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Why Concealed Carry?

This is a discussion on Why Concealed Carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There are multiple reasons why any of us want to carry concealed and it has to do with the amount of violent crime on the ...

View Poll Results: Why did you decide to begin carrying concealed?

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  • Always wanted to & finally became eligible due to change in state law, age, etc

    37 20.33%
  • Feeling more and more unsafe due to crime reports, news stories, etc

    104 57.14%
  • I was a victim of crime (was threatened, stalked, robbed, attacked, etc)

    18 9.89%
  • A friend or family member encouraged me to do so

    11 6.04%
  • Increased talk of gun control (exercising my rights while I still can)

    12 6.59%
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Thread: Why Concealed Carry?

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    There are multiple reasons why any of us want to carry concealed and it has to do with the amount of violent crime on the upswing, the feeling of being more protected, the right to do so (for now at least) and just because we cannot and should not depend upon others for our protection and safety.

    Carry on!
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    Should be two reasons, but could only select one...

    Lived in MI prior to 'Shall Issue' and felt unsafe...couldn't even keep a firearm in the car.
    Moved to FL in 2000 and immediately got my permit, but did not start carrying on my person for another year or two...always had one with me in the car.
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    I clicked one. I had a CCW back in the 80s, But had to give it up when I moved into a county that would not give one. Now I'm back in a county that will issue, but Ive been here for 13 years. What changed was my health. In 07 my Wife and I were hit head on by a drunk driver while out on the highway. I broke both wrists, one shoulder, and tore up the ligaments in my right foot. Up until this time I thought I could hold my own in any scrap. These day I don't think so!
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    I do not want to sound like a religious nut, but i AM religious. Our Lord blessed me with a wife and two children.I am a mid 50's year old guy with bad knees totally lacking in the killer instinct. But I accept my responsibility: I have a wife and children to protect. That is why. When I die the Lord will ask me: "I blessed you with a loving wife and two children. What did you do to live up to this responsibility? How did you respond to this incredible gift?" I want to be able to answer Him. I want to say, "Lord, you blessed me in many ways I do not deserve, the greatest of which was you gave me my wife and children. You told us frankly about the real nature of this world. You told me what to expect. I believed You, and in You. I failed in many ways. But not in my obligation to serve and protect them." I hope this will be enough. We, each of us, who follows Christ, is given a charge. Jesus places the highest emphasis on this, and on our duty. I just want to be able to do my duty.
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    Always wanted to and it just so happened that I hit the age required in my state (then 23) a couple of months before getting out of the Army and heading home. Worked out perfectly!

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    I just recently got my carry permit after an incident where I was out gunned- he had one and I didn't. So I voted as victim of a threat but the increase in crime, weakening economy also played a role.

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    When the economy started going south and I retired with a neck injury, I decided to start carrying.

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    Somehow I always managed to follow my gut and avoid danger...a sixth sense so to speak. As soon as I felt threatened while traveling with my daughter and seeing her frightened, just an hour away from home...told my husband I didn't care what he did but I was getting my CCW. We would never
    be in that situation again.

    Just as the Lord says and our founding fathers followed those same principles.

    It is my God given right to protect myself and my family.

    Husband and I both carry. The kids know just what to do.
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    What is needed is a sub poll "and have you needed your firearm since you started carrying?" and "if yes how many times"... YES and 3 for me..
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    1. Because I can
    2. Because I want to
    3. To protect me and my family and possibly anyone else if I am able to.
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    I am a police officer and have worked in the criminal "justice" system for more than 30 years (public and private). I have met the wolf at the door while in uniform and know how vicious the wolf can be. If the wolf shows up when I am off duty my family will be protected.
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    Getting married and having a responsibility to provide for my wife, then having children later turned me from being a "sometimes gun carrier who trains a couple times a year" into an "all the time gun carrier who trains every chance he gets".

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    I chose the last option "increased talk of gun control", however, I could have answered honestly with any of the options.

    The first option (always wanted to and there was a change in legalities) is a close second. A few years back, Sacramento County became a rarity here in the once-Golden State, and is something akin to a shall issue county. We still jump through a lot of hoops (I don't mind a background check and a few interviews with Sheriff's detectives for an LTC, in fact for some reason, I liked it.)

    An interesting highlight of the LTC process was when I arrived at the Sheriff's office for my first interview with a detective about 15 minutes early , thinking that being this early was probably excessive. I met a couple of nice gentlemen in the waiting area that had arrived over 2 hours early, just to make sure that they were on time.

    Regards all - - DZUS


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    Didn't vote. I carry because nobody else gives a damn about me. Other folks have their own problems, and shouldn't be troubled with mine.

    So, I take care of myself and my family. Who else is going to do it? Why should they? It's my responsibility.

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