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Any of you gutless guys carry AIWB? I love the idea and ease of draw but can seem to make it work. I gave up on carring my XDm 3.8 AIWB but I got a Shield for Christmas and hoped to try it again, the first day my wife ask what was different, "I never see you gun what are you doing different?" and my 18 daughter who wouldn't notice a frog on my head ask if I were gaining weight!

I'm 6'4 and 173 lbs....
I'm 5'7", 110lbs, and have a 31" waist. I have a disability of having diabetes since age 3, and have had 4 organ transplants, and countless other surgeries and issues related. I wear a hybrid (crossbreed style) holster, IWB, and carry a Walther PPQ service pistol as my EDC. I have no problem with it at the 4 o'clock or so position.