Poll: Multiple Locations for Guns in House?

Poll: Multiple Locations for Guns in House?

This is a discussion on Poll: Multiple Locations for Guns in House? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thought I would make a poll to see how many people here have guns in different locations of the house for different scenarios. I've been ...

View Poll Results: Do you have multiple locations for guns in your home?

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  • No, only in one place. Usually, master bedroom.

    39 37.86%
  • Yes, one other place. 1st floor / 2nd floor

    28 27.18%
  • Yes, two other places. 1st and 2nd floor and garage

    21 20.39%
  • Every single room in the house + the outhouse in the back and a couple buried in the yard.

    15 14.56%
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Thread: Poll: Multiple Locations for Guns in House?

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    Poll: Multiple Locations for Guns in House?

    Thought I would make a poll to see how many people here have guns in different locations of the house for different scenarios.

    I've been reading alot of the Scenarios that are posted and it amazes me how many people are armed 24/7, or so it seems by their responses to some of these scenarios. But, it did get me thinking about having a gun in different places in the house.

    I'm thinking about one in the living room and adding something in the garage, for times when I go somewhere and can't carry, so I can arm myself, before entering my home.

    Just wondering what you all's situations are and the reasoning behind it.

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    Where i have no children bigger than my 3 yr old grandson around and no one but our nuculear family unsupervised in my home , i have guns all over it , carefully out of reach of the younguns of course . properly set off with period cuffs , badges , spurs , ect a mod 12 riot gun makes a wonderfull wallhanger lol .
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    Assuming a ''no kids present'' I reckon some ''distribution'' can be useful - providing the locations are so well known in a crisis that they are remembered and expediciously aquired!!!

    I always carry so need no further option myself and my wife has her carry purse with her in the house where she can be close to it. We have one house revo hidden in bedroom as backup plus I have a Mossy discretely standing up, 'somewhere'

    Main thing obviously - places only where an unwelcome guest would not easily and quickly find such items!
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    Damn that was quick, I was trying to edit it and already had two responses.

    Anyway, I was wondering this b/c I can't be armed 24/7. There are places I am not allowed to take my gun, so it stays at home. So if I were to walk into something while coming home from one of these places, I would be in bad shape. Also, the same goes for if something were to happen while I was on the first floor of my house and didn't have time to go up the stairs to get my 9mm or shotgun, both of which are in the mstr bdrm.

    So, I am starting to wonder about buying another gun to keep in the garage for the times I go to these places, so I am armed before I enter my house. And eventually add something to the first floor for easy access for the same reasons.

    Also, I don't have kids, so the poll is meant to be in a "kids free" zone. I tried to edit it, but couldn't.
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    I have 2 in master bedroom
    One hanging in a holster on my lazyboy

    and then the gun safe is right by my bathroom in den and there is a loaded 1911 in there does that count for 3 different places?

    Also i need to find my i got guns every were post wasnt it on a thread close to this

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    Fork Union, Virginia
    I'm never more than three steps away from a firearm, no matter where in the house I am. I also don't have any children in the house.

    Even here at my desk, I have one on & 2 other handguns & a long gun within reach.

    When friends with kids come by I have to go thru & child-proof while they are here.

    p.s...I do have an outhouse, but as to if there is a firearm there....I'm not telling.
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    Small child present. Sometimes many small children. My carry gun is on or next to me and mom's is in the MBR with a quick release trigger lock.
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    I keep a carry gun in my truck all the time, that way if I'm not carrying when I enter the house, I at least have something to fall back to. Right now there's a 10/22 against the wall by the tv...brb...Now there's a 10/22 in the gun safe.
    A shotgun is quickly accessible from the kitchen/master bedroom and my primary carry gun either stays on the kitchen counter when i'm up, or on the dresser next to me when I sleep.
    Just me in my house, and I have the only key. I live a ways outside of town, with decent police responce time, but not great. Anybody in my home is there for no good, and it's basically up to me to hold up the fort. Guns are prudently available.
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    Even though my answer was one place, I do not keep my carry piece the same place as my other guns ie, gun safe. It is either on my person or the place that it is kept when not wearing it.

    Additionally, there are times that other guns are left laying around the house, unloaded of course, just because I haven't put them up after having them out for whatever reason. I didn't consider those to be included in the question though, was assuming you meant at the ready loaded and usable in the self defense purpose. Use as a hammer didn't count I didn't think.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I just keep my firearms in my safe upstairs and in my other safe down stairs.Plus of course on my own body.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    South of North, North of South
    When not on me, primary in quick open handgun safe in master bedroom. All other guns locked up in gun safe in other room.

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    As of now I keep them in a safe, but I always have one on me while in the house or at least sitting at my desk with me. I figure I can fight to the safe for a bigger weapon if it comes to that.

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    Senior Moderator
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    Central Florida

    Many Places...

    except if children should be present...then what's not on my person is in the safe! Within seconds of an entrance, the garage...a weapon can be had quickly, anywhere in the home!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    South Carolina
    I have four in the bedroom. Not all defense weapons. A pistol in the night stand and a modified 870 wingmaster with 7 shot magazine and light mounted on it up on the wall. Those two stay loaded but the 870 does not have one up in the chamber ready. Just 6 buckshot in the tube. The Pistol is a .357 loaded revolver. The other two guns in there are a Browing A Bolt 243 rifle with Leupold scope. Normaly thats got the clip full in it but none up in the chamber. Thats there for "critters".

    The kid has three in his room up on the wall (by Kid I am talking 20 years old). He only keeps a .410 double sort of ready but no shells in it. Just a couple buck shot shells are laying up there above the rack where we both know they are. As soon as he is 21 he gets to keep the G22 in his room drawer. He is very experienced with it. Wins awards at Explorer competition with those Glocks. Just not old enough to legally have one yet. Until then, that one is down in the shop, hidden in the cabinets.

    Then there is the carry 38 snubby that is sitting in the arm of my chair right now. It goes there when I get home. Stays till morning. Then its normaly in the truck the rest of the day or along with me anyway.

    No little kids in here but when one visits it takes me at least 30 minutes beforehand to go around and kid proof the place!

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    My simple solution is to just carry my S&W 642 in my pocket all day. No need to remember where it is or how I'm going to get to it... I just reach in my front pocket & determine my next course of action. It's also a lot cheaper than multple guns throughout the house.

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