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NEW Carriers - A Little Nervous????

This is a discussion on NEW Carriers - A Little Nervous???? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Doing it by myself was initially daunting, 20+ years ago. Then I took my first training course, a 4-day deal. Being around others doing it ...

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Thread: NEW Carriers - A Little Nervous????

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    Doing it by myself was initially daunting, 20+ years ago. Then I took my first training course, a 4-day deal. Being around others doing it safely made the whole process seem more normal, not like I was doing something exceptional.

    Half the class hit a McDonald's for lunch the first day and we joked that it was the safest McDonald's in Connecticut that day!
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    It's been a month since I've started carrying and I feel a lot more relaxed.

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    I have been carring so long that when I moved to a new state,had to get new CCW thats when I got real nervous because I was not carring even though I still had cop arm

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    Hey...if it makes you nervous...
    Thanks HotGuns! Now that we got THAT out of the way! LOL

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    I was nervous the first time or three that I carried, but after a while you get more comfortable. As some stated, most sheep can't notice. Heck, I have carried a XD9 4" under just a t-shirt and no one has ever noticed. It's all about the right gear and the right attitude. If you are confident and not checking your gun every 10 seconds you should be perfectly fine.
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    I treat guns the same way I do my motorcycle.... and I've ridden for numerous years. The minute you ease up and get cocky, or think you have it down pat, that motorcycle would jump up and put you on your tailend, reminding you to 'always' be respectful of what can and may happen, if you aren't paying attention to everything you are doing. Same with guns. You will gain confidence in doing it, but don't ever get entirely "comfortable" .... and lose respect for what it is that is on your side &/or in handling it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    Good gear and the right cover garments will make it something you soon give little thought to.
    This is good advice here. After a while, you will feel a little nervous when you DON'T have a loaded gun in your pants.
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    Like most everybody here, I was nervous at first. But got used to it fairly quickly. I sometimes open carry and that does make me a little nervous still. Getting better though and in truth, I think I would rather carry concealed.

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    Keep your finger away from the trigger and you'll be fine
    "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
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    I was never actually nervous about carrying. However I always have it lurking in the back of my mind that I'm packing a loaded ready-to-go firearm. I like the feeling. I'm nervous when I'm not carrying.
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    If you are new to carry, the FIRST step is to attend a NRA approved gun safety course and master the basics. Follow this with practice as taught in the course. With a loaded weapon, SAFETY must be first and foremost in your mind at all times. You owe it to yourself, your family and those in your presence when you carry. Good luck.
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    I have the same level of self awareness today that I did on the first day of carry. I never want to loose that. It keeps me on my toes and I pray that it keeps me from making behaviour and handling errors.

    "Everybody's got a plan, 'til they get hit".

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    I was never uneasy when I started carrying. I grew up with guns with good training from my father. Handling a loaded gun did not bother me as I was always taught safety above anything else. That gun can not go off without the trigger getting pulled, and never put your finger on the trigger until your sights are on target.

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    It's not unusual for a new carrier to be nervous, there is nothing wrong with it. With time the nervousness will disappear. As long as you maintain respect for the tool you have on you there is no problem. When a person loses that respect is when ND happen.

    Also remember, as long as the gun is holstered and you keep your finger off the trigger, the gun will not fire.
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    When I first started carrying Id carry around the house and going into my woods to shoot. I became comfortable with that then took the virgin trip to wally mart. This must be some kind of passage for carrying everyone seems to do it so i did to. I admit I was nervous and fidgity. Always checkin to see if gun was still there and was anyone watching me. But as time went on it became second nature for me. This got me through the first fears of carrying. Hope this helps. Stay safe and carry on.

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