Most of the time when dealing with police I've had zero problems. I've only ran into one absolute hothead of an pig (I don't usually call cops that unless they deserve the moniker). I riding in the back of an SUV with my friends coming from the beach back home. I was a couple hours of a drive and we spent the weekend there. I was a bit sleepy so I laid my head down into my GF's lap who was in the back seat with me. I still had my seatbelt on, but was laying down in the back sleeping. Well the person driving was going a bit over the speed limit, like 4 MPH and got pulled over in one of those heavily ticketed small counties here in Texas. I was still asleep but I woke up and sat up as the officer was talking to the driver at the window. The cop absolutely freaked out. Drew his gun, aimed it at me, demanded I get out of the vehicle, put me face down on the concrete of the road, smashed his knee into my spine, cuffed me, and frisked me. Dragged me over to his car and tossed me unceremoniously in the back without asking me anything. All the time he was screaming obscenities at me while I hadn't said a word. After dealing with the driver he came back over to me and asked me for my ID.

I was in zero mood at that point for his illegal handling of me and his attitude. I said to him, "Look, if you really want MY ID after illegally handling me and detaining me with zero articulation of what possible legal crime to do so, I'm going to require YOUR badge number and supervisor's name first. I will have you speak directly to my mother who is a lawyer and my uncle who is a captain for SAPD. I'll have you explain your actions to them FIRST before you ever see my ID. And if you do not let me out of these cuffs now I will be pressing charges against you for breaking Texas Penal Code Section 9.51. Do you really want to go down this route or are you going to let me out of these cuffs and everyone gets on their merry way?"

I've never met such an idiot and hotheaded arse of a cop and never am ass like that myself. But that cop went WAY over the line. He immediately at least let me go. Still wrote out a ticket for the driver which I later got dismissed for her. I did file a report of misconduct against him and hope he got what he deserves. Having a badge in no way lets you treat people like an arse.