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Something wierd happened the other day...

This is a discussion on Something wierd happened the other day... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; GoodSam...not to worry. I will be carrying concealed. I had thought of that already but I appreciate you pointing it out. Good idea. As far ...

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Thread: Something wierd happened the other day...

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    GoodSam...not to worry. I will be carrying concealed. I had thought of that already but I appreciate you pointing it out. Good idea.

    As far as what to do with your opener Hobbes. I am not sure. Maybe get a better system that has the encryped transmitters and receivers? I'm afraid I am not too much help in this situation because this is the first house I have lived in that has a garage, let alone a repote opener and we rent this place. So, I am at a loss to suggest anything other than getting a much better system. If I owned this house I would surely invest in a much better, more secure system. We may buy this home and if we do, that will be one of the first things I do to it.
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    hmmm, I bought the house with one already installed, so I guess I'll do some research to find out how secure it is. Thanks

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    Hopefully seeing that you were armed will deter them from returning to your neighborhood. Good job though!
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    Good job.

    I know friends who have some VERY powerful cb radios. Uh, these aren't 4 watts like the ones in Walmart.

    It has talked to people in New Zealand while sitting in Ontario, California. If it is turned up and transmits where it can see the garage door, the door will open. And it is nowhere close to the right frequency. It is a huge power level bleading over. It doesn't matter what frequency you use. It can also turn on/off touch lamps from 100yards... Ok so the headlights dim when it is cranked up.... See what a thousand bucks in CB equipment gets you?

    From listening to the radio, hispanics use them ALOT, with LOTS of power. A friend of mine has a base station that will light up florecent light tubes that are not hooked up. If you are too close to the tower, your hair stands up... so much for FCC regulations. Don't use a garage door opener. Period. None of them are secure. If you feel the need, then be aware it is a security breach.

    I am not going to use a remote controlled opener. I am going to have to get out of the vehicle and use a key.

    You might take a page out of the terrorists hand book and use a cell phone. Only ten more bucks per month to your existing plan....
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    Awesome Job, Pt. I tell ya we live a world where things are getting badder by the minute. On the flip side. Its good that you keep your garage closed because so many people leave their garage open advertising to the world what they have. This is a no, no. Good luck and it sounds like you have the support of the local leo's on your side.
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    Someone said that the garage is the weakest way into a lot of homes. Many homeowners leave the remote in the car and the car in the driveway with doors unlocked and windows down, and the door from the garage into the house unlocked. The BG simply picks up the remote, opens the garage and walks into the house to do whatever he has in mind. Keep perimeter security in mind.

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    If you like dogs get one that stays in the Garage while you are away from home. People are less likely to try and break in if there is a large dog barking and growling.

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