non-resident concealed carry permits showing up during a traffic stop

This is a discussion on non-resident concealed carry permits showing up during a traffic stop within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BenGoodLuck I would make sure I'm familiar with the laws of any state that recognizes my permit and comply with the laws ...

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Thread: non-resident concealed carry permits showing up during a traffic stop

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenGoodLuck View Post
    I would make sure I'm familiar with the laws of any state that recognizes my permit and comply with the laws when stopped. In Texas, I'm required to notify the LEO that I have a permit and that I'm carrying. It probably can't hurt to do that in any situation, especially if for some reason, you're not sure. The best way to inform is to say to the LEO: "Officer, I have a permit to carry a concealed handgun, and the weapon is currently [indicate the location]. Please tell me how you want me to proceed."
    In Texas we are required to produce our DL and CHL if carrying when asked for ID. There is no requirement to say anything about being armed unless the LEO asks. There isn't anything wrong with saying something, but it isn't required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmodel65 View Post
    Its not linked here in GA
    Good to know, but if I get stopped you can bet I will hand my driver's license along with my weapons license to the officer making the stop and
    then follow his instructions on how to proceed.
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    your carry permit is tied to your license though it doesnt show up when a LEO runs it through the database. If the officer asks if you have any weapons, then fess up. In California's case, lets hope your not carrying anything above 8+1 rounds.
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    Changed the wording of my initial post to add "non-resident". Thanks for all the reply posts.

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    According to California doesn't honor concealed carry licenses from Nevada. So if you get pulled over while carrying in Cali you'll probably be going to jail if you try to present a Nevada license.

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    Smile Just a bit of semantics.

    In Virginia, we have non-resident CHPs issued by the State Police. So, when I see "non-resident" permit/license/etc that is what pops into my mind.

    "Out-of-State issued" permit/license/etc might avoid some confusion.
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    In Virginia, I believe it depends on your tags. You can be a resident and have a valid license & CCW Permit from the Commonwealth but tags/insurance from another State or Commonwealth.
    If that is case, than your CCW will not show up.

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