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How Open Are You?

This is a discussion on How Open Are You? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First - If your just talking about facebook then if your like me you only have close friends or family and everyone else is locked ...

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Thread: How Open Are You?

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    First - If your just talking about facebook then if your like me you only have close friends or family and everyone else is locked out.

    second - Although "concealed means concealed" holds a lot of weight here there is open carry for a reason. A visual deterrent. And that deterrent factor could be a reason you publicize it.

    Third - Unless along with your concealed status you also don't talk guns or gun control my guess most close friends know you probably carry even if you don't tell them. You can't be passionate about something and not partake in it.

    Finally - Most people seem to conceal for an element of surprize if attacked by a BG. I do not think if I am having a private conversation with friends or family I don't think the anonymous BG will find out.
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    I "liked" the NRA page on FB a while back. People can assume what they want from that. Otherwise, I don't post anything gun-related. I also don't post anything about religion or politics. That's not why I'm on FB.
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    I am extremely discrete in my ownership and carry, especially in today's climate. I do not even talk about hunting or shooting at my new job. I keep my computer on fishing sites. I do not necessarily worry about my neighbor but I do worry about his kid's friends. I DO NOT want anyone knowing what I have or do.
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    Don't do facebook but even if I did I wouldn't post anything about CC. It's a very select few that know I carry.

    On the other hand, I have talked to lots of friends and family that are interested or curious about getting a CC permit. Not a single one has ever asked anything about if I was carrying, or do I carry. Pretty sure not one of them actually thought that I would be constantly carrying a firearm.
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    I don't do FB. Not because I care what people know about me but because I'm not into the daily drama. DR
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    How Open Are You?

    I don't want anyone really to know I carry. I dang sure wouldn't put it on fb. My wife and a few close friends know I carry and that's it. Sometimes my wife doesn't even know I'm carrying...

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    I have to throw in an "Illinois" perspective I guess...

    Yes, I'm a FaceBook'er -- Yes, I "like" a lot of firearm-related things on FB (NRA, BCM, Ruger, S&W, etc.). Not gonna hide that and if my "friends" and acquaintances can't handle it, that's fine with me.

    I think, because I'm where I am, that I need to "quietly preach" a little more than most would in "firearm friendly" places. I have several friends (real-life actual friends as opposed to so many FB "friends") that I'd bring up some sort of gun-related (whatever) with and sort of slowly try to "warm" them to the concept. And usually, it actually works rather well.

    "You have guns in your home?!?" "Of course. Oh - I'm sorry - You don't?!? We should go to the range some time..." And next thing you know, we're at the range. Then I'm at the store with them helping them pick one out.

    "Wait a minute - You keep one LOADED?!? IN YOUR HOUSE?!?" "Of course - Oh - I'm sorry - You don't?!?" And next thing, I'm helping them find a good safety course."

    "Wait a minute - You CARRY A LOADED GUN IN YOUR HOUSE?!?" (Which of course in Illinois is the ONLY place where I can legally do so) "Certainly - Oh - I'm sorry - How did I never mention that...?" Then we're looking for a CC course.

    Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, next thing you know, they're asking me if we can go to the range with one of THEIR friends who is interested in going shooting for the first time.

    (A) I don't think any of these situations are detrimental to my well-being. I don't care if my friends know my "firearms quotient" as long as they're not "anti-gun nuts" (although I've taken a few of them to the range also and almost had to pry it out of their hand to leave on more than one occasion). I don't go into great detail with anyone who I wouldn't trust, no one knows the combination to the safes, etc.

    (B) Maybe I'm misguided, but I almost feel a "duty" of sorts to "spread the word" (for lack of a better term) about the NORMAL, SAFE use of firearms. I've turned a small bunch of people over the years from being afraid or just ignorant into "active" shooting buddies, NRA members, a couple with CC permits now (again, no good in IL, but neither are mine).

    Sure, it doesn't work with everyone. I have friends that endlessly try to debate me that I will never change. I've taken people to the range that fired a single shot and put it down.

    I don't try to shove it down people's throats -- But if it comes up, I'm going to do what I can to "stand my ground" in as friendly and open of a manner as I can muster. The more people on "our side" (especially in IL), the better. And none of that is going to translate to some thug on the street anyway.
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    I typically don't post my carry rigs on Facebook, but everybody that knows me just assumes I carry due to my job. Everybody I hang with carries usually the topic will come up. I want to know so that I have good idea of capabilities and limitations of my friends.
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    I use Facebook. To talk to friends ,family far away. Just because you post something on Facebook doesn't mean the whole world would see it either. As long as you block everyone but friends. And don't be friend ppl just because you want a high friend count.

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    All of my FB "friends" know, or can assume, that I'm into guns and own firearms, the same way they know that I like cigars and motorcycles. I was very reserved about it when I got my permit and began to carry a few years ago, but now I use social media sites to advocate for the 2A, every chance I get. Some like my gun-related posts, some don't, but I think we should use every available tool to further our cause.

    My true friends will judge me for my character.
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    I have mentioned it, and I probably shouldn't, but when some of my friends are talking about new toys it's really hard not to join in.

    No pics though. Just conversations. That probably doesn't make it any better, I know...
    My page is completely private at least.

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    Im on FB but as a networking tool. I dont post stuff about myself, rarely make a comment on a friends post. I for sure wouldnt put my guns on FB that i had them or carried them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GH View Post
    I keep my carrying very close to the chest. If a trusted friend or relative asks I'll answer truthfully but I don't advertise the fact.

    I have posts about hunting and trapping, and a pic of me with a .22 rifle in context of protecting my livestock, as many of my fb friends are chicken and livestock owners, and some other trappers as well, but nothing that would directly imply me CCing all the time. It could make people "wonder" but I'm not gonna come right out and confirm any suspicions. I like to keep people wondering.
    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    I was a working Reserve Deputy Sheriff for 15 years, and a Police Chief for a couple years after that in rural Missouri. I have been on the Sportsman's Club Board since 1981, and Club President over 20 years. City Police Departments, County Sheriff's Dept, All the Game Wardens in our District, Drug Task Force, and some Highway Patrol, and Federal Snipers shoot on our range. We have 2 Five Day Sniper Classes every year, and I help with every class. I am the go to guy for CCW Class Information. I do not do Face Book either.
    Except for Church, almost everyone that knows me knows or assumes I carry. At Church the Preacher and my wife know I carry. Our Preacher likes having a Sheep Dog with the Sheep.
    Living in Mayberry is much different than living in a city.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DefConGun View Post
    I know everyone has different comfort levels and some of us are more private than others. Perhaps this is why I was a little shocked when I saw a friend's post on Facebook tonight. He posted a picture of his newly acquired CCDW along with his holstered EDC (it appeared to be a .380 Ruger LCP). He had this placed on a bed spread along with some pocket change and asked something like, "What's in your pocket?"

    Evidently, he's not the only one that's open about his conceal carry because there were responses made by others and they were revealing what they carry, etc.

    Before any preverbal panties get in a bunch, I'm not saying that its wrong to post or broadcast to the world that you conceal carry. It just seems to be to be a little counter-productive to do so.

    What are your thoughts? Are more private people like me a little too paranoid or is it naive to post such things in public like this? Of course these aren't the only two options so please take some liberties here.
    Your friend is about on par with most of the CHL holders I know personally. They seldom actually carry, but are quick to display their permit. When they do carry, it is a mouse in an Uncle Mike's.

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