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Get That Gun Up!

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Thread: Get That Gun Up!

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    Get That Gun Up!

    Many students come to me in order for me to teach them to becomes as deadly as they can possibly be inside of a reactive gun fight. Many of these same students still refuse to ingrain some of the most fundamental aspects of reactive gun manipulations.

    Here is a fact that I tell nearly all of my Point Shooting Progressions students. "There is no way to be the very best of the reactive gunfighters if you do not have the very best of reactive manipulations." The very core of this failure comes down to not getting the gun up into your work space and up into your line of sight.

    It still amazes me the number of students that want to hold their guns down at hip level, with their eye balls out of the fight, manipulating their guns like it was nothing more than an administrative issue. I know for a fact that SI has covered this extensively inside and outside of the courses. I know for a fact that we have explained why we believe that this is so very important. I know for a fact that we have opened the floor to debate the merits of "gun up and eyes up" compared to "gun down and eyes down." This is a debate that I felt was put to rest, yet I keep seeing people inside of "gunfighting" courses acting as if it was a "target shooting" courses. Since I have never heard one reasonable explanation on why "gun down and eyes down" was a better way to do things, it has become clear to me that there must be an issue with complacency for this problem to continue forward.

    Complacency kills!

    IMO, it does not matter what the so called experts of the past have said about there being two or three ways to manipulate your gun. It is my belief that there is only one way to manipulate your gun and you should do it that one way every time. This method should be exactly what you would do in the deepest of the $h!t. "Get that gun up" in front of your face, frame the adversary while looking past your gun, use your peripheral vision to manipulate your gun, and glance at the gun if you need to. Anything short of that is ingraining failure.

    Sometimes gunfights are chaotic events with innocents interspersed among the adversaries. If you look down, you could lose the adversary and come back up on an innocent. I have seen this time and time again inside of non-chaotic training drills such as the Zig-zag Drill. The student is shooting at his target while moving, the gun goes down, the eyes go down, then the gun comes back up on the wrong target. Somewhere around 50% of the student that have run the Zig-zag Drill and takes there eyes off of the adversary have come back up and shot the wrong target.

    "Get that gun up!" is the term that I use to remind you that you have fallen back into your administrative thinking while trying to become a reactive gunfighter. The two simply do not go together.
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    Thanks for the tips.

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    I agree,I remember a story of a Marine in Iraq that engaged a BG with a partial mag,he wounded the guy but his gun ran dry and as he reloaded took his eyes off the target,when he looked back up the guy had moved and at that instant saw him fire,the rounds paralyzed him from the waist down.
    He took a defensive carbine course in the States IIRC at Front Sight after he was discharged and finished rehab,he said if he had the training he received from that course in Iraq the other guy would be dead and he wouldn't of been shot
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