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This is a discussion on Who to Tell within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have never really understood the desire to tell people that you are carrying. Concealed means concealed. Outside of the wife and best friend, the ...

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Thread: Who to Tell

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    I have never really understood the desire to tell people that you are carrying. Concealed means concealed. Outside of the wife and best friend, the issue simply never comes up.
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    When I first got mine, I told some of my friends and family. In retrospect, I think the fewer people that know, the better.
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    Only people who are close to me need to know.
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    Who to tell, uh...what?
    There are only TWO kinds of people in this world; those who describe the world as filled with two kinds of people...and those who don't.

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    I am on the fence. The other day at work someone was showing off their new .22 handgun to another co-worker. I hung around showing general interest in it and they talked for 30 minutes or so about guns. An hour later after gun talk around the shop he asked me if I got my permit. I said ya, and while I have always felt 100% secrecy is the way to go I did not feel much need at that point. All that came of it was him saying basically, "Awesome man don't let that thing expire, because it is only going to get harder from here out."

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    Regardless of who you tell or not tell, each choice carries risk vs reward. You need to analyze the pros and cons of each and make your own decision.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyLee View Post
    I am a new CHL in Texas. Who do you tell? Family, friends, boss at work, coworkers, pastor at church?
    I think that the fewer that know about it the better but give me your opinion.
    Tell whomever you think will never tell anyone else. If you have such a person in your life, more power to you. Realize that once the cat's out of the bag, you no longer have control over who knows, who discusses it, who's got a problem with it and is actively working in some way against you because of that belief.

    Bad idea to divulge, IMO, unless you're working for yourself, are flush with cash/prospects and don't have anything to really lose. The average person works for a company in which one or more folks "above" them in the hierarchy can bring down a person at that company for nonsensical reasons (or no reason at all, such as politics or being "into" guns).

    Review your own situation, then decide accordingly.
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    It appears the consensus of opinion is not to tell anybody. I agree with that. A few of my trusted friend & relatives have asked if I got my CCL. When I told therm I did they asked me if I was carrying like them. I told them I was. Those who were unlicensed were told I only carry when I feel like it & left it at that. I didn't go on to say that I feel like it all the time, lol.
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    If someone specifically asks if I have a concealed carry permit, I will tell them the truth. There is no sense in lying to someone that may be looking for someone to help introduce them to firearms, and I've accompanied many friends and professors on their path of becoming a gun owner.

    The only people I've told without being asked were my girlfriend, and my close friends. My immediate family has known the whole time since my parents got me my first handgun several years before I could buy it myself.

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    Wife .. Not married? Tell no one.
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    Some good advice here. I'll repeat some:
    Once you trust someone with information, they are then in control of that information, you are not. I am very careful with anyone I tell. Especially people that like to share information about others (aka: gossips). You know who those people in your life are.
    I, like others here, probably told a few too many people early on. I was careful, but not careful enough. It hasn't turned out bad (yet) for me though. Now I don't tell many people at all. Generally only others that I trust that also carry or are seriously considering it.

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    Lots of opinions for sure. My experience has been that by telling people I suffered some very serious problems.

    I'd tell only if I were to be compelled by law. My wife knows and as for everyone else, I don't talk about it period!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksgunner View Post
    Always carry, Never tell!!
    +1 to this most of the time my wife dosent even know.

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    No one!!!!

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    I also went through the newbie phase when I wondered who I should tell, especially my boss. When I first started carrying, I worked at a publishing company. There was no sign posted, so I should've just let it be. But part of the newbie fear is getting caught, and I was afraid that a co-worker might bump into me and end up feeling up the gun, or I'd bend over and end up printing, and then I'd get fired. So I told my boss, who didn't have a problem with it. He told his wife (the editor at the same co.), and I'm not sure who else. Nobody addressed me about the issue, I didn't notice any fearfulness from anyone, and it never became a problem.

    But a few years into the job, one co-worker was fired. He started to harass my boss by phone and then start stalking him. And then he said he bought a shotgun, and another day he was out in the parking lot and calling the boss from there. Let's say this guy knew I was armed because the boss chose to blab to everyone, and he decided to come into the office, armed with the shotgun? Who would be his first target? Why, me of course.

    The boss' wife said the only reason why she felt safe in the office was because of me. That didn't make me feel any better, because I'm not a bodyguard. So keep that in consideration. You may think you know your friends, but some may do stupid things and put on some public bravado when they shouldn't, because they believe you have their backs.

    Don't tell anyone you don't have to.
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