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carrying a registered handgun

This is a discussion on carrying a registered handgun within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here in Colorado we can carry anything we like...there is no registration. That may change given the current political environment, but for now carry 'em ...

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Thread: carrying a registered handgun

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    Here in Colorado we can carry anything we like...there is no registration. That may change given the current political environment, but for now carry 'em if you got 'em!

    BTW JBUM, I stole the graphic on your post. I hope that's OK. I plan to put it on my Facebook page...I have several liberal friends and it's fun to mess with them...

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    Many people assume that guns are registered. I used to take the time to educate them that in WI and most states they are not. I was often met with dismay and terror. I no longer open my mouth. If the sheep feel safer thinking that guns are registered that's fine with me. Better than them writing their reps over the terror of non-registration.
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    Registration? That word does not exist in Texas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf56301 View Post
    i carry a handgun that is sweet a stoeger cougar 9mm
    is it legal to carry a firearm
    that is not registered to me?

    if i have confused you-

    can you carry a handgun that is not registered to you?
    Welcome to the forum.

    If you are carrying a firearm in MN then you must already have your permit. It is your responsibilty to know the laws that pertain to that permit BEFORE doing so. Ignorance of the law will not save you if you are caught with an illegal weapon.

    And while you can get some advice and perspective on an Internet forum, you are foolish to depend legal advice from here.
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    In Michigan, as long as you have a valid CPL(concealed pistol license) you may carry anyones legally owned pistol.
    Someone else OTOH who does NOT have a CPL cannot be in possesion of someone elses pistol, unless the owner is present.
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    I hope we never have to start registering our guns. Or to put it differently. Be required to register our guns.

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    In CA... need I say more? When I last added a gun to the list they told me not to bring in the gun but the FFL receipt. Oh yeah, we are limited to 4 guns on the permit. Liberty? Sounds like a good name for a cake.

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    Re: carrying a registered handgun

    Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf56301 View Post
    i will ask some local people -
    just so were both clear on this question?-
    i bought a handgun at a show from a private party-
    i can legally carry that handgun?
    You may legally transport that firearm, unloaded, in a case too large to conceal on your person.

    If you have a valid permit to carry weapons in your state, you may (with some exceptions, for certain states) carry that weapon loaded, and concealed.

    If you have a permit which is valid in your state of legal residence, and you are not in your state of residence, but the state you are in recognizes your state's permit, you may carry in the state you are visiting.

    If you are a prohibited purchaser, you are in violation of the law even having possession of the weapon.

    If you are not a resident of the state in which you purchased the handgun, you probably purchased it illegally.

    If you never bought a gun at all, and are asking these questions to see what kind of questionable responses you get, you are a troll.

    I hope I answered your question.
    If not, it is incumbent upon you, as a responsible, armed citizen, to know the laws regarding firearms, their use, and limitations on carry, within your state, as they apply to you.

    Don't ask the interwebs legal questions.
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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