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Have you had formal training outside of your mandated class?

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Thread: Have you had formal training outside of your mandated class?

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    Five classes with Suarez International. Money well spent. I cannot recommend S.I. highly enough.

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    Re: Have you had formal training outside of your mandated class?

    Military and civilian pistol defense classes.

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    Alabama has no 'mandated class'.

    I have taken other courses because I want to be actually be trained.
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    Yes. Both military and LEO. I also attended a firearms self defense class with my wife

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    I've taken the required CCW class for my permit, but for my own on-going learning and training, I signed up for another class that has 25 hours of training:

    Handgun Course

    This course is taught by NRA certified instructors and provides 25 hours of instruction and includes an NRA certification.

    NRA-Included Instruction
    Basic Firearm Safety Rules
    Hangun and Ammunition Nomenclature and Operation
    Shooting Fundamentals and Techniques
    Handgun Cleaning
    17 Hours of Classroom Instruction
    Friday 6:30pm to 11:30pm
    Saturday 1:00pm to 9:00pm
    8 Hours of Range Instruction
    Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm
    1 to 1 Instructor-Student Ratio on the Range
    Additional training added by Staff (not part of NRA training)

    Colorado Statutes (Taught by Attorneys)
    4 Hours of Additional Intermediate Training
    Date and Time arranged during the class
    Includes classroom materials, ear & eye protection (yours to keep) and loaner gun (students may bring their own firearm on range-day if they wish to qualify with their own gun.) Students will need to purchase 100 rounds of ammunition for range qualification (Sunday's Practical). Snap caps should be purchased by students for dry fire drills.
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    I have a couple of cop friends who made it possible for me to "audit" an in-service training at the shoot - don't shoot range. That humbled me. Anyway, I have taken formal courses to experience FTF, etc., drills and shoot and scoot. I was the oldest in these classes, but I was competing I was learning my limitations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I certainly could use a lot more range time. This last year or two, I spent more time in the hospital than at the range. Hopefully, those days are done.
    I hope so too.

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    Re: Have you had formal training outside of your mandated class?

    No requirement for a CCW class in WA state, but I've spent a number of days with Marty and company at the Firearms Institute of Seattle and consider it time very well spent.

    Looking at a couple of courses with Suarez Int'l. in 2013, but the travel component makes it darned expensive.

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    I've had military training - but I don't rely on that as a substitute for current training that is geared towards a defensive situation as a civilian.

    I shoot IDPA to keep what skills I do have sharp, and will be taking a pistol class in Q2 of this year. After I've done that, I'll decide whether to take additional pistol classes, or start including carbine classes in the mix.

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    Yes...Thanks for asking

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    I have taken quite afew gun related courses since Wisconsin got on the bandwagon for CC. Plan is to take at least one class every year related to gun defense or self protection.

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    Formal: LFI-1, LFI-2, a number of classes at Sig Academy
    Informal: Hundreds of hours of pistol and PDW drilling, both dry and live fire.
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    Yes, I've taken defensive handgun courses with Jim Crews (Marksman Enterprises-sadly no longer in the biz), Randy Cain (Cumberland Tactics), and Gabe Suarez (Suarez International). All excellent courses.

    I am also an NRA Certified Instructor who teaches NRA Personal Protection in the Home and NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home. Both of these spend considerable time discussing how to be alert and avoid a confrontation (the courses listed in prior paragraph were all shooting tactics) and how to deal with the police in the aftermath. There are shooting skills & tactics excercises as well (~90 rds/2.5 hrs for PPIH and ~200 rds/9 hrs for PPOH) that teach very different skills than those in the courses in the first paragraph. In other words, I think the NRA courses nicely compliment the defensive handgun courses.

    I think it wise for any gun owner who carries at any time to take both the NRA series as well as the defensive handgun courses as time, availability, money and ammo availability presents itself.

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    Absolutely! I am convinced it's the responsible thing to do. Plus, I meet some great folks while I'm at it. :)
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    Just recently started carrying (a month or so). I've become involved with IDPA, which is eye opening, plus I've got a weekend training course this weekend and another scheduled for June.
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