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This is a discussion on Carry overkill within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ohio06 Well to try to answer this to a degree. I am a corrections officer, not a police officer. I carry a ...

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Thread: Carry overkill

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohio06 View Post
    Well to try to answer this to a degree. I am a corrections officer, not a police officer. I carry a large caliber handgun ( Glock 23 or Kimber ultra carry. I also carry a backup ( seecamp .32, ruger .380 or what ever is my flavor at the moment. Think about my situation. The cops have a guy in the back of a car for 30 to 45 minutes. I may have them in my jail for a year or more ! They get to know me and sometimes hate me. If I ever run into one of these dirt bags out and about I just want to be ready if they decide to " repay an old grudge " !
    I thought about being a CO once and it is an extremely dangerous job in many areas, most of the time. Of course, a few county lockups aren't so bad but they end up holding wannabe gangstas who want to prove themselves or out-of-town baddies sometime to. I can't see how someone can surround themselves with potential danger like that like very little pay. I salute you brother. And I know all too well about running into someone years later who and can't tell if they will take revenge on you. For the pay offered, I couldn't justify taking the jobs since it will involved living at least 100 miles away from my job in a separated type of environment to avoid run-ins. That and the crappy hours would definitely ruin family life. If anyone think being a cop is bad, they don't know **** about being a CO.

    Back on topic, I pack 3 guns just because that is my comfort level in the world we live in and since the United State Constitution doesn't put a count or size limit on my self-preservation tools, I do what is right for me. I keep a 1911 in .45 ACP as I believe accurate fire combined with large caliber is better than spray and pay. My backup is a snub-nose in .45 ACP as well since I prefer to keep the same caliber for my primary. I do carry a Hi-Power in a shoulder holster and 2 spare magazines for that rare event where I am cut-off from my vehicle to flee and have to stay sustained until authority arrived, if I can even reach them. That would be the rare events when I am out hiking on trails miles away from my truck. The Browning isn't my go-to choice so shoulder holster is fine. I do carry my 1911 in a OWB holster but with a light cover over to be concealed. My snub-nose is Mexican-carried in a thin Uncle Mike IWB holster and I put that between the seats when I am driving. If some punk decides to jack my truck while I am in it, I go for that, but chances are rare that someone can reach the door handle on a jack-up truck.

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    I carry a 5 shot revolver in .38. Or my colt mustang in 380.
    I am not a LEO, and avoid the "bad" parts of town. Don't go there at all at night.
    I live in a good area of town, however, the jewler around the corner 1/2 mile away was hit by 3 armed men. He got the alarm, and gave them what they wanted. Upon leaving, a gun battle with the COPs, i BG dead, 1 COP wounded, other 2 in jail.
    What would I have done? No engaged them if they were not a DIRECT threat. Think about it: 3 guys with guns already drawn....

    Lets talk real world statistics here. The average encounter is 2.5 shots fired in 4 seconds at a distance of 10'. If you don't get him with 2-3 shots he got you. Time to throw down a jammed gun and fish out a backup? Yeah, right! Reload a mag afetr 10+ shots, I think not.

    My scenerio is a robery with 1 or 2 guys, and the element of suprize on my side. 5 shots of +P JHP would be a fight stopper, IF it progressed that far.
    I would not shoot someone for $10-20 bucks. I would just hand him the money and act scared. Pee in your pants, toss yoiur cookies. He'll leave

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    I reckon one big difference between rural Idaho and urban/suburban SE Texas is that keeping a gun in one's truck at all times around here is running a gun give-away program. By being very careful not to leave visible tempting valuables inside vehicles, I am fortunate that I have only been BMV'ed via forced entry once, and that was while parked AT THE POLICE STATION. The burglars wanted my truck's battery, but they were kind enough to rummage through the console and glovebox and take a Leatherman tool, too.

    I have met folks who have been BMV'ed multiple times.

    As for carrying more than one gun, I have copied and pasted this from an earlier post:

    Yes, I like secondary handguns; it is my habit. One "primary" at 0300, and one "roving" gun, carried as dictated by environment. I think the "roving" term comes from British military terminology, perhaps from the time of the troubles in Northern Ireland, by way of a Brit expat friend, Anthony. My adoption of the term is NOT an endorsement of either side of that conflict! Anyway, this concept allows me the freedom to wear one gun in an ideal position for the circumstances, and another at the default "primary" position. Carrying a second gun is a personal choice, not necessarily a recommendation; I am just expaining why I do it.

    The "primary" weapon is not necessarily the larger one. I often carry two of a kind. Sometimes, the weapon worn in the default primary position is actually smaller than the "roving" weapon, especially when I am wearing a raincoat or large jacket over a shoulder rig.

    Another reason for two guns: I am neither totally lefty nor righty, but functionally ambidextrous with handguns. It is an advantage to have accessibility options, so why not? It can, also, be more comfortable to carry two moderate-sized weapons than one heavier/bulkier gun, and easier for me to conceal two smaller-gripped weapons than one with a big fat grip frame.

    I am not given to worrying much about ammo capacity. I feel quite well-armed with two revolvers.

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    Thumbs up

    If you are on this forum, you have already asked yourself.....what if.
    Thats what we do here. We deal in "What If's".

    Some people ask...what if I need to handle an ill tempered gerbil?
    Some ask......what if I need to handle an entire chinese zombie army apocalypse?

    Most fall in between somewhere. But its been said many, many, times.....nobody ever wished for less ammo or a smaller gun.
    I thoroughly disapprove of duels.
    If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand
    and lead him to a quiet place and kill him.
    -Mark Twain

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    I don't know abt other parts of the country but North Carolina is dangerous abt everywhere now. You just can't take chances any more being unarmed. Seems like druggies, idiots, muggers, etc. is at ever turn. I live the scout motto "be prepared". Any service caliber in a reliable pistol...
    The police are not there to protect you from crime, they are there to arrest the guy after the crime has been committed, assuming they find him. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittypat21 View Post
    That's because clips and magazines ARE different. It's important to know the difference and use them correctly.
    I have used clips to load bullets in magazines...
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    The police are not there to protect you from crime, they are there to arrest the guy after the crime has been committed, assuming they find him. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan6406 View Post
    Google murdertown usa and that's where Im at. I carried a 5 shot 380 until the recent developments . I do not put myself in a position where I need an arsenal to get out. I am more worried about the anti gun wacko out there now so I carry my M&P 40 with two clips and the 380.
    Never heard of a gentleman named Murphy have you???

    Bet those folks in the Aurora theatre didn't think they were putting themselves in a position where they would need a gun to get out either. What about those white folks beaten by a black mod outside the Wisconsin State Fair ? Bet they didn't think they were putting themselves in a position they would need an arsenal either. You never know when the situation may come to you ready or not.
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    Carry overkill

    I read somewhere once that "only carrying when you think you will need it is like buying auto insurance on the days you think you will be involved in a wreck"

    I have had a CPL for close to 20 years and I use to only carry when I thought I would need it. Since I live in a rural area that pretty much meant when I went into the city. (Seattle)

    Then there was a shooting in a little local grocery store where a lady went crazy and shot several men. It was an eye opener for me and I started carrying daily after that.


    We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the law breaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is responsible for his actions....Ronald Reagan

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    Welcome from Wisconsin>

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushmouth33 View Post
    I'm new to forum and really enjoy reading all the opinions on gun use. I live in rural Idaho farm country and always have had guns in truck or nearby. I read a lot of these posts and don't see the urgency a lot of posters have in having a "primary", secondary and BUG on them at all times.
    Then there's the caliber debate of bigger is better. Maybe many posters are from urban high-crime areas, but we just don't see it.
    I may be looking at this from a naieve prospective, but many posters are armed at all times as if they were a cop. My rural area hasn't had much in the way of violent crime, and can't think of any of my friends or neighbors encountering it as long as I can remember. Am I seeing this as a lot of people being overly paranoid and maybe some being so jumpy that someones going to get shot?

    By the way, I'm not the enemy. I am a member of the NRA, have a CCW permit, and am a huge gun enthusiast, and have pistol in vehicle at all times.

    I've read a lot of situations where defensive carry has been a lifesaver, but I think some take it too far. Must be a lot of retired cops posting here, because many posts are written in that perspective....with terms such as "primary,"secondary, BUG, extended gunbattle, multiple assailants,etc. Realistically, guys like me are just regular citizens that want to protect ourselves, and probably have no business trying to "take control of public situations, because we aren't trained in it and really have no authority to do it.
    OK, I'm braced to take my medicine with some replies that think I'm way off base.
    Yes, you are "looking at this from a naieve prospective".

    Carrying at all times is not something that only cops are permitted to do. Carrying a firearm or multiple firearms (Arms) is a Right which we all possess. Please refresh your memory by reading the 2nd Amendment.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Why do you even care if a law abiding person chooses to carry one gun or chooses to carry 5 guns? How does this person's carry choice affect you in any way?

    Your implication that law abiding people who choose to carry more than one firearm are somehow irregular citizens who want to "take control of public situations" is proof of your naiveté.
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    Just an fyi to the original poster.....

    You mentioned multiple assailants in your original post as if it's an extreme circumstance. If in the unfortunate event you or someone is attacked please know that criminals like to stack odds in their favor. They do this by putting themselves in a good position by getting close to you, wait til your distracted, carry a weapon or weapons, have help and additional assailants, etc. They are not looking for a test of will and skill, they want quick and easy targets. With that said, multiple assailants are not uncommon should you ever be attacked.
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    Personal opinion is that indeed, there is force in numbers. Something we are seeing more of..... Be prepared, my friend....
    At one with the gun.

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    I live in a rural area myself and generally speaking we don't have a high violent crime rate. We do in certain parts of town, but it's group on group crime. I've always kept various guns in my vehicle, my nightstand (we are empty nesters) and often, on my person.

    A few years ago I was in my driveway loading our RV for an upcoming trip. I had just stepped out of the RV when I heard a car stop on the gravel road behind our house. I reached in the door and took my .45 from its temp hiding spot and walked around the side of my garage to find a very substantial dude on my back deck with his hand on the storm door handle. A door that had been unlocked barely 30 minutes earlier - and a door I thought was still unlocked. I held him until the Troopers arrived to take him into custody. Turned out he was caring a gun and had a record for B&E and felony assault. Last summer a lunatic from out of state went bat $h!t crazy and started firing at people near Denali National Park, where we spend a lot of time.

    Bottom line, for me, is that although I may live in what's considered a safe environment, hazards to my familys health and life are never further away than an seemingly normal but unstable mind or someone willing to commit a crime of opportunity. I now carry at all times, including a second mag and sometimes a BUG, in addition to practicing situational awareness, to protect and defend them to the best of my ability.

    Those are my reasons... Your mileage may vary :)
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    It's up to you. I live in a nice area of a nice town. Problem is, sometimes trouble takes the bus and comes to my neck of the woods. Also, I used to live in the country, PLENTY of crime in the country. Neighbors aren't exactly what they used to be, farm houses are easy to stake out, help is a long ways off. The more I carry, the less comfortable I feel when I'm not carrying, so I carry more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmxer85 View Post
    If you are on this forum, you have already asked yourself.....what if.
    Thats what we do here. We deal in what ifs
    A few of us dont deal in what ifs but rather what did and what can again. Without going into the details I and my surviving family belong in that group. I will never be that naive again. I have always lived in a very low crime area out in the sticks. Until 2005 I believed the worst thing that could occur here was someone stealing some gas out of a barn if anything.
    I was wrong. My family is a member short now because of my comfort level of where I live.
    Regardless of where you are or what you think, your life can be changed in less time than it takes to blink your eye. With no warning and for no reason.
    I am armed 24/7 in my home or out day or night. At present my carry is a pt 945, its the only pistol I have at the moment. I will be getting more firearms as quickly as I can. What those may be will depend but nothing less than 2 for carry nothing less than 45 or 357 primary and 9mm backup.
    My HD is the 45 2 12 ga shotguns with 00buck, 1 223 rife and a 22 lr. The handgun is on me until i go to bed and back on me when i get up. And in holsters in arms reach at night as is the shotguns on my wifes side of the bed. If I cant go armed I do not go period, except the courthouse and then only from my vehicle to it and back to my vehicle.

    I do not travel in states where I cannot cc. Call me what you wish. Do I sit at home listening for every bump in the night fearing for my life? No. But I dont sit like a sheep waiting for the wolf either. Ive armed and trained myself and my wife and insisted that my grown surviving children do the same.
    If a lunatic visits any of my family again anywhere anytime he/she will not be attacking defenseless victims, but people ready to meet them on their own terms and meet whatever level of violence they bring head on.
    As I said a few of us dont deal in what ifs, but what has happened. May none of you ever have to join that group.

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