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POLL: Does your job allow CC? Do you CC at work?

This is a discussion on POLL: Does your job allow CC? Do you CC at work? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Poll Incomplete, it should also have Not Allowed: I carry anyways In most states where sign and company polices have no force of law most ...

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Thread: POLL: Does your job allow CC? Do you CC at work?

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    Poll Incomplete, it should also have

    Not Allowed: I carry anyways

    In most states where sign and company polices have no force of law most people think keeping themselves alive is more important than possibly making their boss mad.

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    As an business owner I allow my employees to exercise any rights afforded them by our Constitution. Who am I to side step these supreme rights with foolish work place rules driven by insurance pencil pushers!
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    My company doesn't allow it. I do carry it to work (I take the bus and am sure not going to go to and fro without) and when I get here I take it off and put it in my backpack and then put it on again as I'm leaving. We have a fairly secure office space so unknown people can't easily get access so I'm not too worried about leaving it my backpack in my office.
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    We don't have a policy against it so I carry everyday.

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    I am in the fire service, and although I don't believe it's specifically stated, it's not allowed. I think it may be in the city employee regulations somewhere, I'm sure. Concealed carry was actually brought up at a union meeting, but didn't get anywhere. I volunteer in my hometown as well, and I'll occasionally run a call while carrying, but normally I lock it up in my truck before running into the station. IWB isn't too comfortable while wearing bunker gear.

    My other seasonal jobs on the side I carry all the time.

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    Indeed I do, I own the company..all employees are allowed also....

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    Work on a federal installation, so no. There is plenty of security here and I'm not too worried at work.

    I leave my house in a vanpool in the morning and come directly here. When I leave here in the evening, I get in the vanpool and go directly home. So overall, I'm not too worried getting back and forth either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USPnTX View Post
    Carry concealed everyday at work. I also have a program where I will re-imburse my employees for the cost of obtaining their CHL!
    That's really cool.

    However, be VERY careful how the "reimbursement" policy is worded and/or expressed. Texas DPS "Private Security Bureau" (issuing authority of security guard licenses) takes a dim view of perceived circumvention of armed security regulations, regardless if that was (or wasn't) your intention.

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    I work on a ropes course and zipline so it's really not practical to carry while working, it's not allowed anyway. FL allows us to carry in our vehicle, even when against company policy. The company says we can be fired for it...hoping it won't ever be something I need a lawyer for...

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    POLL: Does your job allow CC? Do you CC at work?

    My company has a very strict weapons and violence in the work place policy:

    1) all employees are encouraged to obtain a concealed carry permit and carry on the job.

    2) employees who do not have a permit are authorized to carry concealed on the premises.

    Due to the presence of weapons in the workplace, any employee who commits an unprovoked act of violence or threat of violence shall have their employment terminated and appropriate legal charges brought against them.

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    We are pro gun at my job. I an the only one so far with a CHL. Boss is getting his soon. Two of the other guys asked advice about getting guns and another asked me to take him to "my places" and help him get a gun.
    We never discussed carrying at work. The Monday after I got my CHL the boss watched me unclip my rig and put it in my desk drawer. He still hasn't said anything other than a few veiled references in conversation. We have a small company 6 guys in the shop. All very cool and laid back.
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    Interesting scenario, my employee handbook says "No weapons on company property", though.. I don't work ON company property. It's an office that they don't own, and don't even lease, it's given to the company for there use. So, yeah, I carry at work.
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    I am self-employed so i wrote a company policy ordering myself to carry and train as much as possible. I have no problem with myselfs decision in this matter and whole heartedly agree that folks should be free to protect themselves no matter where they go.
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    We can leave it locked in our car at work. But sometimes Ill carry my p-32. Theres more jobs if I get fired but I only have one life. And we got a few questionable employees.

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    It's actually not truly clear if "allowed" where I work. State law doesn't prohibit it. State law says no state agency may impose restrictions on concealed carry. State agency I work for has personnel policy that says no firearms on campus, but can have gun stored in vehicle.

    I'm hoping a bill in the legislature will clear this up this year.
    The only common sense gun legislation was written about 226 years ago.

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