet, but I always have at least a spare mag/clip with me.


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    To the OP - I am sorry for taking your thread down a rabbit trail. That was not my intent.

    I usually carry one gun with spare ammo in a mag or speed loader. I may, from time to time, take an LCP along in a pocket as a BUG.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stan6406 View Post
    I thought it was interchangeable like rounds and bullets But those who walk on water think it isn't
    Stan (and everybody else) - I am sorry for my original comment. It was, from my perspective, a light-hearted jab at a guy who, from his avatar, would know the difference between a clip and a mag. Obviously I was wrong as the topic took on a life of its own. Let us get the thread back on track.

    BTW - thanks for noticing. I do walk on water - whenever it rains. Welcome to the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Don’t know about overkill but this may be a bit excessive.

    Concealed weapons - YouTube
    This is about why a school needs a dress code; they are using the weapons and the number the kid has to scare the sheep parents, and shame the sheep kids, into accepting a dress code. FYI: I am neither for or against Dress Codes. Justdo not like scaretactics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarPD45 View Post
    As an aside; does anyone remember the TV show "Simon and Simon"? There was an episode where the brothers were in the LT's office and they were asked to disarm. By the time they were finished, the desk was covered with guns, knives, clubs, etc. It was a funny sight.
    Yes I remember that episode. Saw a rerun of it a few years ago.

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    Well to try to answer this to a degree. I am a corrections officer, not a police officer. I carry a large caliber handgun ( Glock 23 or Kimber ultra carry. I also carry a backup ( seecamp .32, ruger .380 or what ever is my flavor at the moment. Think about my situation. The cops have a guy in the back of a car for 30 to 45 minutes. I may have them in my jail for a year or more ! They get to know me and sometimes hate me. If I ever run into one of these dirt bags out and about I just want to be ready if they decide to " repay an old grudge " !

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    I works for a long time as a police officer, and as an armed security guard. My opinion is this. A gun is a tool. There is no one gun that can fill all modern roles. Just as a pump pliers cant really fill in for a properly sized wrench. It may work... but the fit is far from perfect. There are guns that IMO are like the leatherman tool. Guns like the 1911, Smith "K" frame revolvers, Cold "D" frame revolvers, Browning HP, Ruger six series revolvers, and intermediate sized Glock pistols like the 19, and 23. These guns can fit in most roles. I'm sure there are others I have not considered.

    Given a specific task, mission, or condition one firearm may be more practical than another. Often situations call for a second gun. I dont use the term back-up as thats only one role a second gun may take. My opinion is that if a man feel's that he needs a second gun... I'll not judge him. He probably does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerranger View Post
    You sir have the kind of job that requires you to run toward trouble, a lot like a LEO. In my own situation I only need to defend myself to get away from a bad situation. DR
    yeah but even for personal/off duty defense, remember, more is always better.. more friends with you, more ammunition, etc.. maybe it will just be one guy wanting to get some cash from you. Maybe it'll be 3 or 5 guys wanting your car, or wanting to get into your home for your family and everything you have. You just can't predict what will happen. Like the old saying goes.. better to have and not need, than need and not have. Best wishes in any event. Merry Christmas.

    PS, at work, I don't just carry a handgun. haha I have a gun, 3 to 5 mags, an ASP, LE grade OC, and a 12 gauge, plus body armor. I don't play around working clubs and such.. those kids get drunk, and they get pretty crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushmouth33 View Post
    I'm new to forum and really enjoy reading all the opinions on gun use. I live in rural Idaho farm country and always have had guns in truck or nearby. I read a lot of these posts and don't see the urgency a lot of posters have in having a "primary", secondary and BUG on them at all times.
    Then there's the caliber debate of bigger is better. Maybe many posters are from urban high-crime areas, but we just don't see it.
    I may be looking at this from a naieve prospective,
    OK, I'm braced to take my medicine with some replies that think I'm way off base.

    ^^^I've got my money on ^^^^^^^^

    You're on the naieve side.

    Oklahoma Woman Shoots and Kills Intruder « Doctor Bulldog & Ronin
    Oklahoma Woman Shoots and Kills Intruder
    Oklahoma intruder shooting similar to Nacogdoches County case - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas
    Victims identified from deadly shooting | Oklahoma County News

    3 dead in Idaho shooting spree - US news - Crime & courts | NBC News
    Police Investigating Shooting In Moscow - KHQ Right Now - News and Weather for Spokane and North Idaho |

    I could go on all day with this.

    Your small piece of heaven in Idaho may be low on crime, but in Detroit the former Chief of police was robbed cutting his grass
    They shoot up police precincts
    Dramatic officer shooting video released
    They beat up and carjack veterans
    86-Year-Old Vet Carjacked in Detroit - One News Page [US] VIDEO
    People go on shooting rampages in Grand Rapids Mi.
    Grand Rapids Shooting: Suspect In Michigan Rampage Commits Suicide

    Just because you never leave your back porch, doesn't mean the rest of the country is immune from evil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I agree with the OP, with the exception of keeping a gun in a vehicle. That's just irresponsible.
    It depends on where you are. In grizz country it might be irresponsible to not keep a shotgun in the vehicle. In Ohio you're probably correct.

    @ OP: I carry one pistol and only 8 rounds of ammunition. I don't think that is overkill. On the other hand I do keep one in the pipe and the pistol on me just about everywhere I go (as long as it's legal). Bad guys aren't going to tell you the time and the place so it's better to be ready at all times.

    See my signature line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I agree with the OP, with the exception of keeping a gun in a vehicle. That's just irresponsible.
    Same could be said of keeping a gun in your home unless you invest in a safe.


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    I am comfortable with what I carry and don't consider it overkill. A Walther PPS, a spare mag in the car and an S&W 36 as a BUG with a reload, all just in case. The world around us just seems to be getting more crazy. I don't go looking for trouble but I do need to be prepared if it comes my way. Use to carry most of the time - now it's anytime I leave the house.
    " Life is tough and it gets tougher if your stupid." John Wayne.

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    I carry a glock 23 that fits my needs where I live it is hot here so wearing jeans for most of the year is out. I usually wear cargo short and a t shirt and the 23 fits nicely iwb. A person can carry as many as they want in my opinion if they feel they need it.

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