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Need suggestions for my left handed girlfriend.

This is a discussion on Need suggestions for my left handed girlfriend. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by IronicOutlook I'm trying to talk her into a gun with no external safety. We will look at the XD's for sure. She ...

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Thread: Need suggestions for my left handed girlfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronicOutlook View Post
    I'm trying to talk her into a gun with no external safety.

    We will look at the XD's for sure.

    She has reasons for glove box/purse carry, mostly work won't allow it in the building/partly fashion choices on days off. I'd prefer she carry on the body but at this point that's what she's leaning towards.

    I sent her the link for the flash bang holster and we will be looking at their whole line up after she gets off work tonight.

    Any purse she owns she can easily modify with a molle system or something to hold a holster in an easy to reach place in the purse so it won't get buried under receipts and gum wrappers.
    I picked the XD, not only because of ergonomics, because I liked the grip safety being a passive type of safety. At the time, I did not have enough experience with pistols in general to feel "ready" to go with a Glock, with only the trigger safety.

    WRT to purse carry, I personally am not a fan of it, but I understand that this is for many women the only way they feel comfortable carrying. At minimum, a separate, dedicated compartment with a holster installed should be used. Also, many companies sell fashionable conceal carry purses, with purpose designed compartments built in. If this is her choice of carry, it's just as important to practice her draw as she would do with any other mode of carry.
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    Sounds like a revolver might work best for her, at least until she has a chance to practice with a auto to master it as a lefty. Ruger LCR in .357 or the Taurus model 85 .38 Special are 2 good choices.
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    Yep, a revolver might be a good option for her.

    If she is going to purse carry, the revolver can be shot from inside the purse if needed and still function, (assuming it isn't mixed in with a bunch of other stuff women put in their purses).

    Full sized semi auto's are going to be pretty heavy in a purse.
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    Re: Need suggestions for my left handed girlfriend.

    Purses.and other "off your person" transportation techniques do not sit well with me..

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    Lefty here and I suggest her training to use the right-handed mag release (release button on left side of pistol) for a couple of reasons. One, it will help her to be able to use any platform of semi-automatic pistol. Two, with her small hands she will be more likely to be able to reach the mag release with her left-hand middle finger. Three, you would be more able to use her pistol in a pinch. My muscle memory makes me default to mag releasing with my left-hand middle finger and its not a major issue. I would have her hold the pistol in her left hand and make sure that in the finger-canted position and in the finger in the trigger guard position that the mag release is safely between her index finger and middle finger to ensure that the mag release isn't engaged during the aiming/shooting process.

    As far as slide releases go, I would rely on slingshotting the slide. Even on pistols with ambi-slide releases, they are difficult to release left-handed and that would be complicated by her having small hands.

    As far as platforms go, I would look at an M&P compact, XD's, or a Bersa. Of those the Bersa (to me) had the most intuitive ambi-controls and the way the levers line up when the safety is off is a good tactile quick-check that the safety is off. I really liked the M&P 9c for size and shooting, but the mag release is so pronounced that I had a instance where I inadvertently released the magazine while racking the pistol.

    Out of all the controls (mag release, slide release, and thumb safety), I think the thumb safety is the only one that is critical to be ambidextrous. If she's considering purse carry, I can see where the M&P thumb safety could possibly be disengaged inadvertently. I would strongly encourage a holster or separate compartment for purse carry.
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    Beretta Nano has reversable mag release. It has no other external safeties or slide release. It is a very small 9mm and might be difficult for some to shoot without issues.

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    We went to local gun store this morning.

    She honestly really likes the Ruger LCP and S&W body guard.

    She could easily actuate the slide release on the body guard with her thumb while holding it in her left hand.

    Everything else, Sig, glock, XD, you name it she couldn't release the slide one handed.

    The local store also had a Mauser HSC in 380 that she really liked too

    I think she's going to go with the LCP P3AT, or body guard, which ever we can get a better deal on.

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    A search for keyword=lefty brings up a few prior discussion that might provide some ideas:

    A CZ 2075 RAMI variant might be an option. 9mm, decocker (in the BD version) or manual thumb safety, polymer or alloy. Double-stack, but large, easy-to-manipulate controls.

    A mid-weight revolver with 3" barrel might do, as well, such as the Ruger SP-101. Sidesteps the issue of snubbies all too frequently being tough to keep on target for folks, while the added weight/length helping with recoil.

    Check the Kahr PM9, CM9 or CW9. Very compact for their type, slim and flat-riding.

    IMO, many of the pistols with right-handed setups for the controls can easily be manipulated by lefties, assuming the controls are large enough and in the right spot sufficient to support operation via the left hand's index finger (ie, slide stop/release), middle finger (ie, mag release).

    Best option would be to try out as many different handguns as possible, even if this takes making a weekend of it by driving to wherever you can access numerous examples. Everyone's different. Short of trying before you buy, you might find yourself buying then selling many different handguns before finding one that fits.
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    $400 is the tough part. The FNS 9mm is fully ambi. Mag release, slide release and safety are all ambi. I really like mine, it shoots great. Of course, right now, getting your hands on anyting particular is troublesome. You might have to just buy what is available and, if legal conditions allow, get what you really want later.
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    My suggestion: get a girl who's a righty just joking. My wife is a lefty and she has a hard time racking the slide of my LC9 until last night. She had the technique all wrong. See how she feels about revolvers, I'm sure you can find one in your price range.

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    She felt okay with a revolver. She can push the release with her trigger finger then push the cylinder out with her right hand.

    She liked the DA/SA feel but she still prefers auto loaders.

    She has asked me to look into the mauser a bit more while she is at work. I personally have no issue with her using an older gun as long as it's something she's comfortable with and has the ability to actually come up with replacement parts.

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    As a left here are my preferences and reasons:

    I prefer a Glock.

    I prefer the magazine release on the left side, I have found it faster to access and push with the middle finger. If it is on the other side I have found that I have had to shift my shooting grip on most guns to access the button with my thumb, this is slower for me personally and requires me to change shooting grip. If you have a proper grip on a semi auto the grip is actually mostly in the thumb and the index finger therefore, if you use your middle finger you are not really breaking your full grip.

    Controls such as Decockers, or slide stops don't matter to me which side they are on at all since using those are all administrative tasks that should be performed by the non shooting hand.

    Slide stops---there are many differn't opinions on slide stops use or not here is my take and opinion which is not my own only stolen from my training I recieved at GUNSITE.

    I prefer the overhand method of releasing the slide vs. the sling shot, or using the stop to release it here is why.

    As Civilians carrying a defensive firearm (not military, not LE) most of our training revolves around defense as opposed to offense. Defense means your behind the power curve, 8 ball, bell curve, in the observe stage of the OODA loop, fighting the reactionary gap or whatever you want to call it. As civilians if we are attacked there is good chance we will be injured or bleeding. Blood is one of the slickest substances on the planet, put blood all over your slide and try to use the sling shot method your hands will glide right over the slide maybe not even budging it. Same with the slide lock. You have more power using the over hand and more grip using an over hand if you need run the gun. Therefore, I do not care what side the slide stop is on. Anyway my two pennies are now in take it for what it is worth.
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    Have you looked into the Sig P250? Its got an ambi slide release, DAO (no safety), and its modular design lets you change the complete grip/lower frame assembly in ~ 45 seconds. They have 3 different size grips (S M L) , all within 3 different size slide assemblies ( FS-17/14/10rnd, Compact-15/13/9rnd, Subcompact-12/10/6rnd), in 9mm, .357SIG, .40SW, and .45ACP.

    You can pick up a CPO P250 w/night sights for ~$280, grips are $50, and caliber change kits are ~$299.

    Another one to look at is the Kahr CW and CM series.

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    Some other people have said the glock 19 gen 4, which is what I carry on a daily basis. I shoot left handed, but throw, write, eat, right handed. (I'm kind of a freak) but with the reversible mag release its pretty easy to get used to. If she is completely left hand dominant I would go with the Springfield XD like mamamaria suggested

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    She would probably love this gun. It's great for left handed people.

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