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I'm from Illinois so I don't actually have to worry about this sort of thing (yet), but I was wondering this the other day. In states that require you to notify a police officer that your carrying during a traffic stop, does that include if they respond after you've been in an accident/stalled vehicle/etc.? Basically situations where they did not actively stop you, but responded to assist for some reason. Thanks!
I'm not required to inform but I have once at a traffic stop and plan to anytime I have contact with police. Otherwise, you bend over the wrong way and officer sees GUN! - and he is on red-alert. I rookie could shoot you in nervous panic - unlikely that will happen but now you have a very nervous officer and sure he'll find out you have a permit, but that officer will not appreciate going through a moment of terror when you could have just been nice and informed him first. When I did the one time, officer was fine with it and never even asked to see the permit. So, just for practical reasons, whether you have to or not, my view is it's a smart move to do so. In terms of a call for aid, sure tell them ahead of time.